the outsiders

Describe Ponyboy Curtis.
High IQ, likes to read and watch movies, greenish-gray eyes, 14 years old, and has longer hair
What are the two main groups in this story?
Greasers and Soc
What’s the name of the movie theater where the greasers decide to go?
Nightly Double Drive-In
Is Ponyboy and Sodapop nicknames?
a fine usually corded or striped cotton fabric
Describe Sodapop Curtis.
Movie start handsome, slim, works at the DX (gas station), and dropped out of school.
Where was Ponyboy when the book began
at the movie theater
Who does the boys meet at the Drive-In
Cherry and Marcia.
Who is the fuzz
The police
to oppose or resist authority
This character is always yelling at Ponyboy, is muscular, and had to grow up too fast.
Darry Curtis
Why did Sodapop drop out of school
He wasn’t smart
Why is Ponyboy uncomfortable standing with Cherry in the popcorn line?
because the Soc are staring at him like he shouldn’t be with Cherry.
Why are the girls at the Drive-In without a car
Because they left their boyfriends who were drinking.
giving the impression of indifference or unconcern
This person is the gangs pet
Johnny Cade
What are two things Two-bit Matthews is famous for
Shoplifting and his black handled switchblade
What are the two rules of the Greasers
Stick together and Don’t get caught.
Who spoke up and told Dally to leave the girls along
When you come to a conclusion from a hint or suggestion.
This person is always making funny remarks, his real name is Keith, he has long sideburns, gray eyes, and a wide grin.
Two-Bit Matthews
who are all of the Greasers
Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Dally, Two-Bit, Johnny, and Steve
Why is Johnny so nervous all of the time
He’s nervous because his dad beats him, his mom ignores him, and he got jumped by the Socs
Who was Timothy Shepard and why was he looking for Dally
He’s the leader of another Greaser gang. He was looking for Dally because someone saw him slashing Timothy’s tires.
a young or coarse/rough person.

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