The Life Of A Simple Man Essay Example
The Life Of A Simple Man Essay Example

The Life Of A Simple Man Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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The Life of a Simple Man is a book written by Emile Guillaumin. It is about a Gallic adult male by the name of Etienne Bertin. The narrative is set during the reign of Napoleon in France. Etienne grew up amongst the provincials of the Gallic lower category. He grew as the boy of a male parent therefore he didn’t non hold much cognition of the urban society of the larger towns and metropoliss of the clip. Besides. because he was the boy of a peasant husbandman. he was non introduced to an instruction because his household could non afford it. and instruction was non something that the people of clip considered to be as of import.

The book wholly is non a good historical beginning. It is a secondary beginning because it is a book written by an w


riter. which contains characters that may or may non hold really existed at the clip. The book does non accurately portray the occurrences of events at the clip. for all we know so of the inside informations may hold been fabricated and made up by the writer. The intent of the book is to show its audience with an penetration of the life of a provincial and to do it more entertaining it contains a character who leads a life that non all provincials we fortunate to populate. The scene of the book is in rural France. which is greatly convenient as the book is about a Gallic provincial. The scene alterations throughout the narrative.

The book reveals that the nature of the peasant life was non all that pleasant. as one would conceive of. Sanitation would be

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a major job. but the provincials lived to cover with it. Peasants tended to hold big households ; sooner boies to assist make the agriculture while to adult females stayed at place and fulfilled their responsibilities. The big households caused crowded life conditions and so it was hard non to acquire onto each other’s nervousnesss. Arguments were certain to interrupt out and this caused households to interrupt apart. For case if the boy and his married woman are populating at place with the son’s parents. they are certain to acquire into statements. and one time the boy had adequate money saved up to be able to stand on his ain two pess. he would travel out and get down to get down life on his ain with his ain household. Family ties may or may non hold been broken but this by and large was the manner things worked out in order to maintain peace amongst the household.

The Gallic Revolution and Napoleon had a big affect on the lives of the Gallic provincials. Many provincials went off to fall in Napoleon’s ground forces during his reign. This caused households to endure slightly due to the male traveling off to contend in the wars and non being home farming his land to provide and back up his household with nutrient and equal financess. The Gallic Revolution affected the lives of the Gallic provincials in a manner that it caused a batch of alterations to be made in the manner people lived. For case the Equality of the Rights of Man was presented during the Gallic Revolution. stating that all work forces were equal. This meant that

all work forces were equal but adult females were non. But during the life of Etienne. this rule was non seeable. Work forces were non treated every bit particularly if they were provincials.

Education was likely the biggest alteration the Gallic faced during the Gallic Revolution. Universal Primary Education was introduced to about everyone. Everyone had the chance to seek a good instruction if they wanted to win and travel up in the ranks of society. During Etienne’s young person. he did non hold the chance to prosecute an instruction. which left him to make with what he had learnt through experience and what was available to him. As for his offspring. they had the opportunity to prosecute an instruction if they were eager to take this freshly available chance.

The Industrial Revolution affected Etienne in a manner that he was introduced to something that he had ne'er seen or experienced before in life. He had an chance to work in a mill and use the accomplishments he had to work that would honor him with sensible wage. This was of all time so convenient particularly during the times where the harvests were at their lowest production rate such as during the winter season. The Industrial Revolution gave Etienne the opportunity to gain a life for his household when they needed it much. The peasant category was likely the 1 that felt more thankful towards the Industrial Revolution as they can work amongst the higher societal categories and acquire paid practically the same and finally earn a better criterion of life.

The categorization of 1s societal standings was decided by the ownership of land. instruction. working accomplishments. wealth.

and whether or non if you were a rural or urban inhabitant. The Industrial Revolution changed this by giving everyone an chance to be able to get all of these traits no affair how rich or hapless they were. Etienne was non fortunate plenty to hold had the chance to make so but his progeny had the opportunity. and the determination to take the opportunity or non rested on their ain shoulders.

This book is overall a good read. You can larn a batch about the manner Gallic provincials lived during the assorted classs of history during a specific clip period. You are introduced to the experience by acquiring placed into a peasant’s places and larning about his life. This book is non a dependable historical beginning as it is a secondary beginning. It seems more fabricated than existent. Etienne is a character I enjoyed reading approximately. The writer made him seem like he was a typical Gallic provincial which truly gets one interested in reading a book like such and at the same clip larning about events in history that one would ne'er hold learned about from reading text editions.

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