Viktor Frankl Essay Example
Viktor Frankl Essay Example

Viktor Frankl Essay Example

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  • Published: May 24, 2017
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The theorist that I resonated the most with was Viktor Frankl. Reading Frankl's biographical influences on his theory really inspired me. Through all the horrific struggles, Frankl never lost hope.

He always had a good head on his shoulders and the right mindset. Frankl's theories developed after surviving the Holocaust, believing that "those who had a sense of meaning and purpose kept their humanity even in this unbelievable suffering. ” His theories extended into believing that decisions are made based on what you believe or are committed to and that the conscience is used to choose the best action in order to find meaning in the situation. Overall, I resonated the most with Frankl's theories because I already use his theories in my personal life. I identify with Frankl because I agree with many of his bel


iefs about all individuals.I think that everyones lives have a purpose and that they are here for a reason.

Frankl had said,”Your life has meaning no matter what your personal circumstances. ” Also, I can identify with his concepts because I have made my conscience “lively and vivid” to make ethical choices and find meaning in situations. I strive to make good decisions whether it be at school, work, or just in my daily activities. It is your conscience that allows you to make decisions that honor things you value and stay away from harm. I have always learned to be positive and think of the positive over the negative.When you do this, you will never have “emptiness, or an existential vacuum.

” This theorist’s ideas can be very useful when applied in healthcare. When you work in healthcare, yo

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have many patients that can go through a lot of bad experiences and it can be very upsetting to see. To be successful in healthcare, one must understand their purpose in life and have the right mind set in order to be around peoples trauma and not let it bring you down. In healthcare, there are many people involved and it is important to take a look at everyone and realize that every individual is a total person. Every single one has a mind, body, and spirit.

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