Types of Vacations Essay Example
Types of Vacations Essay Example

Types of Vacations Essay Example

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  • Published: April 8, 2017
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Vacations are a time we use to recharge our batteries. A time to spend with the ones you love and build lifelong memories. There are many different options to consider when choosing where and how to vacation.

Everyone has different things they consider enjoyable or relaxing. In this essay I will discuss different types of vacations and point out some benefits of each. Some people enjoy vacationing at the beach. The warm climate is one of the biggest selling points when deciding on a beach vacation.

You can enjoy warm weather activities like swimming picnicking or volleyball.Or you can just completely relax. Lay out in the sand with your feet in the water and a cold beverage, soaking up the sunshine. Beach vacations are usually most prominent in towns and cities geared towards tourists, which are packed with things to do lik


e restaurants and shopping. Others may prefer to spend there vacation time in the mountains.

This type of vacation is more for the outdoorsman. For people who enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing and camping. These vacations are better suited for those that want to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of their busy lives.People who want to have time to reflect and enjoy nature. Another very popular vacation destination is theme parks. Places like Disney World, Dollywood, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Sea World offer big doses of high energy family fun.

Theme parks are most popular amongst families with small children. There are plenty of activities geared directly toward holding children’s interests. There is also something magical about theme parks that draws in adults. The sights, the sounds,

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but mostly the way they make them feel.

They remind them of simpler times, like when they were children and didn’t have a care in the world.The benefit to these vacations is that they require very little planning. The only thing you have to plan is how to get there. Once you arrive at the theme park you are surrounded by things to do. The experience has been planned for you.

The park has invested millions of dollars into making your trip as thought free and enjoyable as possible. The last type of vacation I will discuss are the ones geared toward sight seeing. Places like New York City and Philadelphia, or international destinations like Paris and London. These vacations are usually based on historical significance or experiencing other cultures.

Whether it’s the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D. C. or the Colosseum in Rome, people travel for the excitement of seeing new places and learning how the rest of the world lives. Location is not the only thing to consider when planning a vacation. The amount of activity you want to do is also something to think about.

For some people a vacation means being able to relax one-hundred percent, forget about all of your troubles, and not conform to a schedule. These are the people that are more likely to choose the beach and mountain vacations. In these vacations you are able to chill and take life as it comes.If you want to spend the entire day relaxing on the porch or laying in a hammock, you can do that. If you decide that there’s something you feel like doing, you can do it

at the spur of a moment.

Other people think of a vacation as a time they can use to do things that are completely different from what they do in their everyday lives. These vacations are not typically very relaxed. They are very strictly planned out and your days are spent rushing from one place/activity to another. Their point of view would be that if you want to sit around and do nothing, you can do that at home, what’s the point of going anywhere?People with this mentality would probably be more interested in the theme park or sightseeing vacations.

There are lots of things to do. The days are action packed with little or no down time. Once you finish one thing, there are a hundred other things to do next. I personally prefer a mix of the two. I usually like staying busy. I will get bored easily and feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t have something to do.

But I don’t like to feel tied down. If I spontaneously decide I want to go do something else, I like to have that option. My grandmother on the other hand is the master of doing nothing on vacation.A few times a year she rents a beach house or condo on the water, then she spends the entire week inside, sitting on the couch reading books. I don’t know why she insists that she be near the water, when she will never even step outside once to look at the water. But it’s what she likes to do.

And that’s the whole point of vacation, getting some time that is just for

you. Whether you enjoy beaches or mountains, whether you want to chill or go on an adventure, a vacation is a time for you to do what makes you happy. The purpose of this essay was to explore the different styles of vacations with the thought of matching them to your personality.

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