Vodafone Marketing Plan Essay Example
Vodafone Marketing Plan Essay Example

Vodafone Marketing Plan Essay Example

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The mobile network of Vodafone Greece is dependable, advanced in technology and extensive, ensuring a wide coverage and excellent communication quality. Their customized tariff plans for post-paid and pre-paid customers are provided through products like New Vodafone Prepaid and Vodafone CU. In November 2004, they improved their Vodafone live! service to offer all communication options to subscribers.

Vodafone's mobile communication services now offer live experiences, including video-calling, mobile TV, music streaming in high quality stereo, and 3D graphics games for entertainment. Additionally, Vodafone Greece caters to corporate needs by providing specialized services like the Vodafone Mobile Connect card.

For those in search of a fixed line and high speed ADSL internet reaching 24Mbps, Vodafone Greece offers innovative technology, competitive pricing and credible customer service. Additionally, in September 2003, Vodafone Greece became the first mobile telephony company in Greece and the second glo


bally to attain the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification from ELOT, the Hellenic Organization for Standardization. This was achieved through the development of an action plan that enables target-setting in environmental performance and provides relevant information to the public.

Vodafone Greece recognizes the importance of incorporating societal and environmental welfare into its business development practices. The company actively participates in relevant initiatives launched by the Greek Government and independent organizations, reflecting its holistic approach to corporate responsibility. A comprehensive Corporate Responsibility program is shaped by biennial Risk Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement Survey of all business operations.

Vodafone Greece's corporate social responsibility efforts focus on achieving tangible outcomes in several areas, including Environment, Mobile Phones - Masts - Health - Network Deployment, and Access to Communications. We are committed to enhancing customer relations,

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supply chain management, employee satisfaction, and making social investments. For more information about our accomplishments, future plans, and CSR initiatives, please consult our annual Corporate Responsibility Report at www.vodafone.

Vodafone's objective in Greece is to deliver excellent telecommunication services throughout the country, including remote settlements. This is achieved through ongoing investments in network coverage, capacity and equipment infrastructure. As a result of these efforts, we are able to provide coverage in various locations such as cities, towns, villages, national and provincial roads, mountainous regions and extended borderlines.

Vodafone provides high quality sea coverage to almost the entire maritime area of Greece, including most of the Greek islands. Even the most remote islands such as Gavdos, Kastelorizo, Gyali, and Agathonisi benefit from this coverage. Our network is continually upgraded with the latest technology and undergoes intense maintenance processes to guarantee unsurpassed communication quality and 100% network availability.

Vodafone's daily network usage involves over 30,000,000 phone calls and 10,000,000 text messages. The company continuously updates its technology to keep up with global advancements in mobile broadband services to deliver the latest features to their customers. Vodafone has Greece's fastest 36 network and outperforms other mobile telecom operators in download speeds, upload speeds, and browsing experiences. In addition to expanding coverage throughout Greece, including remote areas where high-quality mobile broadband services are now accessible.

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