Animal Farm Narrative Essay

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At this extract Orwell is aiming to make some of his points by ridiculing the corruptness of the Animal Farm and how it is being ruled by ‘Comrade Napoleon’. The main idea that is being ridiculed here is that, how Napoleon is made such a strong figure by dramatic speeches and poems written by animals who hardly ever see him and the animals believing that Napoleon actually is a superior leader, caused by the exaggeration of this character.Orwell is a writer who writes to express his feelings or to expose some lies or to draw attention to social and political problems.

His strong use of language is his biggest weapon and he usually ridicules the problems he is trying to draw attention to. In this part one of the issues he wants to highlight is that those people who have knwoledge and aware of the on going situation, but are pasive when it comes to aciton to take political responsibilities. According to Orwell this is one of the worst sins.Benjamin is representing these types of people but in this part the main focus is on how Napoleon is being exaggerated on the eyes of the animals. After taking control of the farm, Napoleon couldn’t live up to expectations declared by Old Major. He executes animals and starts changing the seven commandments.

He became a fierce leader who is rarely seen in public. In this part of the book, the main part which ridicules Napoleon’s exaggerated reputation is Minimus’ poem.It’s a poem written by Minimus to show how great Napoleon is. It is made up of three stanzas and each stanza ends with “Comrade Napoleon” which is a rallying cry.

Again this poem is dramatic with lines such as ‘Lord of the swill bucket! Oh, how my soul is on fire when I gaze at thy calm and commanding eye, like the sun in the sky’. Minimus wrote it so emotionally that at some point some lines and how they describe Napoleon makes the readers laugh.This poem is one of the ways that Orwell makes the readers aware of the situation and how easy it is to distract the animals and make them believe that they have an efficient leader. Even though the conditions are same or even worse compared to Jones’ time, every single animal is thankful to Comrade Napoleon and they mention it in every chance they get for example a cow drinking water says; ‘Thanks to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon, how excellent this water tastes! ‘ The dramatic speeches of Squelar and Minimus’ poems and songs distract the animals.Orwell thinks that the real life politicians do that to cover some of their mistakes and they use propaganda to make people believe that they are a great leader and shows that all throughout this book but especially in this extract.

To sum up, Orwell uses his strong language to draw attention to political lies told by twisting the language and how language is made into a weapon of political control which are the main themes of the Animal Farm. He ridicules the leaders and the way they can easily become someone who aren’t them as well as animals who cannot think for themselves and believe the propaganda.To show how stupid it is to believe the propaganda, Orwell ridicules it so much with dramatic speeches and poems that it makes the reader laugh while drawing his/her attention to that issue. He also emphasizes how useless people like Benjamin are in the society. So, Orwell’s ridiculing and sarcastic language is an important factor to accomplish his aim because it is a great way to stress the problems he wants to draw attention to, to the reader. It makes the reader laugh while thinking ‘I can’t believe how easy it is to achieve authority with the help of propaganda! ‘

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