World History, Patterns of Interaction: The Peopling of the World

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Scientists who uncover prehistoric people through artifacts
human made objects
a people’s unique way of living
scientists who study culture
scientists who study fossils
Neolithic Age
the new stone age
creatures that walk upright
human-like beings
Paleolithic Age
the old stone age
2.5million-8,000 (BC)
How long did the Paleolithic Age last?
8,000-3,000 (BC)
How long did the Neolithic age last?
4million-1million (BC)
When were the Australopithecines around?
Man of Skill
What does Homo Habilis mean?
2.5million-1.5million (BC)
When were the Homo Habilis around?
making stone tools
What were Homo Habilis known for?
upright man
What does Homo Erectus mean?
1.6million-30,000 (BC)
When were Homo Erectus around?
fire and language
What are the Homo Erectus known for?
ways of applying knowledge to meet people’s needs
homo sapiens
the name for modern humans
wise men
What does Homo Sapien mean?
200,000-30,000 (BC)
When were the Neanderthals around?
rituals and religion
What were the Neanderthals known for?
40,000-8,000 (BC)
When were the Cro-Magnons around?
What were the Cro-Magnons known for?

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