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Who is the Hero in Paradise Lost? In John Million’s epic, Paradise Lost, Milton retells the story of Genesis and the fall of man. One might think that because of the Bible, the hero would most likely be God or Jesus, but there are other possibilities in this story. A basic description of a hero would be, a man, a fundamentally good person confronting challenges and overcoming them successfully. Satan, in this epic, confronts many challenges and battles severe character flaws, thus Satan is the hero in John Million’s Paradise Lost.

Satin’s destructive flaws, everlasting inner struggles and his determination to wage battles in his war against God that he knows he cannot win, make him Million’s unlikely hero. Milton hints and reveals several of Satin’s flaws that would help to try to make Satan the hero of this epic. The reason being because Milton wants the people and readers to view Satan as a regular man and pity him because of his flaws. Milton briefly explains how Satan is a character full of pride, which led to one of Satin’s biggest mistakes.

This immense source of pride, led to Satan attempting to overthrow God, but instead it resulted in Satan being cast into Hell. Milton describes what Satan feels like now that he has been cast into Hell, “for now the thought/Both of lost happiness and lasting pain/Torments . 55-56). This, Milton uses to try to get the readers to pity Satan for his fall and not view him as an evil being. Milton describes Satan like this, because he is trying to build up the story to where Satan will overcome this flaw and become a hero.

The Bible and other sources give many totes about what the fatal flaw of pride can do to one man, and one will find that it destroys many. Satan must learn to overcome His sense of pride in order to face the challenges ahead of him and become hero. The New American Standard Bible says, “A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor”(Proverbs 29:23). This is a prime example of how pride has destroyed many people, but if one finds a way to become humble and lay low he will overcome anything.

Summary – Angels & Demons

Satan must be able to overcome the flaw of pride in order to be Million’s unlikely hero. Satan struggles with inner struggles that cause him to think twice about his revenge against God. While planning his revenge against Heaven, Satan hides his inner struggles from the other angels and doubts himself. He does not want to flaw of pride, which caused him and his companions to be the cause of their downfall again. Satan realizes that he cannot fully destroy his sense of pride. He therefore decides to let go of hope and remorse. His face/Deep scars of thunder had in trenched, and care/Sat on his faded cheek, but under brows/Of dauntless courage, ND considerate pride/Waiting revenge: cruel his eye, but cast/Signs of remorse and passion.. ” (1, 600-605). Satan decides that it is too hard to overcome his pride so he will have the chance to defeat God and his angels. He lets goof all good in him. But this does not end his struggles, this was a last resort decision because he could not decide what to do, thus this makes the readers pity Satan even more because it makes him more of a human.

There was a kid that I went to tennis academy with over ten summer won was ten most perpetual, arrogant person on tens planet. Ana en was very talented, but he learned the hard way what pride can do to a man inner self and reputation. He was so prideful that he thought he could smoke weed and sleep with girls all he wanted, but he was soon caught. His parent’s kicked him out of the house and never let him play tennis again. This shows how pride can kill someone’s life. But he was able to recover from that, he went to rehab for three years and his parent’s gave him the chance to play again.

He came back even more talented and ten times more humble before which made everyone love him and follow him. This shows how inner struggles such as pride and arrogance can lead to the downfall of one, but if your able to get back up you will become a hero. Satan eventually composes himself enough and leads a charge against the Heavens, which would give him reason to be the hero. Satan believes that there is still a chance to defeat God and the Heavens, even though all the demons are backed up in a corner like a cat. He shares to his demons a motivational speech that gives them reason to believe and fight against God. All is not lost; the unconquerable will,] ND study of revenge, immortal hatband courage never to submit or yield:/And what is else not to be overcome? /That glory never shall his wrath or might extort from me” (1 . 105-110). Satan is proclaiming here that even though they were defeated and are in Hell, they have not lost their hate, revenge, and determination to defeat God. He will never give glory to God again. Satan admits later that he cannot defeat God in battle, but that there are other ways he can test Him, “our better part remains/To work in close design, by fraud or guile” (1. 645-646).

Satin’s plan of attack is simply to be evil and corrupt everyone, “To wreak on innocent frail man his loss/Of that first battle, and his flight to Hell” (4. 11-12). Satan is describing that he wants to corrupt man, which will be his attack against God. This would be considered heroic not because he is doing evil, but because he is persevering against an opponent he knows he cannot beat. Satan has waged an everlasting war against God. Who is Million’s hero in Paradise Lost? Satan is Million’s unlikely hero in Paradise Lost because of the many things he had to overcome and persevere through.

First, Satan had to fight through his flaws, which allowed him to be able to become more of a human and not an evil character, which made him be a hero in itself because overcoming flaws is very hard. He then had to fight through inner struggles, in which he had to decide whether he should attack God or not because he did not want to lose again. And finally he was able to persevere and attack an opponent he knew he could not defeat, but did it anyway. Satan is the hero because of all the struggles he had to overcome and he did.

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