A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Persuasive Essay Example
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Persuasive Essay Example

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Persuasive Essay Example

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  • Published: May 1, 2017
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Magic is the best illusion that a person can have. Not everyone believes in magic, there are only few people who would take their time in knowing and realizing such illusion. Among the people all over the world, perhaps, there are only a number from the large population of human beings who believes n magic. Magic are like dreams. Dreamers are losers but losers sometimes become the greatest dreamer. Magic sometimes becomes the best escape.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s story was a subject of magical realism.In his story, he showed many situations wherein he applied this theme and made it more interesting. The use of words which draws extra ordinary scenarios made the whole story quite different form the usual narratives which we read. There is a number of ways in which Garcia Marquez make


s the unbelievable events seem realistic.

This essay will focus on two of them, namely the setting and the description of the old man with enormous wings. Setting as a very important tool Setting has always been one of the major points in a story because it adds character and authority.At the same time, it shows some drama as an effect which will be very helpful in making a story. The thing about a story shadowed by magical realism is the fact that it does not fully hold drama all over the story. Because of some unbelievable events or elements, it does not hold seriousness. With regard to the setting, the story takes places at a small village that might as well exist somewhere in Latin America.

There is nothing unusual about the change of seasons: in winter, the skies become grey,

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sand turns into mud at the beach, the light is weak, and the sea is storming.In spring, the sand at the beach is glimmering and days become sunny again. In the village, families live happily together, children fall ill and get well again, and a well-respected priest is called to comment on any unusual occurrence. This traditional way of life is still a reality in rural Latin America. Such an ordinary setting makes the extraordinary events of the story seem realistic. Although it seems that the setting does not imply anything, in real sense, the setting was actually describing what will happen.

It holds the tone and the mood of the story thus; it means that it has a big contribution in the success of enveloping the whole narrative with magical realism. The description of the whole place and the setting allows the readers to know that it was a not so good day in their town. Furthermore, this setting allows us to envision what is the current state of the characters. Description as an element of magical realism Description is the same with settings; the only difference is that description focus more on the characters and not with the place.Despite of the fact that both have the same importance, they are two different story elements.

In here, comparison or in-depth look of the characters is what given importance. Similar function is played by the description of the old man. The suspected angel resembles a dying man rather than the heavenly creature. The old man has few hairs left on his head and very few teeth in his mouth; his vision is shady; he has bad

smell; his wings are strewn with parasites and mistreated by winds.

All in all, the old man looks surprisingly human and therefore believable. His fate might as well have been a fate of a random stray man looking for a shelter in someone’s house; thus, magical realism is a powerful tool for commenting on the vices contemporary society. This story did not simply amuse readers but the most important impact that it can give is the realization of so many things in a person’s life. No matter how much we try to hide things, n the end, we will find the truth. There is a saying that the truth will set you free.Perhaps we should make it a point that Garcia Marquez’s story did not simply give us a story of neither a man with wings nor a child an illness.

It was a story of suffering which brought into a light tone by the use of magical realism. Hence, we should understand that the author creativity did not limit him from having a dramatic scene because he added fantasy. Instead, the use of magical realism became a very important tool to have mystery in the narrative. Furthermore, the relation between the old man and the setting is very evident.

The setting was gloomy because the man had a very bad fate. The setting compliments the theme of the story. Each changes corresponds each improvement with the health of the man thus, we have to understand that the two are connected with each other. The use of magical realism in the person of the old man was a point wherein the author mixed illusion and reality together.

It shows that no matter what, a person wounded by either problems or physical pain will find a way to spread his wings and learn to fly again.

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