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The Great Sphinx, standing on the edge of the Giza plateau was an amazing monument created by the Egyptians. The Great sphinx is the largest Surviving Egyptian Monument ever to be found by man. The Sphinx was carved out of natural bedrock and the sized was increased with blocks of limestone which explains the small head of the sphinx and the massive body with dimensions 20m high, 57m long and 6m wide. That’s taller than a 6 story high building!

The massive statue resembles a lion’s body with a human head of the pharaoh Kafre wearing the pharaohs head garment on its head. The age of the sphinx is not known, guesses of its age vary between six thousand and thirteen thousand years old. A common belief is that the sphinx was built during the 2700s BC. Many people also believe that the sphinx was made at King Khafras demand because the sphinx sits in front of his pyramid.

The Great sphinx is located near the Nile and is positioned facing east, away from Khafra’s pyramid and facing towards the rising sun. all the years the sphinx stood, it suffered a considerable amount of damage, losing its ceremonial beard and nose. However many believe that the sphinx’s damage was far too great for just natural erosion. There is a story about the Sphinx saying that napoleon and his army used the sphinx for target practice but people found drawings on the sphinx that say the statue has had no nose for hundreds of years before napoleon came.

Although the head has been badly damaged, near one of the ears, there are slight traces of original paint. It is believed that the Sphinx was originally colourful. The actual purpose of the sphinx is not known to man, and the Egyptian government refuses to let people explore the tunnels of the sphinx. Could there be a long lost secrets and treasures in there, tombs? No one is quite sure, thus we have the “Riddle of the Sphinx. ”

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