The Power of Prayers on Water

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Water is very essential in sustaining life. The surface of the earth is about 70 percent water and the human body contains about 65 percent. In science, water is very important because of its many unique physical and chemical properties. In nature, we can evidently see its transformation, from solid water like snow to liquid water in the seas and oceans and to its gaseous state as vapor. But is water really alive, capable of responding to its environment as Dr. Masaru Emoto, a practitioner of Alternative Medicine, claimed and experimented?

As Sharp mentioned in her article “Miraculous Messages from Water” Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.

The results of this research are published in his books The Miracle of Water, The Hidden Messages from Water, The Secret Life of Water and several others. Though astounding, I believe Dr. Emoto’s theory is monumental, particularly the power of prayer, and would be of great help in healing our planet and ourselves. “When water is exposed to certain expressions— “You’re cute,” “You’re beautiful,” “Love and gratitude”— a beautiful crystal results when the water is frozen.

What does this really mean for us? The thoughts in our hearts have an impact on all life and in the creation of our world tomorrow” (Emoto 8). How in the world is this possible? The answer Dr. Emoto gave is “Hado”, a Japanese term which literally translates to “wave motion” or “vibration”. As quoted in “The Universal Power of Hado” by Matsuzaki, Dr. Emoto described it as the intrinsic vibration pattern at the atomic level in all matter and the Hado effect is based on the energy of human consciousness.

Alongside, Japanese hado master, Toyoko Matsuzaki claimed that everyone and everything can receive Hado because it is everywhere and its power can be “harnessed and used for specific intentions”. She also believed that “Each person has equal access to hado power by nature, but the output of power is different in each individual. ” In his experiments, Dr, Emoto used various kinds of water in contrasting environments from different parts of the world, and discovered that they form diverse ice crystals.

Later, he exposed clean tap water to different human emotions, in thoughts and in words, written and spoken, and then sees how it reacted. His finding was that the crystallization of water is directly affected by human moods since these are energies, therefore affecting the vibrations of the molecules. Thus, we can use our positive intentions to change the condition around. The evidences Dr. Emoto provided can be a powerful tool in healing and transforming our planet. The research also created a new consciousness to people on how they can make a positive future.

The idea in The Secret Life of Water is that through prayers, we can generate peace within the reader and around the world. Dr. Emoto stressed out the action of scientific prayer in healing Mother Earth as he publicly demonstrated “hado” when 350 people prayed over the polluted water of Lake Biwa in Japan and improving its quality, forming beautiful crystals after. Another experiment is when Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, prayed over the Fujiwara Dam in Japan and it formed a unique heptagonal crystal as compared to a dark amorphous structure before treatment.

Rebecca quoted in Barber’s article “Conscious Water crystals” expound that “Reverend Kato explained that during his hour-long prayer vigil he was invoking the spirits of the Seven Benzaiten: the Goddesses of Fortune. ” Both experiment just showed what Dr. Emoto in his interview with Dewey “More Messages from Water” claimed, that the number of people praying is not important rather the crystalline structure of water is greatly affected by the intention or energy of the prayer.

In this interview, he also explained that distance too would not make any difference and that the purity of intentions would matter more though he has done only one experiment dealing with this. Furthermore, Dr, Emoto imparted to Dewey that love and gratitude is a perfect combination in cleaning up the natural waters of the world since they create the most important vibration and understanding the value of these words, “…water is described as H2O…gratitude is the H and love is the O…

In my understanding of the concept of yin and yang, in the same way that there is one O and two Hs, we also need one part yang/love to two parts yin/gratitude, in order to come to a place of balance in the equation. In addition, he said that “Love is an active word and gratitude is passive. ” The people who consider Dr. Emoto’s theory must take the first step for the whole world to act as one in healing Mother Earth.

He has created projects in order pursue his campaign and the details can be found in his own website <www. asaru-emoto. net>. But I believe that healing must first took place within the hearts of people for them to have a positive effect on the world. “A wondrous power resides within the human soul. We hear all the time that our actions are a result of our thoughts, and this principle is truly demonstrated in how water forms crystal according to what influences it has been exposed to. ” (Emoto 8). The book talks of happiness and how it can be achieved by finding what you are good at.

As I see it, when people learned what they do best, they should focus their attention in doing those things and try to cultivate it more. This way, they will find meaning in their lives and will eventually feel happy. If you know someone undergoing this process, you need to provide them with nourishment by giving them some words of encouragement and ultimately they will be more determined. People can readily observe this kind of changes and having a more positive outlook, in the end, would have a great impact on others, as simple as how smile is so contagious.

But Dr. Emoto also believed in that “Life is not all happiness. As long as there is life, there will be sadness. All our high hopes can be easily deflated, but another way to look at this is to realize that unhappiness is the path on the way to happiness. ” (24). In other words, your life will depend on and only on how you view it and by the choice and decisions you make. The Secret Life of Water not only talks of emotional healing but also physical healing using positive thoughts, similar to the theme of the movie Patch Adams that “laughter is the best medicine”.

Dr. Emoto introduced “life-purpose treatment”, that is, finding a purpose in life can revitalize our immune system since “It’s now common knowledge in the medical community that your mind has an enormous impact on your body. ” (17). This assumption is somewhat supported by Melchizedek in his article “Healing with Subtle Energy” as he talks of the Energetic Model of Healing that is “…if the body is seen only as energy — a valid perception based on quantum physics — then healing becomes a problem solved with energy and by energy. According to him, “health means balance of energy”, he focused on “healing through the mind and heart” and “the goal is to nourish and balance the energy field. ” He further explained that the state of our physical bodies is a result of our choices – how we handled our life’s experiences and challenges – and we can correct these disturbances with “love and wisdom” Allowing ourselves and others to be what they are, without judgment, without fear, without anger.

Knowing that we are magnificent, eternal beings who have within us the power to accomplish whatever it is that we deeply want to accomplish … to create in our lives whatever it is that we deeply long to create. When we know who we are, there is no more anger, for there is no one to be angry at. When we know who we are, there is no more fear, for there is nothing to be afraid of. We are the only power in our own lives, and we can learn how to use that power to achieve our hearts’ desires.

When fear and anger are gone, what remains is the natural energy of the soul, and that is called love. These ideas given by Emoto and Melchizedek should be spread throughout the world and be used for the benefit of all mankind. Healing ourselves and our world is the main subject of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “The Secret Life of Water”. All of Dr. Emoto’s works give us an understanding on how words and emotions being considered as energy, having its own vibration or what he refer to as “hado” affect the formation of water crystals.

Hado is the explanation of how water can react to emotions since vibration has an effect on the molecular formation of water upon freezing it. Polluted water forms ugly crystals while treated water forms brilliant ones, this is the unremarkable findings of Dr. Emoto. Our body and our planet are both mostly composed of water; can you imagine how they will react upon exposing them to negative vibrations? Also water symbolizes or represents our physical world and its reaction to thoughts and feelings only goes to show how people can affect the environment.

In this book, the author promotes the use of prayer in reforming Mother Earth, improving ourselves and obtaining good health. He provided evidences through several experiments on water how the power of prayer by one person or a group changes everything and how positive words, spoken or written, can create a positive outlook and surrounding, even how some common diseases are generated by emotions like sadness and anger but cured with happiness. Being so, the application of Dr. Emoto’s theory, I believe, would be of great help for all of us.

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