Psychological And Formal Analysis Young Goodman Brownpsychology Essay Example
Psychological And Formal Analysis Young Goodman Brownpsychology Essay Example

Psychological And Formal Analysis Young Goodman Brownpsychology Essay Example

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He begins seeing the darkness around him which is symbolic of sin, and he sees his wife's ribbon in the tree which Is symbolic of his need of her and fear of losing her. He is mostly afraid of the sin In himself which he unravels as he goes deeper into the forest. HIS fellow traveler who is described as an older version of Goodman Is darker and more evil than Goodman himself, whereas his wife whose name is faith Is lost because Goodman loses faith In the Church congregation who he sees at the devil worship.

The point of view effects our perception of secondary characters Like the allow traveler and Goodman wife, because it allows us to only use their descriptions to Judge their character.

For Goodman wife we see innocence


because of her ribbon, whereas the older traveler is described as being in some way prestigious and able to be seen on a kings court, while also being related to a staff which was similar to a black serpent.  Brown kept his religious values at the end of the story. He went against the devil worshippers and was untrusting of those around him who he had seen at the devil meeting.

He had changed a little in believing in there, however his overall values towards religion stayed on the Church side over the Satanic side.

I do admire is commitment to Church even though he had realized how corrupt It was, however he did lose faith In those who he once put trust In. I think he went on this Journey to find his true self. On the Journey he Is tempted by

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the staff which is symbolic of the key to the devils meeting, and is also tempted to lose faith in god and Christianity.

He ends up using the staff find faith to make sure she isn't corrupted, and when he is tempted to lose faith he steels his resolve ND looks up to heaven to resist the devil.

We're meant to regard Young Goodman Brown as a bad representation of faith, because he is unable to live happily anymore because of his loss of trust to all those around him and his loss of love to his wife. Additional Questions 1 . The significance of the names Goodman Brown and Faith are that Goodman split apart is "Good" and "man" which read shows that this person is considered a good person.

Faith Is needed In order to believe In religion and Is often referred to In Christianity. "Faith kept me back a while" Is Important because In a different meaning It could be that religion had held him back for a while.

And "My Faith Is gone! " could also signify a loss of faith towards religion. The juxtapose makes the melancholy air theme into a darker and sadder story. Examples include "good works" and "wickedness" in paragraph 20.

The descriptions including dreary, darkened, gloomiest, narrow, creep, lonely, concealed, and unseen all have negative connotations for danger, sadness, or evil. This creates an effect that this Journey he's going on will be full of danger, sadness, and evil. It makes the reader feel as if what Goodman is doing is either a bad idea or something he shouldn't be doing. 4. The "world of meaning" he refers to

is the trust he placed on the Church members that he held in high esteem.

The older generation of people who he had the most dignity for had been corrupted which makes him realize how corrupt people could be. 5. The nature of Goodman Brown's quest is surrounded by corruption. He is going to a devil ritual meeting because he made a promise that he would.

He understands that he's going to a communion for the devil, however he isn't aware of all the people who loud be attending such a meeting.

He doesn't happily turn away from it because at the end of the story he lives a miserable life, unable to trust his wife and the people who he used to hold in high esteem. 6. The description "In truth, all through the haunted forest, there could be nothing more frightful than the figure of Goodman Brown. " Is more of a description of how he sees himself. This is because he is trying to from being corrupted, however as he loses faith he realizes he is losing innocence and becoming more and more corrupt. Fiend in his own shape is less hideous than hen he rages in the breast of man" is meant to show that a person corrupted in the form of something beautiful is worse than a corrupted being showing its true self."lost to his own ear, by its unison with the cry of the desert" is meant to show that he has become one with the darkness of the forest and has been corrupted. And similar to an empty desert he is empty inside too. 7. I think that the experience

was a dream. Either way the experience he had whether it had been a dream or an actual experience, the experience led him to lose faith in those around him and his own fife.

Goodman Brown's experience made him realize how corrupt his society was. The experience may be a Journey for Goodman to see who he really is. The dark forest is the experience needed to see the sin in the world and in him, and the loss of his wife faith is a showing of how he lost faith in others. Archetypes There are many archetypes in the story Young Goodman Brown. The Journey into the forest is a quest for Goodman Brown, and the forest is a representation of mystery darkness and evil. The pink ribbon was a symbol of innocence.

The serpent shaped Taft is a symbol of corruption and evil in this story, and the red liquid was a symbol of disorder and sacrifice. All these archetypes point towards the hero going on a journey to find out more about his self. The witch Goody Close is archetypal of a terrible mother who for him had taught him about religion. Lastly, the desert mentioned is symbolic of the loss of religious belief, and hopelessness that Goodman had felt while in the forest.

Lie 1 . Details like the bottles in the tree are realistic yet mysterious because they show superstition that people could believe in.

The story takes place shortly before Easter, because it marks the beginning of spring and life. Cash's clothes are luminous and green and brown because its natural, shows interest for Lie and is intriguing for her. I

think that Cash "looking like a vision" is what Lie saw him as, the perfect guy coming of spring which is life. The young age of Lie and the old age of the man.

It reflects the stories theme because it shows the differences between young and old, and how the closing of one door opens other possibilities. Solomon is a strict man who built his life through hard work. Lie is a young girl who married Solomon and was very obedient. Cash grew up on Salmon's land and was entranced with Lie, Miss Baby Marie was a saleswoman who sold makeup.

Lie sounds like life which is what she had and Solomon lacked. Miss Baby Marie has the word baby in it which is what Lie wanted but didn't have because Solomon was too old and sleeping all the time. Cash was another thing that Lie didn't have and she wanted in order to buy make up. 3.

Lie did feel confined, although she didn't complain about it to Solomon, she wanted to leave but was kept under control by Solomon.

The glass tootles symbolically kept Lie in the house because once broken by Cash he was able to go into the house and she was able to go out. I think Lie is confined, Solomon didn't want her to leave the house which is a form of confinement, and didn't even want her to interact with others on the land. 4. She doesn't make Solomon into a bad person. She Just makes it seem as if his life was lived being strict in the way he did things.

Nothing she wrote made Solomon seem like a bad

man. Instead he is seen as a reasonable man who wants certain things but never forces it on Lie, instead Lie abides by these ideals that he has for her. I think Miss Baby Maria's appearance is to create frustration in Lie. It makes Lie realize she is confined, and she wants to break free of this trap. She wants to live life as a wife instead of a caretaker.

I don't think Miss Baby Marie is only for comic relief, instead she was key in making Lie want to not be with Solomon. 6. The bottle trees are symbolic of keeping Lie in and under control. Solomon watch is the strictness of Solomon and the continuation of Lisle's obedience.

Once it's gone and lost she is able to move on with her own life with Cash Archetypes

The story Lie has many archetypes, the season spring is important because it shows life. The egg is the mystery of life and what is in store for Lie and why she's even there. Solomon is the wise old man who is in a deep train of thought throughout the story. He doesn't progress the story until the end when he gives the watch to Lie in a show of giving her life back to her. The story follows the archetypal change of a hero. Lie changes in her thoughts of pleasing this old man and taking care of him into wanting to have more in her life and not wanting to have to care for old man Solomon for much longer.

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