To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence
To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence

To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence

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To kill a mockingbird comparison essaywhere Jem goes back for his pants straight away in the movie but in the book he doesn’t go back until the next day, the next one was the death of Tom Robinson in the movie; he is killed after being shot 17 times by the prison guards for running away in the movie, however in the book he is just shot once by the deputy; and finally the last one was the length of tom's arm in the book; his arm is 12 inches shorter in the book, but in the movie his arm seems to be the same length as the other.
One of the first differences I noticed between the book and the movie was the scene or part where jem retrieves his pants from the rally house. In the book jem does not go to the radley house to get his pants until the day after he gets shot at by boos older brother but in the movie he goes straight back for them. Another slight difference I picked up in this scene was when jem got his pants the next day in the book boo had not only put them over the fence but had also sow


n them up but in the movie he just unhooks them and puts them over the fence.

I think the reason the director did this was to compact the events without missing too many details.
The second difference it ought id write about was the way that Tom Robinson died in the book in comparison to the way he died in the movie. In the book he was shot seventeen times by the prison guards for running away from an angry mob. In the movie the deputy shoots him once in an attempt to wound him to stop him from running away from them but missies his target and instead kills him. I think the reason the director made this change to the story was so that there was no need to film script or organise the mob that was chasing tom.

And the final difference I found to be quite significant was the length of tom Robinsons bad arm. In the book toms left arm is twelve inches shorter than his right because of an accident he was involved in when he was young. In the movie toms arm still is unusable...

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