The Ocean Floor Essay Example
The Ocean Floor Essay Example

The Ocean Floor Essay Example

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  • Published: October 29, 2017
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The sea floor remains largely unexplored and unseen due to its harsh and extreme conditions, including freezing temperatures and darkness that have prevented any human footsteps on it.

A person standing on the sea floor would experience immense pressure due to the water above them, which is hundreds of times greater than atmospheric pressure, resulting in potential body crushing. Scientists are able to observe portions of the sea floor using research submersibles built to withstand water pressure, equipped with thick crystal windows. However, discoveries about the sea floor are primarily based on remote sampling tools and marine robots rather than personal observation.

A wealth of knowledge has been gained from the utilization of these entities. The most active tectonic area on our planet is the deep ocean floor. With over 70% of our globe covered by bodies of water,


various oceanic zones exist. Transitioning from the coast, the ocean shelf comprises a sixth of the planet's surface area.

Descending into the ocean is the slope, followed by the continental rise where debris from the continent is deposited due to its gradual increase. The continental slope is the precise boundary of the continent where its rock meets that of the ocean floor. Beyond this boundary lies the abyssal plain, a smooth and mostly even region where debris from the continent accumulates.

The abyssal plain features trenches that are deep and steep-sided, while the mid-ocean ridge winds continuously around the Earth like a seam on a baseball. Mountains can also be found in the abyssal plain, including those that form volcanic islands above the ocean's surface and others called seamounts that remain submerged underwater.

Similar to the fragility of snowflakes,

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the forms are delicate and evoke emotions akin to those inspired by the open sea. Despite many dormant volcanoes, mid-oceanic ridges are an exception. The age disparity between continental crust and ocean floor is significant; while the former goes back four billion years, only an estimated two hundred million years can be traced for the latter.

Sea floor spreading causes the age of the sea floor to increase as it moves away from mid-ocean ridges. This is because magma that erupts through fissures and cools thickens while moving away from these ridges.

Subduction at continental ridges gives the ocean floor a youthful look and rejuvenates it. To comprehend its structure and composition, sampling instruments and echo sounding technology are used.

The ability to observe the topology of the ocean floor in three dimensions is provided by this technology. It is important to comprehend this technology to enhance our capacity to identify resources in the marine environment and make up for their depletion. Additionally, it aids in comprehending global alterations.

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