Agricultural Activities In Dungun Terengganu Sociology Essay Example
Agricultural Activities In Dungun Terengganu Sociology Essay Example

Agricultural Activities In Dungun Terengganu Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: July 19, 2017
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Chapter 1

This chapter provides the background of the survey in peculiar will concentrate on societal capital in relation to agricultural activities in Dungun Terengganu.


Agriculture drama of import function in economic sciences of a state particularly in developing state. This is because this field go big fiscal resource of national income ( Ayob, 1994 ). Assorted policies were enacted to guarantee integral lasting agribusiness field as one of the national income chief beginning. Among them were National Agriculture Policy, Policy Of Agricultural Development ( Ayob, 1994 ) and Program `` 1 Azam '' (. Government Transformation Programme: The Roadmap. 2010 ). All this policy drafted to guarantee state earned nutrient beginning that is sufficient ( nutrient security ) in long clip and can eliminate national poorness. This is because most poverty country was in agricultural country. Hence, the


countries of agribusiness are really of import to the state in guaranting nutrient continuity and economic development of the state.

However, agribusiness in Malaysia still was in weak degree as this field non so adored by young person. Hence, authorities demands come out with alternate that is good and need promote the productiveness so that it can heighten agricultural activity productiveness. Harmonizing to Liverpool-Tasie, Nail, & A; Ajibola, ( 2011 ), the betterment of agricultural productiveness is really of import to the authorities policy end and development bureau.

In line with state 's modernisation, countries of agribusiness besides experienced the revolution. Nomination method no longer limited to those holding land, even people who has no land besides can garden. It refers to innovation where alteration occurs within patterns ( Westendorp, & A; Biggs ). Hydroponic and Fertigation System is inventio

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for agribusiness system in Malaysia. It used to supply chance to husbandmans to increase their income gross as this field frequently associated with poorness ( Ayob, 1994 ).

There are assorted elements to guarantee countries of agribusiness success. There are trust, interaction, networking, cognition sharing and cooperation. However, component that is most of import of success in agricultural field is societal capital. Social capital is public resources. It needs to be managed and being shared nicely through cooperation by group or people in long period to guarantee sustainable societal development ( Yamaoka, 2007 ). However, if people fail for recognise the benefit of societal capital, it will do failure on something. Hence, societal capital is really of import to guarantee invention agricultural undertaking can walk successfully.

This survey looks into how the societal capital tantrum in the context of agricultural activities.

Background of survey

Modernity of a state non merely base on the engineering but it involves with invention in agricultural field. In recent old ages, there are assorted types of new agribusiness in the worldwide. These show that country of agribusiness besides experienced comparable revolution with others field. Harmonizing to Heemskerk, & A; Wennink, ( 2004 ); D.Parthasarathy, & A; V.K.Chopde and Westendorp, & A; Biggs, they focus to agriculture invention as it needed for stabilising production and countries of agribusiness productiveness by can heighten community development.

There is assorted invention that have been done in every state to stabilise sector agribusiness such as execution of little H2O reservoirs in Ghana by Kinderen, ( 2006 ), harvest without utilizing any toxicant in Indonesia by Westendorp, & A; Biggs, agricultural engineerings for dryland, waterless and semiarid

Areas by D.Parthasarathy, & A;

V.K.Chopde in India and Soil Management Option in Southern Africa by Njuki, Mapila, Zingore, & A; Delve, ( 2008 ). All this agribusiness invention affects that positive impact on societal capital. However, Malaysia besides has the agribusiness invention and it had known as fertigation undertaking.

Fertigation is soilless civilization production system. Fertigation harvest system can avoid harvest from root disease infection soil-borne. Among type of harvest that suited to be used for harvest fertigation is like ruddy chili, Cucumis sativus, melon, courgette, eggplant, okra, pepper and strawberry. Normally, the husbandmans will construct nursery known as `` Struktur Perlindung Tanaman '' ( STP ) to protect harvest from infection in foliages and fruit and guarantee fertiliser concentration at degree that correct. Apart from that, harvest medium that normally used in this system is coconut coir dust known as coconut pulverization or Cocos nucifera peat. It applies as able to absorb and shops fertilisers solution beside used by root as topographic point to believe. Furthermore, it cheap and easy to happen in the market. This system besides uses set uping device clip to guarantee every harvest get fertilisers solution in clip was prescribed. Frequency and period every bead depend on type of harvest and harvest age. ( Sources: Teknologi Penanaman Secara Fertigation ( MARDI ) ).

Organization from countries of agribusiness now had opened the oculus of husbandmans by presenting new harvest system namely fertigation harvest. It has become latest tendency in agricultural field of Malaysia where all organisation support utilizing the fertigation harvest. This harvest assuring returns back investing capital within short clip if those use this method decently. There are assorted successes of the husbandmans by utilizing

this system fertigation ( beginnings: By Cultivation Technology Fertigation ( MARDI ) ).

In this research, the research worker focuses on how societal capital can lend to the success of fertigation undertaking in Dungun Terengganu. The research worker want see the connexion between societal capital and the agribusiness. Harmonizing to Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku, & A; Ajibola, ( 2011 ), societal web will impact nomination method ( agrarian patterns ) by version technological information or web. This indirectly will impact agricultural productiveness as the husbandmans have acquired information that is utile to develop their harvest system.

Apart from that, societal capital can better the agricultural engineering. This is because societal capital has ability for developed and it besides can utilize assorted types of societal web to make understanding between farming family and farming community ( D.Parthasarathy, & A; V.K.Chopde ).

Social capital in agribusiness has given benefit on husbandmans and besides nonfarmers. Social capital will increase consciousness and grasp to the stakeholder involvements where it will increase trust and confident on action of community member. When societal capital has existed, nonfarmers will back up and esteem on local agribusiness while husbandmans will esteem nonfarmers 's concerns and demand. Hence, the constitution of societal capital will lend common regard among each other and they will portion sense of community which will back up single involvement and vicinity ( Wilkinson ( 1991 ) cited in Sharp, & A; Smith ).

Harmonizing to Aleksiev, & A; Penov, ( 2006 ), societal capital will do people alter to be better because everyone have the chance to alter place and can modify the web where they work.

Putman ( 1993 ) cited in BRUEGEL, ( 2006 )

state difference between societies with societal capital and societies with no societal capital. He found that the high degree of misgiving shows the low degree of societal capital. Peoples with low degree of societal capital have a inclination non to follow the regulation. Hence, any penalty sentenced will take long clip as offenses committed heavy.

Apart from that, the research worker besides focuses on two types of societal capital such as bonding and bridging. Harmonizing to Putnam cited in Yamaoka ( 2007 ), adhering societal capital are besides known as sole type where this group have members that is more-or-less and had equation between one same other in term of nature and internally oriented while bridging on the other manus known as inclusive type which include few groups in cross- sectoral and it externally oriented mode.

This purpose of this survey is to research on how societal capital can lend to the success of fertigation undertaking of Malaysia particularly instance of Dungun Terengganu. Malaysia has non yet has research on betterment of fertigation on societal capital.

Problem Statement

Social capital is the chief issue of this research. Social capital is one of the most important agricultural activities that are proven to offer advantages to non merely for organisation but besides for single in run intoing certain aims. The function of societal capital for case is so critical particularly covering with networking between the people. With respect to societal capital, acquisition, communicating and trust are among the important attributes that can assist to mensurate the successful fertigation undertaking in Dungun Terengganu.

Fertigation undertaking in Malaysia are turning the use. However, there are some of the issues that are link in this

undertaking. The issue which occurred are trust, cooperation, interaction, networking and cognition sharing. Nevertheless, all this job can be overcame with societal capital.

Trust is another thing which is extremely associated with societal capital. Trust will be influenced by a batch of factors which need to be explored by the research worker.

Besides trust, harmonizing to officer in Dungun Agriculture Office, they can non mensurate the degree cooperation between husbandmans and organisation. It is because non all husbandmans involve in all activities carried out by organisation.

Other than that, interaction besides play really of import function to hasten the societal capital. Hence, the effectual communicating demands to utilize to do certain they understand the information and footings used in fertigation undertaking. Note that effectual interaction can act upon societal capital should they take the right tools.

Networking drama function that is of import in guaranting continuity societal capital in this survey. The research worker will analyze factor which influenced networking in this undertaking of fertigation.

Apart from that, the research worker besides focuses to knowledge sharing to cognize every bit far as it influences societal capital.

There are a batch of surveies refering on the societal capital. However, the research worker merely concentrate on societal capital and agribusiness where there will be many research carried out demoing that societal capital can assist agricultural undertaking. For Heemskerk, & A; Wennink, ( 2004 ); D.Parthasarathy, & A; V.K.Chopde and Westendorp, & A; their Biggs focal point on societal capital and agribusiness invention while Yamaoka, ( 2007 ); Sharp, & A; Smith; Kinderen, ( 2006 ); Liu, & A; Besser, ( 2003 ) on the other manus focal point on societal capital and agricultural

and rural development. Apart from that, Hong, & A; Sporleder on the other manus focal point on societal capital and agricultural concerted and Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku, & A; Ajibola, ( 2011 ) on the other manus focal point on societal capital and agribusiness productiveness. However, undertakings carried out above non venture in the nature on fertigation undertaking.

Research Question

With respect to the jobs highlighted in jobs statement, the undermentioned research inquiries were posed for this survey:

How adhering contribute to successful of fertigation undertaking

How bridging contribute to successful of fertigation undertaking

Research Objective

In general, the chief research aim is to analyze the societal capital for fertigation undertaking in Dungun Terengganu. Besides that, this research besides explore on the factors that influence societal capital which include trust, cooperation, interaction, networking and cognition sharing

Therefore, the survey is transporting out to accomplish the undermentioned aim:

To analyze the relationship of societal capital towards successful fertigation undertaking

Scope of the Study

The range of this survey is the organisation that related to agribusiness sector in Dungun Terengganu. There are the Department of Agriculture and Farmers ' Organization Authority of Malaysia and the husbandmans involved in Fertigation Project in Dungun. The choice is based on trust, cooperation, interaction, networking and knowledge sharing that are assumed to lend towards societal capital.

There are several restrictions of this survey. There are:

Topographic point

This research is made in Dungun territory where it focuses on husbandmans in Dungun territory. It merely focus to one topographic point merely and it may be can non stand for existent state of affairs.


The range of this survey is the fertigation undertaking. This undertaking was conducted in two organisations that have been selected by the research worker. The

research worker merely concern about this undertaking on the country of Dungun, Terengganu merely. If the same survey implemented in another range, the consequence may be different.


In this survey, the research worker merely focal point on trust, cooperation, interaction, networking and knowledge sharing as the variables.

Significance of the Study

The importance of this survey will see whether the trust, cooperation, interaction, networking and knowledge sharing to the stakeholder will derive the societal capital in agricultural merchandise development in Dungun Terengganu.

Social capital is critical to recognize the development community in the societal agribusiness. This is because by holding a good networking, it will make the positive impact to the society and besides will increase capacity edifice in the country. In add-on, it besides will further advanced community where they can understand the new cognition and be involved with a new mission and determination.

The other important of the survey is to garner new cognition on this country. It will give academicians and organisations new cognition on societal capital, how it can be done between the husbandmans and organisation in an agribusiness context. Besides that, it can function as a platform for future research. The informations obtained can be used for other research workers to analyze the societal capital globally.

Besides that, the research worker besides will come out with the theoretical part which can utilize by the others scholar peculiarly on societal capital in agricultural activities.

Last significance of this survey is to supply recommendations to better the present state of affairs. With that, the organisations can forestall, cut down and get the better of some instances by taking appropriate bar and action to work out the jobs. It is

to guarantee that any jobs that occur have the solution and do certain that the organisation did non do the same error in the hereafter.

Definition of Footings


Fertigation is soilless civilization production system ( Teknologi Penanaman Secara Fertigation ( MARDI ) ).

Social Capital

For Cohen ( 2007 ), societal capital is web of informal trust relationships that provide an indispensable societal substructure for cognition sharing and cognition creative activity sparked by new combination of bing cognition.

Besides that, harmonizing to Woolcook & A; Narayan, 2000 ( cited in Kilpatrick & A; Falk, 2003 ) societal capital is norms and webs that enable people to move right ( pp. 501 ).

Harmonizing to World Bank Cited in Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku, & A; Ajibola, ( 2011 ), `` societal capital refers to the establishments, dealingss and norms that shape the quality and measure of a society 's interactionsaˆ¦ Social Capital is non merely the amount of the establishments which underpin a society-it is the gum that holds them together. ''

Bonding societal Capital

Adhering societal capital describes the links between persons or groups with similar ends within the web ( Hong, G., & A; Sporleder )

Bridging Social Capital

Bridging societal capital describes the capacity of persons or groups to do links with others outside their organisation, peculiarly across societal webs ( Hong, G., & A; Sporleder )

Measurement of societal capital
Social capital has a assortment of dimensions. While in many developing states, it is frequently captured via some step of rank in community based organisations, every bit good as battle in the community ( Okunmadewa et al. 2007; Balogun and Yusuf 2011a; Yusuf 2008 ), there are a figure of other facets of societal capital that

have been identified as of import for a comprehensive apprehension of the construct. Some facets of societal capital that have been identified in the literature as really of import ( Roslan et Al. 2010a, 2010b; Balogun and Yusuf 2011 ) include:

1 ) Groups and webs, measured by

a ) Membership in formal or informal organisation or association.

B ) Ability to acquire support from those, other than household members and relations, in instance of adversity.

degree Celsius ) Remittances.

vitamin D ) Ability to larn from one 's web or group, peculiarly the impact on engineering acceptance.

vitamin E ) Access to assorted markets ( labour, input, or end product ) via the group.

2 ) Trust and solidarity, measured by

a ) Percepts about whether most people in the community can be trusted.

B ) Percepts about societal support/help provided by group members for each other in times of adversity.

3 ) Corporate action and cooperation, measured by

a ) More than half of the community lending clip or money towards common development ends.

B ) A high likeliness that people, in the community, cooperate to work out common jobs.

4 ) Information and communicating, measured by

a ) Frequency of reading or listening to intelligence beginnings such as wireless, newspapers, and telecasting.

5 ) Social coherence and inclusion, measured by

a ) Strong feeling of togetherness within the community.

B ) Feeling safe from offense and force when alone at place.

6 ) Authorization and political action, measured by

a ) Having control in doing determinations that affect mundane activities

B ) Political engagement such as vote and being voted for in local elections

( Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola ( 2011 ) )

To mensurate socialcapital, two indexs are utilised. The first point

is a societal web step reflecting the extent to which occupants interact with husbandman. The 2nd socialcapital point represents trust, and is an attitudinal step of resident trust or assurance in local husbandman. The web inquiry asked respondents to bespeak how frequently he or she saw or met a husbandmans during the class of a twelvemonth, with response classs including ne'er, a few times a twelvemonth, one time or a few times a month, and one time a hebdomad or more ( Sharp & A; Smith )

This paper uses an inventions systems framework to analyze the ways societal capital in the overall agricultural and natural resources invention system in Nepal has increased far beyond what was originally expected in the undertaking proposal ( Westendorp & A; Biggs )

Chapter 2


In the old chapter, the research worker provides the basic information of societal capital. Under this chapter, it will research more on the elements of societal capital which relevancy to the research.

This chapter describes the theoretical foundation for societal capital in agricultural sector in Dungun Terengganu. In the subdivision, the research worker gives an overview of the how societal capital can lend to the success of fertigation undertaking in Dungun Terengganu. This subdivision will climax issue related to theoretical considerations to empirical survey. The research worker will besides show a conceptual model. An lineation of this chapter is given in the figure as below:

Problems in Agriculture

Every undertaking carried out doubtless has job and the challenge. In this survey, the research worker focal point on jobs which occurred in sector agribusiness so that the research worker knows what job that is existent occurs within field of agribusiness.

Heemskerk, &

A; Wennink, ( 2004 ) discuss on group size. There is struggle on group size that should utilize in this countries of agribusiness whether little size or large size. Harmonizing To Pretty ( 2003 ), every agribusiness undertaking need rank within 20 and 50 individuals but if rank less than 20, husbandman can still working good. In this survey, they discuss on advantages of little size group and large size group. Small size group will act upon societal capital with much better as fewer members beside it have been administered easy and peculiarly dynamic. However, big size will derive the immense experience as it affecting many ranks. Hence, the group size become issue to many undertaking agribusiness in guaranting societal capital happen.

Apart from that, difference parties doubled up job in countries of agribusiness ( Enserink ( 2004 ) cited in Kinderen ( 2006 ) ). Harmonizing to this survey, husbandman with parties that have different inclination to decide their ain job without discuss with responsible party. This is because they have their ain position and they instead solve jobs harmonizing to their ain manner. It besides supported by Wilber ( 1981 ) cited in Kinderen ( 2006 ) where when this state of affairs happened, farmer no longer want to work out jobs but they prefer to populate in instability and inequalities.

In add-on, low skilled and low educational background doubled up jobs for countries of agribusiness ( Ogunanya 2009; Ekunwe, Orewa and Emokaro 2008 cited in Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola 2011; Ayob ( 1994 ). These jobs happen due to poverty which hit most husbandmans. This is because most destitute country located in agricultural

country. When husbandman has no educational, it will give impact on agricultural productiveness as they can non accept new accomplishment and has no cognition to develop countries of agribusiness.

Apart of that, low income in the agribusiness as the husbandmans have low educational and low skilled. Hence, they had to do other occupations to suit their income ( Fasoranti 2006; Okafor 2004; Adewuyi and Okunmadewa 2001; Yusuf et Al. 2009; Peke 2008; Adewuyi 2006; Adejoh 2009 cited in Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola 2011 ).

Problems in this agribusiness have encouraged invention in agribusiness to assist husbandmans and in Malaysia, fertigation undertaking is agricultural invention and it besides establishes to assist husbandmans in state.

Social Capital

Social capital is specifying an plus. It will give the benefit such as productive on procedure more efficient, effectual, advanced, and developed. Social capital did non be in one individual, nevertheless it inhering relationship between one and other single and with socioeconomic establishments where the single operate ( Coleman 1988 cited in Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola, 2011 ).

The survey of societal capital have been intrigued assorted bookman. Social capital is a set procedure by which persons will be built and developed the relationship with other people to supply goods or services ( Keyes, 2006 ). At this clip, people will place their strengths in their working relationship and had been experiencing the benefits ensuing from effectual squad. Social capital can non be seen by the bare oculus, but it surely exists in the existent universe and its being can be felt by the interaction. Harmonizing to Woolcock ( 1999 ) cited in Bostrom ( 2002 ), societal capital can be found at

nine, association and societies and communities where people can run into and work together.

Harmonizing to Huotari & A; livonen, societal capital associated with the histrion in a relationship. If the histrion in a relationship trusts each other, it does non merely increase the societal capital but besides can make the cognition for invention. This besides supported Ji et Al ( 2010 ) that societal capital has relationship with trust and had the connexion in empirical survey.

Before traveling with more much further, we need to cognize how societal capital can go on. Harmonizing to Morrice ( 2207 ), everyone has owned different sum of societal capital. Merely they uncertain whether it many or a small. However, when something has occurred and it involves people involvement, they will be united and will develop bond among them. When they already united, this bond will go double- border. All jobs faced would be resolved jointly. It will be giving advantages to group because web has become stronger.

Interaction and acquisition is between one of the component in societal capital ( Maskell ( 2000 ) cited in Chou ( 2006 ) ). It can be in society with the being of procedure of interaction and acquisition. This is because people interact with co-worker compared to have household and besides friends. Hence, societal capital will emerge at workplaces and it will assist cooperation in occupation.

Social capital will observe go on if persons merely used a small ability or note use it direct for society involvement ( Diaz Andrade & A; Urquhart, 2009 ). Harmonizing to them, societal capital provides construction to understand constellation and strength of interaction between persons in web. Apart

from that, societal capital can do invention. Harmonizing to Westendorp & A; Biggs, it non merely altering productiveness agribusiness and cut down cost but it besides enhance institutional linkage and societal capital development.

Besides that, storytelling will reenforce further societal capital between people because it would be firmed farther norm and trust people on organisation ( Hope Cheong, 2006 ).

Networks have four characteristic such as pluriformity, mutuality, closedness and dynamic ( de Bruijn and heuvelhof, 2000 cited in Kinderen, 2006 ). Harmonizing to them, pluriformity is assortment in the web. This is because everyone have characteristic, cognition, power, fiscal resources and ain aim. When people do something policy that new, pluriformity need to set up because there will hold struggle in the web. This is because people have assorted characteristic and they will move based on their characteristic. In this survey, there is portion of society in Africa holding with execution of little reserves and some of them do non desire to take portion. Closedness of the web is a features that is easy been recognised in the societies.

In African small towns, frequently rivalry between different cultural groups exists and affinity is a important factor of being portion of the group or non. 'The closedness of an administration ( read: village/community ) is the consequence of its frame of mention which is formed by nucleus values profoundly rooted in the administration and which determine its action to a big grade. Administrations are normally sensitive to intercessions that fit their ain frame of mention ' ( de Bruijn and Heuvelhof, 2000: 27 ). So being able to find that frame of mention will, partially, find the prosperity

of the intercession. Apart from that, mutuality exists within group or society between histrions. It depends on the sum of connexion in group. When it have strong bonding, web will go mutuality. However, it hard for predict. Hence, histrions need to be careful so that no 1 takes advantage towards them. Last web is dynamic. Dynamic of web have the big power. It can impact the people in the web. This is because web that is dynamic will trouble inteference from outside. Apart from that, Maertens ( 2010 ) cited in Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola ( 2011 ) said that dynamic web will impact people to prosecute in new activity as their web strong.

Based on from this theoretical account, it has three blocks variable viz. a blocks represent pre- conditional and precursors of societal capital - factor in societal construction and every place person in societal construction which can constrains or ease societal capital. Second block stand foring societal capital component and last block stand foring return chance for societal capital. In first block to back, it explained on formation of inequality of societal capital viz. what structural component which will impact the chances for concept and keep societal capital. In 2nd block on the other manus, it explained on two component of societal capital viz. entree to societal capital and usage of societal capital. Both elements explain procedure of societal capital mobilisation. Third Block besides explained on three ingredients has inter- connected viz. better accessible embedded resources, better embedded resources that could be utilised by single. In process 2nd block ( societal capital ) until 3rd block ( result ), it represents the

procedure which societal capital green goods returns. It explains on what we get outcome from societal capital.

Important of Social Capital

Harmonizing to Grooteart, 2004 cited in Kinderen, 2006, societal capital can anticipate certain facet in society such as offense, wellness, poorness and unemployment. It can leverage on the efficiency of production, felicity, life satisfaction and well-being of the community ( Helliwell and Putnam, 2004 cited in Kinderen, 2006 ). Apart from that, societal capital now besides is looked as of import plus that is tantamount with natural, physical capital, finance, human, and political capital ( Dll Meinzen-Dick, 2004 cited in Kinderen, 2006 ).

Social capital afford consolidate democracy in society and it can heighten efficiency towards work ( Safr and Sediackova, 2006 cited in POSPAsCH & SPAsA NA ( 2011 ). When networking in strong society, all activity carried out will go on nicely because the being of adhering in community.

Apart from that, societal capital besides influenced the sustainable support ( Pretty, 2003 ). This is because it got involved with societal bond where histrion which have high societal bond will success in activity carried out and it will besides act upon populating stableness.

At the same clip, societal capital besides gave impact on cognition sharing. Knowledge sharing is one component in societal capital. Harmonizing To Putnam ( 1993 ) cited in D.Parthasarathy, & V.K.Chopde, uniqueness societal capital remainders with willingness of people to portion. All activity carried out will win because people know what they need to make by can increase cognition.

Social capital has a few key characteristics. First characteristic was societal capital can roll up stock where it will give assorted benefits. Harmonizing to Westendorp &

A; Biggs, societal capital comprises more than a societal administration or societal capital values. Social can better end product with improve productiveness activity.

Apart from that, societal capital could cut down cost if work together. Peoples will be holding assurance to put in corporate activities ( Pretty, 2003 ). Pretty and Ward 2001; Pretty, 2002 cited in Pretty, 2003 emphasis four facets that can be ensured in societal capital. Among them was the relationship of trust, reciprocality and exchanges, common regulations, norms and countenance and connection, web and group.

Impact of Social Capital to Agriculture

Harmonizing to Bourdieu ( 1983 ) cited in Wolz, Fritzsch, & A; Reinsberg ( 2004 ), people can alter societal capital to other types of capital like physical capital when obtain societal capital through purposeful action. However, it takes a long clip to see the consequence of investing on societal capital.

Social capital besides able generates net income in economic ( POSPAsCH & SPAsA NA, 2011 ). This is because histrions have assorted webs of personal ties. When histrion has many webs, it can assist them market their productiveness agribusiness.

Apart from that, societal capital besides produced invention on agribusiness. Harmonizing to Westendorp & A; Biggs, the natural resources invention system in Nepal increased and it exceeded over their outlook.

In the development of agribusiness sector and urban and rural country, societal capital perceived as preparedness and capacity to work together. In this survey, it covers instance such as water partings, irrigation direction, and integrated pest direction schemes. This construct has become solution of jobs faced by modern society, socioeconomic and political development. ( D.Parthasarathy, & V.K.Chopde ).

Apart from that, society from developing states claim development

in agribusiness sector can salvage individual from poorness and famishment and rural socio-economic development will concentrate narrow difference in the criterion of life between rural and urban countries ( Yamaoka, 2007 ).

Harmonizing to Westendorp & Biggs, some involvement of societal capital has identified like hazard direction and societal insurance, resources direction being shared, through group action, cut down cost of transporting out concern and increase capacity achieve economic systems scale, capacity addition invention and tolerate activities of the undertaking and entree that is better to information and service together larger influence on policies and statute law.

Agriculture cooperation refers to `` Concerted Principles '' have the advantage when members unite and follow cooperate values ( Hong & Sporleder ). Therefore, societal capital can be created through 5th rule viz. instruction, preparation and information. Cooperation provides instruction on nature and cooperation benefits to members. It can construct societal capital and keep corporate action.

Work in groups is have been accepted by the others instead than working separately ( Dll Sanginga., 2001 cited in Heemskerk & A; Wennink, 2004 ). Harmonizing to Knox dll, ( 2004 ) cited in Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ), working as a group have shown effectual addition in sovereignty husbandmans in invention system. It aims to bring forth, spread, portion, usage cognition and information.

Types of Social Capital

Social capital is webs within, between and beyond the communities Ia known as bonding and bridging ( Woolcock, 2001 cited in Pretty, 2003; Huotari & A; livonen, 2004; Morrice, 2007; Hong, G., & A; Sporleder ). Harmonizing to Morrice ( 2007 ), societal capital likes glue which will keep people together. It will do certain people

unite between one other in group ( adhering ) or out of group ( bridging ).

 Bonding Social Capital

Harmonizing to Huotari & A; livonen ( 2004 ), adhering societal capital is generated inside cognition organisation, to swear people in the organisation and can to make new cognition ( pp20 ) interim Morrice ( 2007 ) define adhering societal capital as people who have the same common in demographic characteristic ( friend, near household ). Johnson, Honnold, & A; Threlfall, ( 2011 ) sort adhering societal capital as societal support. It will bond people together by supplying common entree to societal economic system and cultural resources.

Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ) besides agreed that adhering societal capital is web in group. It supports sentiment research worker the remainder by supplying inquiry related to involvement group. Apart from that cooperation, trust, corporate action, coherence, conformity, diverseness, heterogeneousness / homogeneousness is public presentation indexs for adhering societal capital ( Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ); Njuki, Mapila, Zingore & A; Delve, 2008 )

Social coherence will be whenever there are similarities in ethnicity background or societal criterion between persons ( Njuki, Mapila, Zingore & A; Delve, 2008 ). This happened when they work together. This influenced the constitution of construction or group as they have in common in their background. Bonding societal capital perceived as major factor of cooperation between people in society. They can do together activity and degrees of trust between them are high. Hence, it in span will give impact that is positive in activity that in managing.

Bridging Social Capital

Bridging societal capital is a societal web based on the trust relationship between an organisation and

with foreigners for cognition creative activity Huotari & A; livonen ( 2004 ) ( pp20 ) meanwhile bridging societal capital was bond for people out circle, group and societal category. However for Johnson, Honnold, & A; Threlfall, ( 2011 ), bridging societal capital is societal purchase where it helps people 'gate in front ' by supplying more diverse array for societal contacts out from circle.

Harmonizing to Claridge, 2007, Beugelsdiyk and Smulders, 2003 cited in Njuki, Mapila, Zingore & A; Delve, 2008, bridging societal capital exist when people removed between one same other and had difference in community.

There are assorted challenges in bridging societal capital. Harmonizing to Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ), the challenges are in footings of authorization, engineering and interaction.

Bridging societal capital could take to restriction of interpersonal interaction ( Morrice, 2007 ). It is bond outside circle, group and societal categories where people do non hold high confident degree when interacting with group that they do non cognize.

Besides that, harmonizing to Alridge, Halpern & A; Fitzpatrick, 2003 ( cited in Hope Cheong, 2006 ), formal bridging societal capital influence informal interaction. It requires long clip to organize cooperation as it involves different squads ( Njuki, Mapila, Zingore & A; Delve, 2008 ).

Apart from that, contacts, enterprises to reach, coaction, exchange visits, field yearss, and visits is public presentation index for bridging societal capital ( Heemskerk & A; Wennink, 2004 ).

Structural Social Capital

Structural societal capital is besides the different construct of societal capital. Its define the web where people or organisations keep in head their relationship ( Hong & A; Sporleder ). Meanwhile, Westendorp, A., & A; Biggs specify it as facilitates

information sharing and corporate action and decision-making through the signifier of regulation and societal web.

The structural societal capital affecting relationship between web histrions ( Inkpen & A; Tsang, 2005 ) whereas for Eng Huang Chua et Al. ( 2012 ), it is connexions among histrions in societal web and how the web of content is arranged ( pp. 580 ). Members of the web have common cooperation which what they do and they have the equation with other members. This is because they have same construction and it influence manner, believing and behavior of the members. In this structural societal capital, hierarchy, denseness and connectivity influence flexibleness and facilitate societal capital happen between members. However for Eng Huang Chua et al., structural dimension provides channel for interaction, allow behaviors, belief or value transmitted to others.

 Cognitive Social Capital

Cognitive societal capital refers to partnership significance and understanding between members ( Nahapiest & A; Ghosal, 1998 ) cited in Inkpen & A; Tsang ( 2005 ). However, members would depend on other people for proof their belief ( Binz-Scharf, 2003; Inkpen & A; Tsang, 2005 ). Every dialogue helps to do certain all ends that want to be achieved accepted by all members. Harmonizing to Eng Huang Chua et Al. ( 2012 ), on the other manus, cognitive societal capital provides common linguistic communication and position to pass on and construe norm belief and value.

Meanwhile, norm, values, attitudes and belief create the cognitive societal capital ( Hong & A; Sporleder; Liverpool-Tasie, Nail & A; Ajibola, 2011 ). It involves assorted cultural, group and association while harmonizing to Westendorp & A; Biggs, it province on norms, values, trusts, attitudes

and beliefs and it more subjective and got involved with intangible construct.

Elementss of Social Capital


Trust and genuineness are a major job in societal capital because it can non be manufactured or mandate to guarantee its being. Peoples forced to believe in each other will non be certain they will swear each other. This is called societal capital is born, non made ( Cohen, 2007 ). The failure of societal capital is due to factors values of cognition communities. Peoples can non bring forth trust and genuineness because they do non hold adequate cognition. Peoples will film over and make non cognize if they should believe or non on cognition. But Hewlett-Packard, W.L. Gore and Associates and Costo ( cited in Cohen, 2007 ), believe that to guarantee that societal capital born, the organisation and society need to set up the rule of equity, cooperation and trust.

Trust besides can be built base on how they treat each other and how they communicate ( Huotari & A; livonen, 2004 ). In add-on, common trust and continual committedness will heighten the public presentation of the parties involved ( Hinrichs, Gillespie & A; Feenstra, 2004 ).

Harmonizing to Cohen ( 2007 ), to guarantee that societal capital occurs, the organisation and society need to continue societal capital they have and promote the strengthen trust relationship between them. They need to take attention of the available societal capital they have and guarantee that every people have a sense of trust between each other by working as a squad. When people work as a squad, they know the unsusceptibilities and failings of the group. In add-on, clip spent at work together besides

aid in guaranting that trust exists between them.

In add-on, behavior besides plays an of import function in guaranting that societal capital exists ( Cohen, 2007 ). Since ages, the new comers ( organization/society ) will guarantee that they will fit the behavior and outlooks of the undertaking they join. The senior people will learn them if they do non understand something, and this work will demo the positive relationship between people. It will make trust among co-workers, and this will promote the societal capital in the organisation and society.

To guarantee that societal capital exists, people should guarantee that they do the action of the work ( Cohen, 2007 ). It was hard to acquire the trust of others, but if it is proved by the ability and the right action, the trust of people is easy to obtain. Within the organisation and society, the organisation must turn out the ability in action non merely negotiations. This is because they themselves has seen the credibleness of organisation and will make the trust.

Trust in societal capital is really of import. These agree by Aleksiev &  Penov ( 2006 ) where the higher degree of trust and being of informal self- enforcement will do people can work together by could cut down cost.

Trust will vouch cooperation. Harmonizing to Pretty ( 2003 ) it could cut down cost among them. Belief exists from the consequence action of the people. This can salvage money and clip. Apart from that, it besides created trust when people believe between one another.

There are two sorts trust viz. trust with people who people know trust with aliens ( Pretty, 2003; Aleksiev & A; Penov,

2006 ). Trust with individual known have strong influenced by cooperation with histrion and organisation. It is besides known as formal trust in the establishment. In the survey of Aleksiev & A; Penov ( 2006 ), they confirm trust is low in if those formal in nature. Apart from that, trust with aliens on the other manus affecting different squads. Trustworthy degree in different groups evaluated harmonizing to attitude society on group societal. In the survey of Aleksiev & A; Penov ( 2006 ), they study on group itinerants. Most of positive interview show the attitude towards local itinerants nevertheless at the same clip they declining to collaborate with them. This is because their difference on primary degree instruction, rawness on professional and refusal work group itinerants. Trustworthy degree between neighbors in small town besides lowers, but it different harmonizing to single personal trait. Key factor which influenced local population attitude in this regard was age, instruction, professional experience, and capacity communicate.


Interaction plays an of import function in guaranting that a individual larning to make something. Harmonizing to Muijs, West, & Ainscow ( 2010 ), people can make more than what can be done by person by holding the interaction. Ji et Al. ( 2010 ), besides supported societal capital could be built through interaction and relationship between members in society.

Harmonizing to Aleksiev &  Penov ( 2006 ), interaction between societies can heighten coaction chance and work out jobs related to natural resources use. Interaction can be achieved if histrions can interact between one same other because happen information exchange and it help histrions to construct trust and repute.

In a survey of Kilpatrick & Falk,

( 2003 ), it focuses on the two-stage: the interactions between persons and societal-level societal capital. At first, it focused on the web, norms and interactions affecting the component that includes communities and persons. In this phase, it will unite the accomplishments of cognition ( human capital ) with the cognition and accomplishments of others. In add-on, informal interaction is besides used to develop the web. It will increase is confident of the people. In the 2nd phase, when the interaction and communicating among persons have become established, it will hold a positive impact on community and societal. Presently, the interactive substructure has become stronger because they involve relational web ( external and internal )

Every member will portion the ends and civilization which have the same end, undertaking and result to accomplish. To do it existent, Binz-Scharf ( 2003 ) usage informal societal communicating, informal societal comparing and norms.


Most agribusiness got involved with research and development as invention in agricultural field. Hence, acquisition is really of import to guarantee societal capital success by can heighten agricultural productiveness. Harmonizing to Pretty ( 2003 ), self-learning is really of import in guaranting sustainable agribusiness because the husbandman got involved with their ain experiment harvest. Hence, they know what should do and what shall non be made.

Apart of that, it besides can make the invention. This is because the husbandman usage self-taught acquisition and they adapt with what they learn. It known as acquisition by making ( Westendorp & A; Biggs ). The husbandmans will larn something that new with self-taught. They do non make the same error in the hereafter as they larning by making.

Learning and societal

capital is related to guarantee that cognition sharing occurs. Harmonizing to Kilpatrick & A; Falk ( 2003 ), rural communities will construct and utilize the societal capital to guarantee their involvements would be protected. This acquisition has the possible to reassign to the community. In their survey, they focused on larning activities that involve leading, web, value and trust to guarantee the effectivity of societal capital.

The combination of larning and societal capital will makes effectual productiveness. This is holding by Liverpool-Tasie, Kuku & A; Ajibola ( 2011 ) when a batch of husbandmans learn through observation. When the husbandmans know what they need to make, it will act upon them to portion the cognition that they have and it will do the stronger cooperation in the community.

In add-on, harmonizing to Muijs, West, & A; Ainscow, ( 2010 ) and Martucci, Goodykoontz, Selmer & A; Morris, ( 2010 ), the coaction between the acquisition with the societal capital will print a great societal larning procedure such as can work together to work out jobs, portion thoughts, find solutions and build inventions.

Harmonizing to Hinrichs, Gillespie & A; Feenstra ( 2004 ), larning and societal capital will makes a individual more advanced. Peoples will larn about something new and they will use new cognition to modify a something new to do it even better than earlier. In this survey, combination of both will develops new merchandise and will spread out further towards the more advanced.

The relationship and friendly relationship that exists during procedure of larning can served as the foundation for future professional webs. When already have relationships that are strong and near, it easier to keep societal

capital among them ( Burgess, 2009 ).

Social capital is really of import in guaranting people get information and thought from foreigner. This is because cognition may be eliminated happen out anyplace irrespective of topographic point and clip. The formation of societal capital and acquisition besides can non separable because it will be conveying to self- efficiency and self-assured to people. With the being of networking that is strong, procedure of acquisition will go easier and procedure of sharing the cognition will be faster. In procedure this of acquisition, bridging and adhering societal capital that would take topographic point. Harmonizing to Morrice ( 2007 ), progressively tough bridging and adhering societal capital, progressively great informal larning which will convey good to them. This is because every people have own cognition. With the being of societal capital, they able to portion cognition that they own with by other people utilizing bridging or bonding of societal capital.

Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ) besides supported larning as one of the societal capital elements. In their survey, Farmer Field School ( FFS ) was peculiar group where they do jointly larning and agriculture invention was chief focal point. Approach FFS was larning alliance based on experience and engagement techniques ( Bruin et al., 2001; Owens and Simpson, 2002 cited in Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ).

Advanced husbandmans from Farmer Research Group ( FRG ) developed some experiences in working with research administration. All consequence accepted from research will in Tell in workshops and seminars. Workshop and seminar non merely provides adept cognition in fact it besides told experimental consequences at the farm ( Heemskerk & A; Wennink, 2004



To construct web, histrion should take clip to acquire contact, do them valuable and at the terminal, maintain it ( Kinderen, 2006 ). Time, attempt and money will give great weight in the creative activity of societal capital.

Harmonizing to POSPAsCH & SPAsA NA ( 2011 ), there are positive nexus between personal dealingss with people and besides success entrepreneurial and it besides have strong statistical important relationship between success and importance of cognition in trade.

Knowledge sharing

Social capital can better productiveness with assorted channels. Harmonizing to Sorensen ( 2000 ), extension undertaking successfully brought societal capital to the higher degree. Active engagement from husbandmans in this undertaking makes better undertaking consequence. Furthermore association / organisation involved show committedness that is accurate in guaranting successful undertaking. Farmers can larn new engineering and agribusiness methods. Therefore, association / organisation can portion information among them and it involves successful prosecution cognition e-intensive preparation and new engineering.

Apart from that, information exchange is of import in version societal persons. It can heighten learning procedure, cognition diffusion and human activity determinations Aleksiev & A; Penov ( 2006 ). This is supported by Heemskerk & A; Wennink ( 2004 ) where husbandman group provide chance to portion thought and exchange information and it facilitate airing of engineering.


Social capital is able to make cooperation in sector agribusiness ( Hong & A; Sporleder ).. However, inducements should be to guarantee agricultural cooperation by can heighten their economic system. It can inform through integrating between trader and the members. Apart from that, societal capital can increase information flow in agricultural cooperation and assist decision-making and cooperation among member.

Relational dimension of societal capital focal point on function

of direct ties between histrions and the relational, as opposed to structural, result of interaction ( Inkpen, & A; Tsang, 2005 ) ( pp.153 ) and it refer to closeness between members of a group ( Eng Huang Chua et al.,2012 ) ( pp. 580 ). It stresses to swear because it is critical factor which influenced cognition sharing and it in agreed with the where it will reenforce further trust which can advance to be more committed on group norm and value.

Chapter 3

Research Method

This chapter is about the illustration of the methodological analysis that was applied in carry oning the research. Under this research methodological analysis, it consists of research design, trying unit, sample size, informations aggregation and information analysis.

Research Design

A research technique to be used in this survey is qualitative methods through observation and face to confront interaction ( A.Bailey, 2007 ). The chief intent of this survey utilizing the method of seeking for informations because this method is most appropriate since it is hard to obtain informations. He states by utilizing this method, the research worker will be portion of the community and they feel what community is experiencing.

In add-on, qualitative method is the best manner to acquire a batch of informations beginnings. Harmonizing to Mason ( 2002 ), this method will give a batch of informations resources for the research worker because it will obtain beginnings from depositories of cognition, experience, feeling and others.

The advantages of qualitative methods are concern with how societal interprets, understood, see the state of affairs, produced or constituted. Furthermore, the information beginnings are besides more flexible and sensitive to societal context and the account and statements

involve complexness of understanding with, item and context ( Mason, 2002 ) ( pp3 ).

Sampling Unit of measurement

The sample unit or the sample is mentioning to the population of this research. Sampling is a procedure where a little figure of the population was selected and studied to enable us to do generalisations about the population ( Bakar, 1991 ) ( pp66 ). The research worker will carry on this research utilizing focal point group method which involves people that joined the fertigation system in Dungun Terengganu. The chief intent of the sample used is to cognize the volume of the population to be investigated. In this survey, the research worker will utilize purposeful sampling. Harmonizing to A. Bailey ( 2007 ), purposeful sampling is utilizing a few respondents which it is the most suited type since the research worker wants to cognize in deep which it is relevant to research aim. This is consistent with this survey since it is utilizing qualitative methods as a research design.

Sample Size

For this survey, the sample country and the group will be used. Sample selected from Dungun country, by questioning 10 people that involved with the fertigation undertaking in the District of Dungun. The research worker will take 7 husbandmans which are the cognition receiving system meanwhile 3 people from the administrations who are knowledge supplier which are wholly involved in this undertaking. The research worker merely uses a few respondents because this research will make in deep interviewing.

 Data Collection

The aggregation from 10 respondents will be done through observation and interview method. Set of inquiries for interview is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B. Questions in

Section A is the closed inquiries about demographic features of respondent. While the inquiries in Part B is the unfastened inquiries that asked of each respondent and they are free to show their positions, sentiments and suggestions on the inquiries posed.

In order to roll up the information, the research worker uses the observation and the interview methods. Observation is one signifier of informations aggregation in research. It is used to supervise and capture the environmental surrounding and the existent activities that will impact the determination of the surveies. The aggregation of observation will be done by ocular and audio recording every bit good as the logbook.

Interview is one manner to roll up the information. To do more precise observation, the research worker will roll up informations through the verbal interview utilizing focal point group method. Harmonizing to A. Bailey ( 2007 ), interview is the talk that occurs every twenty-four hours in a scene and the research worker may affect in this interview ( pp95 ). In this survey, the research worker utilizing the semi structured interview. Semi structured interviews is field research worker who enjoy some degree of flexibleness sing how an interview is administered but who wish to keep some construction over its parametric quantities ( A. Bailey, 2007 ) ( pp100 ). The interview will be done base on agenda with timeline to avoid unneeded information and activities. Apart from that, interview carried out in rest, no haste and in province that is uninterrupted so that answer achieved more crystalline ( Davies, 1993 ).

In this interview, the research worker will besides concentrate on the success narratives. Harmonizing to Elwyn, Williams, Roberts, Newcombe,

& Vincent, ( 2008 ), success narrative was the consequence from touchable benefit where it necessitate to be shared with other people to guarantee people more understanding and deepen about the function of something. When all success narratives gathered, it will place the success of the major activity made. Apart from that, there is some goods behind success narratives among them

1 ) it will accomplish the betterment ( because will non reiterate failure that last )

2 ) have the relationship that effectual with bureau the remainder and

3 ) can pull off the jobs with more effectual as information gave sufficient. Success narratives are used to happen narratives about the position of things ( de Boer, &  Coady, 2007 ).

Each individual has their ain narrative which can be used by people who want to follow in their footfalls. However, they must understand the construct of effectual communicating that is understood and presented narrative can circulate to others. If the people do non understand what people said, it will take to this error and will take to knowledge sharing can non be done swimmingly.

Harmonizing to Hamid, Omar & A; Sarifudin, in qualitative survey, procedure roll uping informations walk at the same time with procedure analyse informations to avoid of import information loss because informations dumping

Data Analysis

This survey uses to the full recorded information and Prime Minister informations obtained from all respondents. Research workers utilizing qualitative analysis methods utilizing NVIVO computing machine package to acquire the consequences and acquire the decisions from the information obtained. Nvivo used to get the better of informations dumping job in the proses of analysis and reading. This procedure besides involve with several

phases including written text, conditioning, coding, subject, credibleness presentation and cogency of the informations and study ( Hamid, Omar & A; Sarifudin ). Harmonizing to them, in written text degree, informations will be transcript from tape entering. At this phase, it give chance to the research worker investigate every information obtained. Besides that, codification is indispensable to be done. It used to cut down the informations that does non necessitate and assist do decision. Comparison besides can be done to see difference between old and current informations.

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