A Beautiful Mind

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Schizophrenia’s symptoms embrace social withdrawal, loss of appetence and hygiene, delusions, hallucinations, and also the sense of being controlled by outside forces. These characteristics area unit overpoweringly gift in a very stunning Mind. John Ogden Nash has hassle with chemical analysis and alternative sorts of social interaction. Mr. Ogden Nash gets nervous simply and stutters. He has greasy, savage hair and doesn’t tub typically. He sees and hears people who don’t exist.
With luck and an excellent deal of affection, a stunning lady marries John Ogden Nash as a result of she will be able to see him for WHO he extremely is. His better half sees his good mind through the strange tendencies. As John Nash’s schizophrenic disorder is discovered she is that the initial to grasp and look for to assist him in his path to well-being.
John Ogden Nash believes the Russians area unit when him owing to a project he worked on with the yank Government. Throughout the motion-picture show, Mr. Ogden Nash is petrified of folks coming back to induce him. he’s a really paranoid man and deals therewith perpetually, however eventually works to beat it.
As John Nash’s schizophrenic disorder gets worse, a specialist is afraid and he takes mister. Nash away. John takes medication for schizophrenic disorder for years. He doesn’t relish his medication and eventually equal taking it. Mr. Ogden Nash fights his hassles with schizophrenic disorder and receives awards for his mathematical accomplishments and his ability to beat his greatest trouble, schizophrenic disorder.
“A stunning Mind” may be a tremendous motion-picture show exploring the strange ANd twisted workings of an insane genius’ mathematical mind. though schizophrenic, John Ogden Nash is incredibly intelligent and understands things several cannot fathom to clarify. The motion-picture show begins once John Ogden Nash enters faculty and follows his journey through schizophrenic disorder. At the top of the…

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