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UK Sports Bar Report 24/05/11 Table of Contents Introduction3 Background analysis4 Riley’s Sports Bar4 Walkabout Sports Bar4 Dugout4 Unique Selling Point5 Riley’s sports bar5 Walkabout sports bar5 Dugout5 Promotions and offers6 Riley’s6 Walkabout6 Dugout6 Research7 Recommendations8 Research and analysis8 Playing sports8 Televisions8 Conclusion9 Introduction This report entails an analysis of UK sports bars including detailed information on background history, day-to-day operations, and promotional offers for each individual organisation.

Background analysis Riley’s Sports Bar Riley’s sports bar is one of the largest chains of sports bar in the UK. Riley’s have 130 sports bars spread across the UK. Riley’s offer their members a chance to play Darts, Pool, Snooker and even Poker in their bars. They also show all forms of sports including Football, Rugby, Darts, Snooker, and Boxing to name a few. Riley’s is open 7 days a week to members of the club. Walkabout Sports Bar Walkabout sports bar is a different kind of sports bar compared to Riley’s. Walkabout has 34 bars across the UK.

Unlike Riley’s, Walkabout doesn’t offer their customers a chance to play the sports that Riley’s does; they just show sports on the TV. Dugout Dugout is a sports bar which is run by the hotel it is located in. Dugout is mainly used by residents of the hotel however they do get some custom from people in the local area. Dugout has pool tables for its customers. They show every football game for Liverpool FC which makes it a popular venue for the locals due to it being located in Liverpool’s town centre. Unique Selling Point Riley’s sports bar Riley’s has a unique selling point of being able to offer 3D televisions in their bars.

This makes them a popular venue for all sports on TV as it gives customers a better quality viewing service. Walkabout sports bar On Friday and Saturday evenings Walkabout sports bar turns into a nightclub, this is unlike any other sports bars. Walkabout work with event promoters to run event nights at their club, which is usually on a commission based deal. Dugout Dugout tries to bring the customers a chance to taste the world. They offer beers from all over the world, including beers from South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Belgium, and Czech Republic to name a few. Promotions and offers Riley’s

Some of the offers available at Riley’s include: * Cheap Pool/Snooker all day every day, when purchasing a drink and a game of snooker/pool you receive free playing time. * Group membership deals, large groups of friends receive discount for signing up together. * “All in” membership offer, this includes 1 year membership, a free pint and 2 hours of free pool/snooker. * Food and drink deals such as a burger and a pint etc. Walkabout Walkabout doesn’t offer memberships for their bars so they don’t have membership offers, however: * Walkabout offer some drinks offers during televised sports events. Walkabout also offer 20% off food items on their Australian food menu during sport events. Dugout Dugout doesn’t offer food in their bar as they are part of the hotel which has its own restaurant. * During football matches drinks offers are available, cheap pints and spirits are available. * Research From research I have carried out on previous projects I have discovered that the main reason people chose to go to certain bars rather than others for the following reasons: * Drinks prices; offering cheap drinks prices during sports events is a great way to bring in customers.

Carrying out research to discover what people consider as “cheap drinks” would enable you to offer drinks at the right prices to the right people. * Atmosphere; having a good atmosphere in a bar is a common reason why people enjoy spending time there. Carrying out market research to discover what sports local people enjoy watching, and what teams are the favourite in the area allows you to promote the showing of these sports and teams. If people are watching their favourite team with cheap drinks available to them, then it should create a good atmosphere for all customers. Recommendations

Research and analysis Firstly I would carry out some market research in the form of face-to-face surveys/questionnaires to people in and around the local area. Giving away money off vouchers to participants of face-to-face surveys is a good way to get accurate feedback. Also as part of completing the questionnaire you can offer to keep participants informed on offers via e-mail and even send vouchers out to them as a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The surveys and questionnaires should include both quantitative and qualitative data to give a broad overview and analysis of results.

Find out about the person being surveyed (age, gender, location etc. ), how much people would be willing to pay for certain drinks, how often people go out to bars for drinks, what competitors people use, what sports people enjoy to watch and also what teams people follow. With this analysis decide on the best drinks prices to offer compared to competitors and also what sports to show. Playing sports If there is already the option for customers to play pool/snooker inside the bar, why not organise and manage tournaments for individuals and teams.

Set up a league for teams to register and play against each other and offer a prize at the end of each tournament (free drinks or cash prize and a trophy). If you have 6 teams coming to play pool every week, that’s 6 sets of people buying drinks every week. Tournaments are a great way to increase the atmosphere and to get regular week in week out customers, especially if a cash prize is available. Televisions Having the most, biggest TV’s is a great advantage for any sports bar, the more TV’s the better. Investing in a few extra televisions could help increase custom.

Maybe eventually invest in a 3D TV if competitors don’t have those kinds of facilities. If you can boast having a 3D TV it could help steal custom from other bars as people would love to watch their favourite sport in 3D. Conclusion To conclude, it would be recommended that drink and food offers were made available to customers during quieter periods and also during sports events. Having a good atmosphere is beneficial to increasing custom. Having a Unique selling point, for example 3DTVs, turning into a nightclub or even offering drinks from around the world can give you that edge over your competitors.

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