Yehi Hai Right Choice, Baby Essay Example
Yehi Hai Right Choice, Baby Essay Example

Yehi Hai Right Choice, Baby Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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Pepsi has always been known, and indeed to a great extent admired for its ability to come up with advertising which immediately connects with its target audience. The "Yehi Hai Right Choice, Baby" was the first Indian Ad by Pepsi, which really drew people to itself. The "Yeh Dil Maange More" campaign was another extremely successful endeavour for the Pepsi team in India.

This slogan was made even more famous when the wounded in the Kargil war, when asked about their health and spirit replied -" Yeh Dil Maange More".The catchline "Nothing official about it" blew the winds out of arch-rival Coke's sails for a long long time. Most of these ads were novel ideas which drew the attention of the people towards the soft drink market, which has done a great deal to make th


is segment grow in India. In this sector of the industry, advertising plays a key role in the marketing mix as there is very little that you can actually do to the product. What this industry does is that it sells an image and not a product.

To this effect, advertising is a major force in defining and reinforcing that image in the minds of the target audience.What is unique about the latest "Mera Number Aayega" slogan is that it was never meant to be a slogan for Pepsi. It was merely a novel way of presenting a consumer oriented sales promotion scheme to the consumers. It was not a catchphrase for Pepsi like the previous endeavours.Why is this ad such a rage?Some of the reasons why this ad has been appreciated are:It uniquely defines the sales promotion scheme, which

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Pepsi has brought out for its flagship cola brand.

It is an ad, which everybody can identify with. Each one of us, sometime in our lives has been turned down when we asked for something because it was not our turn. This sentiment has been highlighted throughout the series quite successfully.Pepsi realized that a majority of consumers were beginning to perceive such promotion schemes as mere gimmicks and believed that their opportunity to win things under such schemes would never arise.

The fact that they would never win in such schemes was so ingrained in the people's minds that Pepsi, to ensure the success of such schemes had to make sure that it attacked these beliefs. By coming up with this slogan, Pepsi seeks to identify with the consumer in this regard and then assures him that his chance to win will come, the fact that "Mera Number Aayega!". Achieving this in a humorous way, Pepsi ensured the success of this scheme.A comparison could be drawn with a similar promotion carried out by Coke. Such "under-the-crown" or UTC schemes are fairly common in the industry. Coke recently launched a similar scheme where 50 winners would get to have dinner with Hrithik Roshan.

However, as has come to be expected from Coke, very few people actually remember about such a scheme. This was because the promotion ads were pedestrian when compared to Pepsi's promotions of its scheme.The VisualsThe visual examples taken in the ad are fairly common place and occur commonly with people in their day-to-day lives. A child being denied a place on the swings because it is not his turn yet. A young boy waiting

for his turn at the basketball trials but never quite getting a chance to prove his worth. A college student being left out in a "Spin the Bottle" kissing game while the lucky one on his left gets to kiss the girl which they both vie for.

Yet, this man refuses to give up, hopefully looks into the camera and with quiet confidence states - "Mera Number Aayega".It is a powerful statement which simultaneously connects with the viewer and entices him to grab a bottle of Pepsi and save the crown.The SloganA one similar to "Yeh Dil Maange More", the slogan in the ad is in the commonplace language - a mixture of Hindi and English, a language which is frequently used all over the country by the audience Pepsi wishes to identify itself with. It brings out their thoughts, connects with them on an emotional level, speaks their language and ultimately seduces them into buying their favourite product.The StrategyAfter the initial success of the first few ads in the series, Pepsi has not just left the campaign there.

They have made additions and modifications to keep the campaign alive and new. The latest ad in the series is a case in point. This ad shows a cemetery as the background and the person is oddly dressed in white indicating a funeral environment. The background music also adds to this effect.This man holds a candle in his hand and says -" Ek Na Ek Din Sabkaa number aata hai", indicating that everybody dies one day and this is a fait accompli. Using this euphemism in a humorous manner, he goes on to once again sign

off by saying-" Mera Number Aayega ".

Again, using something as serious as death, Pepsi has driven home its point effectively.

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