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A republic is a governemnt in which
Citizens rule directly
Republicanism is the idea that
Government is necessary to force people to place the nation good above their personal interests
Under the articles of confederation the states did what with regard to economic
They collected money from the confederation government
Land ordinance of 1785 was
A law establishing a plan for surveying western lands
Northwest ordinance or 1787
Established procedures for western lands to become territories and eventually states
Under the articles of confederation land not include within the boundaries of the 13 original states become :
Public domain owned and administered by the national government
Which of the following gave confederation and government the most trouble
Terms of the land ordinance of 1785 favored
Shays rebellio.
Was repressed by state militia.
Was caused by to much paper money.
Showed the problems of central government that was too strong.
Resulted in some riled the following year by the state legislature.
Land ordence was sectioned
640 A
Movement for states to issue paper money in the 1780s was led by
Under the articles of confederation each states put in progres was based on
One vote per state
Articles of confederation have nato al government power too c
Declare war
Shays reb lion was protested by farmers who caged problems from
Debts they owed to creditors
Which of the following was not part of the northwest ordiance
Slavery from the existing states who wanted to settle in new lands

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