The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Essay Example
The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Essay Example

The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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Education is one of the chief pillars of advancement and development of any state. Therefore. the State recognizes the major function and parts of instructors in nurturing hereafter leaders in public service and in concern ( particularly those who went to public schools ) . But because of other concerns necessitating precedence attending. instructors peculiarly those in public schools do non have the appropriate compensation that they deserve for services rendered. As instructors. there is a demand for them to upgrade their cognition and accomplishments and revise their competency as portion of the service for quality instruction. On this note it is suiting that instructors shall be provided extra benefits during the period when they are set abouting alumnus grade.

Teachers take upon themselves the duty of taking attention of their pupils in school even beyond the regular ins


truction hours. Furthermore. instructors peculiarly those stationed in widespread countries where there are no public service vehicles and the lone manner to make these countries are to walk bear more loads. In acknowledgment of these heroic workss that State shall confer award to public school instructors by leting the draping of the Filipino Flag on their coffins. The State recognizes the committedness. dedication and forfeits of public school instructors as evidenced by R. A. No. 4670 or the “Magna Carta for Public School Teachers” . However. the bing policy needs amendments to run into the present demands of the country’s public school instructors. The 1987 Philippine Constitution provinces: “The State shall. . . guarantee that learning will pull and retain its rightful portion of the best available endowments through equal wage and other agencies of occupation satisfaction and

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fulfillment” ; therefore early transition of the herein measure amending R. A. 4670 is sought.

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