The Meaning of Remittance: Undertaking Definition Essay Example
The Meaning of Remittance: Undertaking Definition Essay Example

The Meaning of Remittance: Undertaking Definition Essay Example

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  • Published: October 16, 2017
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Background of Study

A remittal is a transportation of financess by a foreign worker to his or her place history bank at their state. For illustration, if I need to direct my money to my household at Indonesia, I may make so by set uping for a remittal with an authorised remittal agent.

Remittance concern has illegal and legal manner. The company that wants to open concern in remittal must register under Central Bank of Malaysia ( Bank Negara Malaysia ) . The company must use for legality concern. If the transmitter direct their money to remittance channel that does n't hold legality to make that concern, so they can acquire warrant that their money will endorse to them if something job happen. Most of money modifier is illegal manner to make remittal concern, because really money modifier is merely have license for the merchandising and purchasing with different cur


rency of money.

Remittances are playing an progressively big function in the economic systems of many states, lending to economic growing and to the supports of destitute people ( though by and large non the poorest of the hapless ) . As remittal receiving systems frequently have a higher leaning to have a bank history, remittals promote entree to fiscal services for the transmitter and receiver, an indispensable facet of leveraging remittals to advance economic development.

Problem Statement

In Malaysia, there were so many remittal channels, such as Remittance mercantile establishment, Exchange House and Money modifier. The samples of Remittance mercantile establishment are Merchantrade Remittance, Herald Remittance, TML Remittance, PPTKI Remittance and many others Remittance. For Exchange House, we normally find it in many metropoliss ; exchange house is such a

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Western Union, Moneygram, UAXchange and the others. The money modifier is the illegal remittal channel, because really they merely have license for alteration money from one currency to another currency. Some of Bankss are remittance channel excessively, such as CIMB Bank, Maybank and Bank Islam.

Remittance channel is spouse working for tranglo sdn bhd, because the remittal channels will link to the terminal client. Our end client is Tenaga Kerja Indonesia ( TKI ) and some worker from the other state. In Malaysia, there was so many Remittance channel. If Tranglo sdn bhd choose all that remittal as tranglo parter working, it will be pass more cost for the company. So tranglo must take the best remittal channel as their spouse working.

Because of the terminal of our client is TKI, so if tranglo want to take remittal channel is base on TKI position. That 's why we will make some survey about perspective TKI to take remittal channel to direct their money to Indonesia.

Objective of Project

This research has two aim, foremost is general aim and the 2nd 1 is specific nonsubjective. General aims are wide and long-run. Specific aims are short term and narrow in focal point. The general aim is met through carry throughing each of the specific aims. By making this research, I hope I can make all aim of this research.

General Objective

General aim for my survey is to find the best remittal channel as working spouse of Tranglo Sdn Bhd.

Specific Objective

  1. To find which factor that affect Tenaga Kerja Indonesia ( TKI ) to take their remittal channel.
  2. To place the remittal channel that normally used by TKI
  3. To cut down the cost

for Tranglo sdn bhd.

Scope of Undertaking

Base on the nonsubjective above, this survey will implicate some Tenaga Kerja Indonesia ( TKI ) in around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor country, such as Chowkit, Kampung Baru, Puchong, Kajang, Bangi and the others. Because of the cost is limited, so I will administer it randomly to some country and seek to looking for around more than 100 Indonesian.

Not merely implicate some TKI, this survey will implicate Tranglo sdn bhd. I will seek to looking for informations from this company to compare with the informations that collected utilizing the inquirer to be used as secondary informations.

Significant of Project

The survey will be good to several parties includes:

To Tranglo Sdn Bhd

The company will cognize which one the best remittal channel, so the company can better their relationship with that Remittance channel to better occupation and better understanding between them.

By supplying Tranglo sdn bhd information beyond systematic field methods can pulling clients from any market. Last but non least, company will derive their chief aim of this survey.

To Remittance Channel

This survey will give advantage to remittance channel to better their service to clients. Because in this survey, I will analyse what factor that influenced the client to take their remittal channel. So the remittal can utilize it to better their service to be better than now.

To Tenaga Kerja Indonesia ( TKI )

Not merely for Tranglo Sdn Bhd and the remittal channel, this survey will give advantage to TKI. TKI will cognize which the best remittal channel to direct their money to Indonesia. Although the informations is from TKI excessively, but I will analyse it utilizing AHP method to give the best reply

for it.

To Student

This survey shall besides be good to Universiti Utara Malaysia ( UUM ) pupils particularly for the alumnuss to develop, enhance and educate the degree of cognition of the Remittance Channel and research at Malaysia.

To Subject

As a pupil of Bachelor of Decision Science ( Hons ) , they need to carry through the demand in coating and finishing this survey. This is a compulsory topic should be taken to finish the degree class.

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