The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay Example
The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay Example

The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay Example

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In the ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime’ both books involve a teenage male child who is someway separated from the remainder of the universe. In Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime the supporter. a fifteen-year-old male child Christopher Boone is faced with the challenge of combating his autism and the reverberations that come along with the mental unwellness. Christopher. due to the fact he is autistic. filters information much otherwise than most and reacts rather illogically to flooring intelligence.

Throughout the narrative Christopher is faced with infinite incidents in which he responds rather curiously. For Christopher and Holden from J. D Salinger’s The Catcher in The Rye. the way off from societal isolation is tough due to the fact both characters have been face with societal isolation there whole


lives. Holden Caulfield is a sixteen-year-old male child who is caught in the passage from childhood to the grownup universe. Holden has to undergo many state of affairss in the novel in which affect him physically but more so mentally.

Holden is emotionally trapped and confused due to the fact he suffers from depression that leads to his solitariness. finally puting up Holden’s societal isolation. In Mark Haddon’s narrative ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime’ and J. D Salinger’s ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ Christopher and Holden’s backgrounds and environment and really different but in both narratives the characters experiences with decease. mental unwellnesss and their journeys to independence all lead to Christopher and Holden’s societal isolation.

Christopher and Holden’s Experience with decease finally ends up in their societal isolation. The decease

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of Christopher’s female parent unwittingly leads to his societal isolation. To exemplify. Christopher comes place from school one twenty-four hours and no organic structure is place which is unusual. when his male parent gets place he so says to Christopher that his female parent is in the infirmary. and subsequently goes on to state his female parent has died. “Father said that she died of a bosom onslaught and it wasn’t expected” . ( Haddon 27 ) . “Mother died 2 old ages ago …” ( Haddon 22 ) .

Christopher seemingly loses his female parent. on facts based on what his male parent is stating him. Just before her decease Christopher’s male parent tells him that his female parent is in the infirmary. his male parent would non let Christopher to see his ain female parent while seemingly ill. which is really leery. Later in the novel it is discovered that Christopher’s female parent was in fact non in the infirmary but ran off to London with Mr. Shears. their neighbour. The prevarications Christopher’s male parent Tells is what causes Christopher to go socially stray. Christopher besides experiences the decease of Wellington. Wellington is Mrs.

Shearss Canis familiaris who has been murdered with a pitchfork in the front pace of Mrs. Shears’ house. which is two houses to the left of Christophers. To farther illustrate. Christopher discovers this at the beginning of the novel when he is traveling for one of his late dark walks. “It was 7 proceedingss after midnight. The Canis familiaris was lying on the grass in the center of the lawn in forepart of Mrs. Shears’s house. Its eyes were closed. It

looked as if it was running on its side. the manner Canis familiariss run when they think they are trailing a cat in a dream. But the Canis familiaris was non running or asleep. The Canis familiaris was dead. ” ( Haddon 1 ) .

When Christopher discovers Wellington has been murdered. alternatively of go forthing the instance for the constabulary to cover with. Christopher decides to take on the instance himself. By making so. Christopher seting a batch of his clip and attempt into happening out who killed Wellington consequences in him acquiring in problem from the constabulary. which follows by Christophers father acquiring mad because after all he is the 1 who killed Wellington. Basically. by Christopher taking on this undertaking. many people around him start to acquire upset which most significantly leads to him going farther isolated from the remainder of the universe.

While Saint christophers experience with decease force him into being along hence taking to his societal isolation. Holden experiences a similar state of affairs with decease which forces him into a province of depression. finally taking to isolation from society. Holden’s experience with the decease of his younger brother Allie leads to his societal isolation. Holden loses his small brother Allie from leukaemia on July 18th. 1946. Allie was an intelligent male child with ruddy hair. Holden adored his small brother and would make anything for his small brother so his decease affected Holden enormously in a negative manner.

For illustration the dark Allie dies. Holden slumber in the garage all dark. he has a mental dislocation and destroys all the Windowss in the garage with his fist. “I slept in the

garage the dark he died. and I broke all the goddam windows with my fist. merely for the snake pit of it. I even tried to interrupt all the Windowss on the station waggon we had that summer. but my manus was already broken but I barely didn’t even know I was making it” . ( Salinger 38-39 ) . The decease of Allie brought more so anger to Holden instead than unhappiness. Since Allie passed off from malignant neoplastic disease. Holden responds to this by interrupting his manus over the Windowss in the garage.

Holden bottles in all his emotions. and does non socialise with others. Holden experience with the decease of himself. non literally. but emotionally Holden feels a sense of solitariness and emptiness when he is in the hotel. For farther account while Holden walks through the hotel anteroom. he starts to believe about his life and its significance. comparing it to the empty hotel. Holden says to himself. “I about wished I was dead. ” ( Salinger 90 ) . Holden has this idea that his life is so empty and useless. and he is so lonely that he would instead be dead. It seems as if Holden is emotionally dead.

This emotional decease leads to Holden into a province of depression. followed by his societal isolation from the universe about. Christopher and Holden are both faced with state of affairss affecting decease that accentuates their emotional behaviour in a manner that pushes them into societal isolation. These emotional behaviours or dislocations of the characters are due to the fact Christopher and Holden have mental unwellnesss. Christopher and Holden’s mental unwellnesss provoke their

societal isolation. Christopher’s autism is a problem when pass oning which ends up in societal isolation from equals. Christopher suffers from a mental upset called autism.

He doesn’t think like a normal individual. Christopher besides can non socialise with aliens. To farther explicate when Christopher is presenting himself at the beginning of the novel. “My name is Christopher John Francis Boone. I know all the states of the universe and their capital metropoliss and every premier figure up to 7. 057. ” ( Haddon 2 ) . In Christopher’s instance he suffers from a mental upset that is called autism. He doesn’t think like a normal individual he takes great item from everything and has an astonishing memory.

Christopher doesn’t like to speak to aliens and is on border whenever he is in public. And a adult male came up to me and he was have oning a blue jacket and bluish pants and he had brown places and he was transporting a book in his manus and he said. “you expression lost. ” So I took out my Swiss Army knife. ” ( Haddon 171 ) . Chris can non pass on with aliens really good and gets nervous when aliens approach him or speak to him. He believes at that place traveling to touch him unsuitably. Christopher is isolated for most of the novel but the difference is that he has autism and doe non like to be in the company of people.

To farther explain. Christopher negotiations about his state of affairss when he does non wish to be around people. I knew that it meant “happy” . Like when I’m reading about the Apollo

infinite missions. or when I am still awake at three or four in the forenoon and I can walk up and down the street and pretend that I am the lone individual in the universe. ” ( Haddon 2 ) . Christopher reads about infinite missions due to the fact infinite is so far off. there is no people. and the ideas of being in infinite gives Christopher a sense of societal isolation which he enjoys. While Christopher’s autism forces him into a province in which he is isolated due to the fact he can non pass on right.

Holden undergoes a similar destiny as he besides has a mental unwellness of mental instability of depression. Holden’s mental dislocations lead him to endure highly emotionally finally taking in his societal privacy. Mental unwellness is something that is maintaining Holden back from his full potency at school. He has merely been kicked out of his 5th prep school the ground why is because he had non applied him self. After reading the fresh many readers would surmise Holden is enduring from depression. “New York’s awful when person laughs on the street really tardily at dark.

You can hear it for stat mis. It makes you experience so only and down. ” ( Salinger 81 ) . Holden is walking the streets tardily at dark entirely and when he hears person express joying it makes him experience lonely and down because he has no 1 to express joy with or speak excessively which is a mark of Holden’s isolation. At the terminal of the fresh readers find out where Holden is stating the narrative. “A batch of people. particularly

this on psychoanalyst cat they have here. supports inquiring me if I’m traveling to use myself when I go back to school following September. It’s such a stupid inquiry. in my sentiment.

I mean how do you cognize what you’re traveling to make till you make it? The reply is. you don’t. I think I am. but how do I cognize? I swear it’s a stupid inquiry. ” ( Salinger 213 ) . Holden explains that he is in a mental establishment and is being questioned about if he is traveling to use himself following twelvemonth and he answers stating that he wants to but doesn’t know until he is in category. Christopher and Holden possess mental unwellnesss in which pushes them off from household and equals due to the deficiency of communicating.

Christopher’s autism and Holden’s depression lead to isolation from society and the people around hem on their journey to independence. Christopher and Holden’s journey to independence leads to societal isolation. Christopher discovers old letters written by his female parent which makes him ill due to the fact Christopher thinks his female parent is dead. To farther illustrate. when Christopher finds these letters written by his female parent. dated after the twenty-four hours of her decease. Christopher independently discovers that his female parent is alive and life in London with Mr. Shears. This makes Christopher stuck in his room sick stray signifier the remainder of the universe.

Christopher discovers those letters independently. When he realizes his female parent is still alive. and that his male parent lied to him this puts Christopher into a province of isolation and illness. tunneling him in his room off from

the outside universe. While Christopher’s journey to independence brings isolation due to the fact he discovers his female parent is now alive and his male parent lied to him. Holden’s journey to independency is similar in the sense that he excessively becomes stray. oppugning his true ego. Holden’s journey to independence leads to his societal isolation.

Holden Caulfield is expelled from Pencey Prep from the consequence of holding hapless classs. Holden is forced to go forth and journey by himself to happen his existent ego. Holden is lonely through this journey. Holden is in a cab and asks the cab driver if he wanted to hold a drink with him because Holden does non hold anyone to imbibe with. “well-take me to the Edmont so. “I said. ” “would you care to halt on the manner and fall in me for a cocktail? On me. I’m loaded. ” ( Salinger 60 ) . Holden is really only and isolated from his friends and household so he ask the cab driver to pass clip with him so he would non experience so entirely.

Subsequently in the fresh Holden is drunk at a saloon by himself and experience really emotional. To farther illustrate while Holden is at the saloon he says. “When I eventually got down off the radiator and went out to the hat-check room. I was shouting and all. I don’t know why. but I was. I guess it was because I was experiencing so bloody down and solitary some. ” ( Salinger 153 ) . Holden is a rummy and really emotional and comes to the realisation that he is entirely and isolated which makes him

really upset and sad which is why he is shouting.

Once Holden comes to this realisation. he becomes farther down and socially stray. Christopher and Holden are both on their journey to independency. Along Christopher’s journey he discovers that his female parent is alive and has to see her. Holden discovers his true ego. both taking them out of societal isolation. In the comparing of the two novels many subjects catch the reader’s oculus such as isolation when Christopher walks about tardily at dark because he likes to be entirely. or the mortality of Allie which brings a batch of hurting to Holden which possibly doing his mental issues.

Furthermore into the fresh both chief characters find their true individuality and go at that place ain individual. Isolation is a major subject threw out Holden’s escapade entirely in New York City. In comparing Christopher travels to London. England all by himself to seek to happen his female parent. Mortality in Holden’s life alterations the manner he views the universe ever believing about Allie and if he could be at that place more when he was about in comparing Christopher tries to work out the enigma of who killed wellington the Canis familiaris and the enigma of his female parent non being dead.

In Holden’s instance mortality leads to mental unwellness in the manner of depression from losing his brother so much and be lonesome at school. Christopher shows his existent individuality and brings his female parent and male parent closer together after contending for many old ages. In Conclusion. both Christopher and Holden conflict isolation which in Holden’s instance caused him to hold mental dislocations every bit good

in the terminal of the novels both immature work forces find their true egos which allows Christopher and Holden to travel on with their life cognizing who they are and larning to accept themselves.

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