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Comparison and Contrast Ps3 vs. Xbox 360 Video game consoles have been in production since the early 1970’s, yet they were not very popular until Nintendo released the NES in the mid 1980’s. Among Nintendo stand many other popular video game producers, but two names stand taller than any other. Microsoft and Sony have been in a battle with each other more or less to produce the best electronic gaming systems.

Starting with the production of the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 these two corporations started a new era gaming which had surpassed any other gaming system at the time. Now there is the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. They are among all the most played game systems ever made, but in what ways are the similar and in what ways are they different? The full similarities and differences come out in online play, console features, and marketing. The first similarity shared by the two is online play, which allows gamers across the world.

To start the PlayStations online service is titled PSN. This service is free and is similar to Xboxs in many ways. Xboxs online service is titled Xbox Live. Both of these features are essential in keeping up with the competition. Both systems produce images in high definition. Their native resolution is 1080p. There are also many differences among them. Including xboxs online service is 60 dollars a year while PSN is a free service. When it comes to the units’ prices, PS3 is more expensive.

Xbox costs less even if you purchase it along with its Kinect special package. However, PS3 has a special feature which allows it to play Blu-Ray movies versus Xbox 360 which is worth the money if you are willing to shell extra. In addition, the PS3 has a better multimedia capability when it comes to graphics especially when watching Blu-Ray movies than Xbox 360. On the other hand, Xbox provides a better high-definition gaming experience which can be very competitive against what PS3 offers.

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