The City Shaped

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In the Tired chapter, “The City as Diagram”, he explains that the design intent that determines the eventual form of certain cities. With the contemporary Eco village of Arcosanti and the Medieval period Palmanova in Italy, he contrasts two distinct forms, tracing their diagrammatic evolution. The diagram of the two cities is very specific, addressing their intent; responding to the landscape the former and to the militaristic needs and ideas in the latter.

He then questions the reason why cities take their specific shape and comes up with an answer that would fit most cases government, regimentation, and politics and in many cases, religion. From the concentration camp in Hamburg in Germany to Saltaire in England, from Srirangam in South India to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, he wrote traces how each city’s diagram developed responding to its militaristic, industrial, and religious needs respectively.

New Delhi and Brasilia form his examples for cities that were designed as a political thought. He also discusses how the seat of power within a city is placed in different kinds of diagrams, as exemplified by Edo in Japan, Jaipur in India, Karlsruhe in Germany and Gur in Iran. Moscow in Russia and Canberra in Australia exemplify how cities were designed, as a response to transportation needs. Also his segment addressed how social orders and concepts of a secular society informed urban diagrams.

Ledoux’s Chaux, Foucoult’s Panopticon and Jefferson’s Charlottesville form the basic three examples he uses to exemplify designers’ attempts to design keeping social orders in mind. For example if Diagram city, Baguacheng in China is good example. They use Eight Diagram city which is the Eight-Diagram city of Tekes is a magic city, emanating a mysterious sense of Iching Culture. The city was designed in an octagonal Eight-Diagram pattern. It is the largest and most typical Eight-Diagram city in China.

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