The Corporate Ethics of Sears, Roebuck & Co Essay

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The Consumer Affairs department received numerous ustomers’ calling and complaining that they launched an investigation in California. Mr. Greg Rossiter, who was the spokesman for Sears, Roebuck ; Co. noted that a media broadcast would be announce throughout the state and quoted, “will note that if there were honest mistakes made, we will resolve them. ” The published article does not get into specific details about why it actually happened in the first place. Keyword: Ethics – standards of moral behavior that is accepted by society. Mr.

Larry Lowery, a senior vice president for Booz, Allen and Hamilton, a Chicago ased consulting firm stated, “It’s like certain crimes – it’s a hard tarnish to get ride of”. Sears had to make 28 million apologies for the one error they made and take time to be responsible to their loyal customers. Many years of Sears’s customers, many years of dedicated work to keep customers, why then did they not make that little ethical code check and all would have been business as usual? Sears decided that they would run an advertising campaign explaining what happened and how they felt they were honest mistakes from the automotive services.

Many businesses and consumers were not convinced that Sears could take on this dvertising campaign and pull through. Too many consumers were convinced that the damaged was already done and that it was, “Obviously, it’s going to undermine that confidence they spent years building up”, as stated

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