Tumor Markers Flashcard

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Free PSA
< 4 ng/mL is healthy. Varies.
>25% free PSA.
Prostate cancer correlation.
hepatoma, some ovarian and testes.
CEA clinical utility
Secreted by various including breast, lung, colorectal, and stomach cancers. Mainly used to monitor recurrence of cancer but it is a useful marker for colorectal cancer. NOt a screening tool
Thryoglobulin (tumor marker)
check for recurrence after surgery. It is elevated in grave’s disease, and thryoditis. Anti thyroglobulins are also screened.
Neuron specific enolase
glycotic enzyme. Formed in neuroendocrine system, and it is elevated in neuroblastoma and small lung cancer.
polypeptide hormone, made by C cells in thryoid to regulate calcium. Elevated in thyroid medullary carcinoma. Helps diagnosis, monitor treatment, and reccurence.
H factor. Nuclear matrix protein
Bladder tumor marker
Her-2/neu gene
oncogene product (genetic marker). Breast cancers mainly followed by GI and ovarian.
Unique Beta subunit. Elevated in germ cell cancers, trophoblastic, and others.

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