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Every coming of age story of the development of someone to maturity first starts with Immaturity. In John Update’s short story “A&P” he writes about a 19 year old named Sammy who grows up through his immaturity. In this essay I will be writing about how John Update uses analogies, point of view, and plot to describe Sammy coming of age story. In this coming of age story the immaturity of Sammy is largely presented in the analogies he uses. For example when Update writes, twenty-seven old freeloaders tearing up Central Street because the sewer broke 50).

Here Sammy Is describing twenty-seven construction workers as “freeloaders”, Implying that they are just standing around doing nothing when they are trying to fix a problem in town. Another thing Sammy does a lot in the story is describe people as animals, mainly sheep. Sammy says, “The sheep pushing their carts down the 149), and “… I could see Lange in my place in the slot, checking the sheep through”(Update 153). Clearly Sammy sees himself as a higher class and more Intellectual person than these sheep coming through the store.

Sammy also describes them as pigs when he says, “A couple of customers that had been heading for my slot begin to knock against each other, like scared pigs in a chute”(update 152). While analogies show how he thinks of himself the point of view lets you see from Sammy side how he comes of age. The point of view used by John Update really lets you see from Sammy perspective. Without Sammy perspective seeing how he progresses throughout the story could not happen. The analogies also come Into play here. For example when Sammy says, “The whole store was Like a pinball machine and I didn’t know which tunnel they’d come out 150).

Update really describes the visual f how Sammy and Stokes were anxiously waiting to see where they would appear. The point of view allows the reader to see how Sammy feels. For example when Update says,” … But remembering how he made that pretty girl blush makes me so scrunch 52). This lets you into Sammy head and allows you to understand how Sammy Is changing. The point of view lets you see how Sammy feels about the girls but without the plot the girls never would have been there. With any young man like Sammy, girls play a big role in how he thinks and acts. From the second he sees these three girls it affects him immediately.

Right after he sees the first girl with the plaid green bathing suit Sammy says, “l stood there with my hand on a box of Hi crackers trying to remember if I rang it up or not. I ring It up again and the customer starts giving me 148). Here Sammy gets so distracted that he makes a mistake that results In a customer getting angry at him. These girls fascinate him, especially Queen. Sammy starts describing everything she is doing and wonders what she is thinking. Update goes on to write, never know for sure how girls’ minds work (do you really think it’s a mind up there or Just a title buzz like a bee in a glass Jar? But you got the idea”(149). He seems to not have much experience with girls and they are clearly Impacting him greatly. Without the girls In the plot of this story Sammy would never have quit and he never would have going to be to me hereafter”(1 53). Sammy story of maturity and coming of age can be seen throughout John Update’s story by observing the analogies made, the point of view used, and key characters in the plot like the girls. Without these three elements this coming of age story would not have been a coming of age story.

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