United Way Essay Example
United Way Essay Example

United Way Essay Example

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  • Published: November 13, 2016
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1. What are the current challenges facing United Way? What are key issues in the general and non-profit charitable giving industry environments that affect United Way’s operations?

The current challenges facing United Way were raising money to pay for general operational cost, recruiting and keeping fundraisers, and when celebrities donate large amount discourage others that may not be able to afford to give that much charity. Another challenge United Way was facing was that people who donated wanted to know where or what their money were used for. This opposed a challenge because United Way were not a charity that had one single focus like those that focused their attentions on one disaster, for example, 9/11 or Katrina. Key issues in the general and non-profit charitable giving industry environments that affect United Way’s operations are that trends have taken pl


ace where donations have declined over the years. Charities have fallen by 11 percent and represent the worst declined in 20 years.

2. What are United Way’s most important internal resources and capabilities?

United Way’s most important internal resources and capabilities would be their partnership with the National Football League public announcements with professional athletes. There capabilities to reach millions of people around the world made them very successful. In 1974, United Way in American and Canada made history when raising over a billion dollars in a year. United Way was a network of federation that operated independently from their parent organization. These entities share brand names and strategies but all operated independently on a local level.

3. What business is United Way in and how should it compete? Wha

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are United Way’s core competencies? What strategies have United Way’s leadership tried in the past, and how successful have they been? What additional strategies might you suggest?

United Way is a charity foundation that finds it encouraging the world’s involvement by companies in corporate social responsibilities. United Way will compete by rebranding the company’s image “doing what matters,” in the community it serves. United Way’s past strategies that leadership has tried in the past was trying to raise money through as many clients as possible. Brian Gallagher currently the CEO has made a dramatic change in the company’s approach. Brian established new membership’s standards to enhance the level of accountability. He changes the company’s image of just fund raising to doing what matters in the community. Brian believes this will lead to less finger pointing about where is the money donate going to and this will be proof. The past strategies were successful because of record reaching donations that United Way has once reached but like all things must evolve in order to survive.

4. What unique responsibilities does United Way have regarding ethical behavior and “best practice” governance and financial accountability models?

How successful will United Way be in creating change at the local level? Is United Way’s mission still viable? United Way unique responsibility it has regarding ethical behavior and best practice regarding governance and financial accountability has change the focus from fund raising to “how much impact did we have on our community?” Brian believes it is the company responsibility to be accountable to the investors by creating value and offering a concrete return. UWW governance their local offices

by requesting an annual report to the headquarters. Making change will be easier by taking the annual report that is provided by the local agency to look at what can be done to improve the local levels. I believe United Way’s mission is still feasible because there are a lot of little charities around collecting money but yet there are so many problems that need to be fixing in our neighborhoods. Brian’s vision on where he will like to see the company go is perfect because all the issues that has been opposed in this article. People who donate should think as investors and investors love to see their value from their investments.

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