Why We Crave Horror Movies, by Stephen King

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Horror movies do excite something in a lot of people. Some people may wonder why in the world would watching some crazy guy go around and kill a bunch of innocent people be exciting? Stephen King said,” I think we all mentally ill. ” I think the reason for this is that watching horror movies is a way that we can escape reality for a little while and enter a world of disorder and bad conduct. In a way, people like the effect that horror movies have on them. When you’re watching a horror movie what is the first thing that happens?

Well you are waiting for the plot to thicken and the scary parts to start happening. So the question is what causes us to want to watch scary movies like this? I believe the answer is that we like to be scared. I would say that this is a way that we can snuggle close to someone and scream and for those 2 hours we feel the terror that the people being chased down and killed feel. The first horror movie I ever watched was Jason. I had a friend that was obsessed with this movie collection. I remember always going over to my friend’s house and watching this movie.

We would pull an all nighter and I remember being so scared that when I fell asleep Jason would get me. See in these movies the killer Jason would get his victims while they were asleep. It was like he got into a person’s psyche and messed with your brain enough that it actually was happening in real life. When the movie first started and really through-out the whole movie there was eerie music playing which would make the hairs rise up on my arms and my heart beat faster. When I knew a person was going to die I would scream and be so scared thinking “what if this were real and that person was me”.

I was truly terrified during the whole movie and when we were done watching the movie and it was time for bed I was so scared to sleep thinking I would be his next victim. Watching horror movies is like watching a bad car accident, as badly as you may want to stop looking you just can’t. There is something about horror movies that a lot of people crave. I think it’s because it makes us feel alive and gives us an adrenaline rush. Over all horror movies will always be popular as long as there are horror movie fans out there.

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