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Leadership ; Management HESI Questions

question Rn is planning assignments for 5 clients on the nursing unit. the team includes a LPN and a nursing assistant. which clients should the nurse assign to the LPN? answer 1. a client w/ a colostomy who requires reinforcement regarding the procedure for irrigation 2. a pt w/ DM who requires the administration or […]

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question Business Cycle answer irregular but recurrent increases and decreases in the level of aggregate economic activity during a relatively short period of time question Phases of Business Cycle answer 1. expansion 2. peak 3. contraction (recession if lasts more than 2 consecutive quarters) 4. trough question Turning Points for Business Cycle answer peak + […]

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World History, Chapter 21, Section 1

question What is the difference between the first and second phases of the Industrial Revolution? answer First phase: Iron and steam engines are dominant tools, British textile industry is driving force, inventions were the product of individuals, railroad was dominant form of transportation Second phase: Electricity and steel are dominant tools, other powers like United […]

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US History Chapter 8

question Which group experienced an early depression in the 1920s? answer farmers question during the 1920s, the US economy moved through which phase of the business cycle answer expansion question In 1929 the stock market crashed because answer investors lost confidence in the market and rushed to sell their stores question which factor contributed to […]

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Understanding Business Ch 12

question The relationship between management and employees is a delicate one. answer t question While both have a vested interest in seeing their business thrive, the needs and desires of each party can sometimes be wholly different answer t question A union answer is an employee organization whose main goal is representing its members in […]

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Texas GOVT – Quiz 1
15 Sep 2020 Database

question A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes the ________ political culture. answer moralistic question Political culture is a term used to describe answer the broadly shared values and beliefs about government. question Provincialism is best defined as answer a narrow view of the world question Politically, urban areas and […]

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SWUFE-Understanding Business 9th Edition-Chapter 2

question Economics answer The study of how society chooses to employ resources to produce goods and services and distribute them for consumption among various competing groups and individuals question Macroeconomics answer The part of economics study that looks at the operation of a nation’s economy as a whole question Microeconomics answer The part of economics […]

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Sole Proprietorship and Partnerships

question The Factors an Entrepreneur Must Consider When Selecting an Organizational Form: answer 1. Ease of creation 2. The liability of the owners 3. Tax considerations 4. The ability to raise capital question What is the simplest form of business? answer Sole proprietorship question Pressler wants to be his own boss and wants to start […]

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SC OM questions
08 Sep 2020 Database

question A global network of organizations and activities that supply a firm with good and services is what? answer supply chain question Competition in the 21st century is between ________________? answer supply chains question A large percentage of revenue of most firms is spent on which function? answer operations question Which of the following OM […]

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Quiz 1 MGMT 300

question First-line managers are responsible for setting objectives consistent with organizational goals and planning and implementing subunit strategies for achieving these objectives. answer False, this is one of the responsibilities of middle managers question Top managers are the managers responsible for facilitating team activities toward goal accomplishment answer False, this is one of the responsibilities […]

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Principles of Finance Ch 1-3 Test

question The conflict between the goals of a firm’s owners and the goals of its non-owner managers is answer the agency problem question Managerial finance answer involves tasks such as budgeting, financial forecasting, cash management, and funds procurement. question Under which of the following legal forms of organization, is ownership readily transferable? answer Corporation question […]

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PF Ch. 11 Mult. Choice ?’s

question D. Because investment objectives deal with the future, it is useless to make long-term goals. answer Which of the following is NOT a true statement? A. No one is going to make you save the money you need to start an investment program. B. To be useful, investment objectives must be specific and measurable. […]

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Operation Management and Supply Chain Management

question Production answer Is the creation of goods and services using the factors of production. question Production Management answer Describe all the activities managers do to help companies create goods. question Operation Management answer The management of system or processes that convert or transform resources into goods and services. question Value-added answer The term used […]

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MSOM 302 Exam 1

question data answer Raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object. question information answer Data converted into a meaningful and useful context. question variable answer A data characteristic that stands for a value that changes or varies overtime. Changing these allows managers to create hypothetical scenarios to study future possibilities. question Business […]

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MKT 320 Final exam

question In addition to calculating the potential profitability of a market segment, marketers will also consider what? answer customer loyalty, defection rates, the cost of replacing customers, likely future sales to customers. question Airlines were among the first retailers to embrace loyalty segmentation when they created what? answer frequent flyer programs. question Toothpastes sold in […]

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MIS 4340 EXAM 1 Multiple Answers

question Which processes have an impact on an organization’s finances? answer Project Management processes, Material planning process, Procurement process question Which of the following are components of the procurement process? answer Warehouse, Purchasing, Accounting question Which of the following activities are related to the fulfillment process? answer Locate Materials, Prepare Shipment, Ship to Customer question […]

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Micro Chapter 13 homework

question Economists assume that the typical person who starts her own business does so with the intention of answer maximizing profits question Total revenue equals answer price x quantity question The amount of money that a firm pays to buy inputs is called answer total cost question Profit is defined as total revenue answer minus […]

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MGMT Last 3 Chapters

question Moore’s law accounts for the rapid increase in power and reduction in both size and price of computer equipment over the past 35 years. answer True question In today’s hypercompetitve business environment, capital (i.e., money) is still more important than information for businsess success. answer False question Raw data contaim useful information that communicate […]

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MGMT3140 Final Exam Review

question Which of the following is true of globalization? A. Only small companies are affected by it. B. Only large companies are affected by it. C. A company’s talent should come only from within the country. D. A company’s talent can come from anywhere. E. The global marketplace is stable and unchanging. answer D. A […]

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Flashcards and Answers – marketing exam

question what type of consumer promotion is an art contest run by a cereal company that is offering a trip to Disneyland for the winner? answer incentives question what is a special price discount that is given as an incentive to wholesalers and retailers? answer promotional allowance question the business often has the least control […]

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Management Principles and Concepts UofA

question Theory X perceives employees as lazy and unmotivated to do good work answer X question A recent study by the AFL-CIO stated that today the average annual pay for top executives at over 300 major US companies as 12,000,000 answer 12,000,000 question Good management begins with you having the proper attitude towards your employees […]

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Major Field Test

question E.L. Thorndike answer law of effect question Kurt Lewin answer theory of association question Ivan Pavlov answer classical conditioning question John B. Watson answer founded school of behaviorism question B.F. Skinner answer operant conditioning question Albert Bandura answer modeling through Bobo doll question Wilhelm Wundth answer founder of psychology question William James answer father […]

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