Texas GOVT – Quiz 1

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A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes the ________ political culture.
Political culture is a term used to describe
the broadly shared values and beliefs about government.
Provincialism is best defined as
a narrow view of the world
Politically, urban areas and suburban areas in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth can be characterized as ________ and ________ areas.
Democratic; Republican
________ is the system, common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, by which farmers would be lent land and equipment in exchange for part of the profits.
Who led the Grange and Populist movements of the late nineteenth century?
tenant farmers
The regulation of oil and energy in Texas is performed by
the Texas Railroad Commission
________ was the chief economic product of Texas during the early twentieth century.
The largest royalty for Texas university endowment comes from which economic product?
In 1944, the Supreme Court case Smith v. Allwright ended
white primaries.
Which racial or ethnic group in Texas is concentrated in East Texas?
African Americans
What was Stephen F. Austin’s role in the development of Texas?
He worked with the Spanish government to bring American settlers into Texas
In 1950, the Supreme Court case Sweatt v. Painter
guaranteed African Americans admission to Texas’s graduate and professional schools.
Dallas developed in the late nineteenth century as a result of
the intersection of two railroad lines
________ is important because it effects how people participate in politics and how individuals and institutions interact.
Political culture
Traditionalistic political cultures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the
The term creative destruction refers to the process by which
the capitalist system undergoes periodic waves of transformation caused by new technologies.
Which two Texas metropolitan areas are national centers for the high-tech industry?
Dallas and Austin
Technological change in Texas is best evidenced by the
development of a high-tech industry after a slump in oil prices.
Which Texas metropolitan area is known worldwide for its medical center and expanding research facilities in the medical field?
Historically, the economy of Fort Worth has been associated with what industry?
Politics in Texas has been defined by the almost-equal political popularity of both the Democrats and Republicans.
Provincialism has been a defining pattern of Texas political culture.
Throughout its history, business interests have dominated Texan political culture.
Which of the following would best characterize traditional, individualistic political culture?
low taxes and deference to business leaders

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