Travel And Tourism Industry Of Greece Tourism Essay Example
Travel And Tourism Industry Of Greece Tourism Essay Example

Travel And Tourism Industry Of Greece Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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Greece is one of the most popular finishs in the universe. Greece comes in the fifteenth topographic point in the universe evaluation of tourer finishs, since, harmonizing to the National Statistical Service of Greece, it receives more than 15 million tourers every twelvemonth, after states such as the USA, China, Spain and Great Britain. Harmonizing to the 2009 Travel & A ; Tourism Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum, Greece holds the 24th overall place among 133 states, 3rd topographic point in the prioritization of travel & A ; touristry subindex, 9th topographic point in the figure of World Heritage cultural sites, 5th topographic point in touristry substructure and 1st topographic point in the physician denseness subindex.

The figure of international touristry visit over has been steady additio


n from 14.2 million in 2004 to 17 million in 2008. It is expected to make 20 million in following few old ages, about twice the state 's population.

Greece has today managed to go one of the most favorite tourer finishs among Europeans, Asians and Americans. Approximately 85 % of reachings originate in Western Europe: 21.2 % from the United Kingdom, 17.5 % from Germany, 8.8 % from Italy, 5.3 % from France, 5.2 % from Holland, and 7.5 % from the Norse states. However, important Numberss of visitants from Eastern Europe, USA and China are doing Greece their preferable finish. Harmonizing to a study conducted in China in 2005, Greece was voted as the Chinese people 's figure one pick as a tourer finish. In November 2006, Austria, like China, announced that Greece was the favorite tourer finish for its citizens. It creates a broad base

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of beginning states and new demands for services, installations, and attractive forces.

The Grecian authorities has announced programs for a new Development Law, supplying fiscal inducements for investing in Greece in the signifier of extended revenue enhancement interruptions and subsidies of up to 50 % .

Greece 's T & A ; T Direct Industry is expected to lend 7.0 % to Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) in 2010 ( EUR15.4bn or US $ 22.8bn ) , lifting in nominal footings to EUR27.9bn or US $ 36.4bn ( 8 % of entire ) by 2020. The T & A ; T Economy part ( % of entire ) should lift from 15.5 % ( EUR33.9bn or US $ 50.2bn ) to 17.3 % ( EUR60.7bn or US $ 79.1bn ) in this same period.

Greece 's 418,000 T & A ; T Direct Industry occupations account for 10 % of entire employment in 2010 and are forecast to entire 483,000 occupations or 11.1 % of the entire by 2020.The part of the Travel & A ; Tourism Economy to employment is expected to lift from 18.8 % of entire employment, 785,000 occupations or 1 in every 5.3 occupations in 2010, to 21 % of entire employment, 916,000 occupations, or 1 in every 4.8 occupations by 2020.

The figure of reachings to Greece was decreased affected by the 2009 economic crisis. In Q3 2010 figure of international reaching in Athens bead by 5.2 % in comparison to 2009 taking to a ytd bead of 5.3 %

The RevPAR in Athens dropped by -11.3 % in Q3 taking to a ytd bead in the RevPAR of -6 % . The RevPAR

in Thessaloniki continued its crisp bead, -22 % Resort hotels, nevertheless, showed a important betterment in their Entire RevPAR, by 5.1 % , taking to a reversal of the antecedently negative tendency in the ytd figure, which improved by 4.4 % , compared to -4.0 % in Q2. Therefore, fears that Grecian touristry would fall in this twelvemonth did non happen.

The Greece debt crisis, which started at the beginning of 2010, exacerbated the effects of the planetary economic crisis on the Greek travel and touristry industry. The debt crisis will surely impact consumer assurance in the state and is expected to negatively impact outbound and domestic tourer flows in 2010, particularly as the bailout has involved the European Union combined with the IMF.

The farther addition of the VAT on cordial reception services to 11 % from July 1st, 2010 ( from 9 % at the beginning of the twelvemonth ) will hold a negative impact on the profitableness of the industry overall, peculiarly in combination with the monetary value decreases taking topographic point due to current market conditions.

The Hotel Federation and the Hotel Employees Union have announced that they have reached a 3 twelvemonth understanding on labour dealingss ; salary additions will be 1 % in 2010 and a farther 1 % in 2012.

Most of the hotels in Greece are categorized as 1- and 2-starhotels, intending there is plentifulness of room for investors to set up 4-and 5-star belongingss. Harmonizing to the Grecian Hotel Branding Report, branded hotels in Greece history for 4 % of the entire figure of hotels and 19 % of entire handiness of suites, while in other European states this figure

lies between 25 and 40 % .

Infrastructure in Greece is really developed with 40 airdromes throughout Greece of which 15 are international and well-designed national main road system. Greece 's freshly implemented PPP ( Public Private Partnership ) strategy provides important chances to investors to take part in new substructure undertakings, including marinas and thermic springs.

The National Strategic Reference Framework ( NSRF ) for the old ages 2007-2013 establishes the wide precedences for EU Structural Funds Programmes in Greece. For touristry, NSRF provides important fiscal support, with a budget of more than 500 million Euros until 2013.

A bill of exchange Investing Law has been issued by the authorities including fiscal inducements in the signifier of subsidies up to 50 % or tantamount inducements in the signifier of revenue enhancement interruptions for companies transporting out new investings or purchasing assets of companies that have seized operations.

Because Greece, a state of 11 million dwellers, hosts more than 17 million visitants, instruction and preparation in touristry services is overriding. The work force is multilingual, good versed in the touristry sector, and willing to react to new challenges. From direction to catering, human resources for touristry endeavors is a Grecian strength.

Starwood Hotels & A ; Resorts Worldwide, Inc. is one of the largest hotel companies in the universe. As of December 31, 2009, Starwood Hotel & A ; Resorts Worldwide, Inc owned, managed or franchised 992 belongingss under its nine owned trade names. It has 145,000 employees worldwide, of whom about 34 % were employed in the United States.

W Hotels is Starwood 's luxury dress shop hotel trade name. The hotel trade name, which by and large markets towards

a younger crowd, was launched in 1998 with its first belongings, W New York. The trade name has expanded internationally with belongingss opening foremost in Mexico City, Seoul, and Istanbul. The W Barcelona hotel was the W 's first in Western Europe and opened in October 2009. The W plans to duplicate its figure of belongingss by 2011 with hotels planned in Austin, Texas ( 2010 ) ; Taipei, Taiwan ( 2010 ) ; Marrakech, Morocco ( 2011 ) ; Guangzhou, China ( 2011 ) ; Bangkok, Thailand ( 2011 ) ; Paris, France ( 2011 ) ; Athens, Greece ( 2011 ) ; St. Petersburg, Russia ( 2011 ) ; and London, England ( 2011 ).

Fearing the spread of Grecian debt crisis, the EU and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) have agreed to establish a bailout bundle worth about $ 1,000 billion. However, the cardinal issue here is non merely salvaging Greece from a short-run debt crisis, or cut the budget shortage of the Grecian authorities, but the state economic sciences ' growing in future

Harmonizing to the easiness of making concern index of the World Bank ( WB ) , Greece is ranked 109, after states such as Egypt, Ethiopia and Lebanon. In evaluation the concern environment of high-income states, Greece is about bottom, merely above Equatorial Guinea

The Euros is stronger than the currency of other states those are non in Eurozone, hence cost to go in Greece is more expensive. However, Greece does non hold adequate luxury hotels, golf classs, and resort for that difference in cost

Expensive monetary values of goods and service in Greece created by the strength of euro,

has weakened the state 's fight on international market. This job will go worse if the labour productiveness of states such as Germany and France turning invariably and increase value of the euro. It will force the monetary value of Grecian exports higher that market worlds. Greece should alter to another currency that is weaker than Euro to increase their fight.

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