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The United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave, but also the one and only place where you can find the American dream. The United States still gives the chance to everyone who makes it to this land to attain the American dream. The first chance if you’re young enough is when you go into our public school system and you get the chance at a scholarship to college, to which for most people “going to college” is the American Dream because the education provides with a decent job and money. There are other ways to get to the American Dream such as going into one of our higher paying job opportunities.

There are even ways to go from “zero to hero” (Hercules reference) like going from the lowest job in the store too eventually being the manager of the whole thing, here in The United States of America it is possible to rise through the ranks when given the time to do so. The American Dream is still here and there are still many ways to get to it. To begin this “argument” on whether the American Dream is still made here in America and not in Vietnam or some other country, we can look at our education system.

Education too many people is the American dream because it can give you a job and it can give you Knowledge. The education system of The United States may seem to be inferior compared to the school systems of places like South Korea and many other developed countries that have high standards for their students. But not all the kids in those countries have a shot at going to school which makes our country different from theirs, not all kids in these countries have money to go to school or they don’t live near one, which is what makes our country far different from these others.

Our public school system is free and widespread which gives every child a chance at getting the American dream. ”We can make sure that every child in America has a decent shot at life, and that the doors of opportunity remain open to all,” (Barack Obama Keynote Address Page 85) those words uttered by Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States of America show how American children all have a decent opportunity at life and the American Dream through education.

Even if you didn’t gain your American Dream through our schooling system you can still accomplish your financial goals through working here in The United States. It is possible here in the United States to get anything you want as long as you have enough money for it. In The story “Mammon and the Archer”(Mammon and the Archer page 56-61) a rich old man gives his son a chance at true love which is his sons American Dream by paying off all the drivers in an area to start a huge traffic jam giving his son time to propose to his love.

The moral of the story is that money can buy anything as long as you have enough and know what to do with it. But how can you attain the amount of money for an American Dream? Here in America it is possible to get all the money you could possibly ever want, as long as you are willing to work for it. In some other countries there can be no minimum wage which can spell for disaster for those people who work as hard as their adamant hands can go. Here in The United States of America, we have a very high minimum wage which can go very far because its 7. 25$. That’s 72. 0$ every 10 hours which is pretty decent for a minimum wage job. With that money anything is possible as long as it’s used wisely. The American dream can easily be accomplished if you need money as long as you’re willing to work for it. As mentioned in the last paragraph you can attain a decent amount of money from any job here in The United States which can help you out a great deal in a quest for the American Dream. It is from one of these jobs that a person can go; even higher by rising up the ranks and becoming more efficient at their area in their path towards their American Dream.

Here in The United States high positions are there for the talented many, not a few elites. If someone can become proficient enough at something they can go from being a bagger at Publix to becoming a manager of one of its stores. In “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper”(page 66) the narrator talks about how he went from being a peon of a paper mill to becoming a student in a law school. It is easy here in America to increase your standard of living with time and effort.

The American Dream for many people can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance, as long as they stay focused on a goal they can get it. “Now if I get a migraine I just pop two Excedrin’s and get on with my life. That’s what you have to do — work through it” these wise words uttered by the manager ted from “nickel and dimed” (Nickel and Dimed page 59) are how most people get to be where they want to be in The United States. In Conclusion, I believe the American Dream is still quite alive here in the United States of America.

Our education system helps a lot of people out when it come to the American dream, not to mention all of the job opportunities here in the United States of America. Here in The United States we can get anywhere as long as we work hard enough for it. Here in the United States lives the American Dream. CITATIONS: (summer reading) Nickel and dimed Ehrenreich, Barbara. Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America. New York: Metropolitan, 2001. Print. (springboard) Mammon and the archer O, Henry, “Mammon and the archer. Springboard: English Textual Power Level 6. New York: The College Board, 2011. 56-61, print. (springboard) Barack keynote address Obama, Barack, “Keynote Address. ” Springboard: English Textual Power Level 6. New York: The College Board, 2011. 84-86, print. (springboard) Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper Espada, Martin, “Who Burns for Perfection of Paper. ” Springboard: English Textual Power Level 6. New York: The College Board, 2011. 66, print. HERCULE’S REFERENCE Hercules. Walt Disney Home Video, 1998. Videocassette

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