A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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No profession in the world has stood the test of time like prostitution. It is such a pity that prostitution is still illegal in most parts of the world. There is not one nation in this world that can boost of not being affected by the prostitution menace. People of all walks of life, all races and all generations are affected by prostitution in one way or another.

It is funny that leaders throughout the world have no honor for the world’s oldest profession. Although my sentiments will obviously offend the moral society, I think the world has not treated prostitution fairly. Legalization of prostitution, as it has been done in very few places around the world is not enough.One thing that should be noted is that the world’s oldest profession is not ending any time soon. In this world, every person has their dream job. Everyone thinks that in the event that they are able to land there dream job everything will be alright from there on. The sad truth is that very few people get to realize their dreams. The few people that are able to live their dream soon get bored with the professions they spent years working and drooling about.

There is only one profession that is different from all others and it is none other than prostitution. Imagine doing something which you enjoy and you get paid for it. Imagine paying for a service which you enjoy so much. There is not one profession that ensures the satisfaction of both the service provider and customer at the same time.At the moment, prostitution is a very big problem through out the world. Human trafficking is a thriving multimillion dollar business in the world due to prostitution. Women and children are being smuggled into developed countries each day to be able quench the ever increasing copulation thirst. The saddest part of all this is that the noble persons in society are the ones who go to seek prostitution services.

It is also very sad that some known Heads of States promote prostitution by being active participants in the industry. I think it is only a matter of time before the elite in society begin flashing their ‘Premium Prostitution Membership Cards’ in the public.Prostitution is a major contributor to broken marriages everywhere in the world. Big careers and dreams have been shuttered as a result of prostitution. I don’t blame prostitution for any of the above though. If given a choice, any married man would wish to have intercourse with a professional other than a wife who knows nothing but spend millions of hard earned family cash on clothes and shoes. Any man would prefer having intercourse with a person who doesn’t judge them no matter how sloppy and mediocre they are at love making as long as they get paid. Sexually starved wives ought to be forgiven when they seek pleasure from gigolos.

When their husbands go on lengthy business trips abroad with their thin secretaries, don’t they have any form humanity left in them when they judge their women harshly for satisfying their fourth basic need?When will world leaders realize that a lot of money is wasted as a result of prostitution? Rich folks in the society have opted to spend most of their money on the popular sport of sex and prostitution. Pimps who barely pay their taxes continue to amass immoral wealth each passing day.HIV/AIDS is taking over the world as a result of prostitution. A lot of money is being spent in sensitizing the public about this disaster and also treating the infected people. It should also be noted that multi million divorce cases are becoming very common today as a result of prostitution. Why is all this money which can rather be tapped to aid many ailing economies be left to go to waste?There is a very simple solution to counter the prostitution menace. Legalization of prostitution is not enough. Prostitution should be fully integrated into our society.

We have seen the way other professions have performed well because they have been accepted by the society as part of as. Take medicine for example, many people lose their lives each day in the hands of doctors. On June 25 2009, the King of Pop was pronounced dead due to the carelessness of a qualified medical doctor, I have not heard any calls to make the medical profession illegal. Talking of legal issues, known murderous are left to walk scot free because they paid for the best lawyers, the practice of law is still remains very legal.How sweet will it be for nations and families alike when prostitution is left to enjoy the freedom offered to other professions? Prostitutes should be left to operate like consultants. Every family should employ the services of a ‘Family Prostitute’. Prostitutes should operate in the same manner as family doctors, family lawyers and personal trainers. Because people in relationships will always seek services from prostitutes, they should at least do it openly and with persons known to every one.

I believe the cliche, ‘better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know’ is in order in this context. I however do not say that prostitutes are devils in any way. Sex in marriage will further be improved if couples visit sex professionals regularly I suppose. Picture a situation where teenagers risk their lives in their sexual escapades. Youth above 18 years should be left to learn about this ultimate pleasure of life from qualified professionals without being left to learn the hard way. Prostitution should be viewed as a noble institution rather than a social vice.I think governments will be able to gain from the revenue collected from prostitution if it is integrated into the society. Billions of dollars are made each day due to prostitution and the government should be able to take full advantage of this.

It should be noted that prostitution is an unlimited resource that will never run out as opposed to oil. It’s very sad when millions of dollars get wasted in settling divorce cases in this modern. I believe that HIV/AIDS can be controlled if my proposal is considered. Stake holders in the prostitution industry should be left to ply their trade without fear of the law, discrimination and intimidation of any manner. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for crying out loud. This is just but my Modest Proposal.

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