“The Most Dangerous Game” Summary Essay Example
“The Most Dangerous Game” Summary Essay Example

“The Most Dangerous Game” Summary Essay Example

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  • Published: September 10, 2018
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At the beginning of the tale, Sanger Rainsford sets off on a journey towards the southern region to engage in Jaguar hunting in the Amazon. Accompanying him is his hunting companion, Whitney. Rainsford is portrayed as a heartless hunter who demonstrates no concern for the lives or emotions of his prey. It so happens that during the night, Rainsford unintentionally falls from the yacht into the ocean but manages to survive by swimming to the rocky coastline of Ship-Trap Island. He stumbles upon an expansive mansion perched on a cliff. After knocking on its door, he is greeted by General Zaroff, an individual of noble Cossack lineage. It appears that Zaroff resides on this isolated island solely with his servant, a deaf-mute named Ivan.

Zaroff, in this passage, discusses his experi


ence and expertise as a hunter. He proudly shares that he started hunting at the age of 5 and has since hunted various game animals across different parts of the world. However, despite his exceptional skills, he has grown bored with his beloved hobby. He expresses a desire for a new challenge and suggests that he now hunts humans instead. Zaroff explains his method of attracting ships to his island by using misleading navigation lights, causing them to crash. Once the surviving crew members reach the shores of his island, they are given a choice: either face murder at the hands of Ivan or choose to be hunted by Zaroff on the island.

If they can survive for three days, he promises to set them free. Rainsford strongly disagrees with the idea of hunting people and tries to convince General Zaroff that hunting human

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makes him a murderer, not a hunter. However, his attempts are unsuccessful and Zaroff gives Rainsford a choice: become the prey or die. Rainsford must now try to stay alive as the hunted, having only a bag of supplies and a knife. The climax of the story centers on the ultimate battle of wits between these two experienced hunters.

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