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Heat And Electricity
Intro to Chemistry – Flashcards 91 terms
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91 terms
Alkaline Earth Metals Heat And Electricity Periodic Table Periodic Table of Elements Physical Science
Sculpt & Ceramics 109 terms
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109 terms
Heat And Electricity
Chapter 2 Chemistry (Openstax College) 57 terms
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57 terms
Heat And Electricity Inorganic Chemistry
1.05 – Flashcards 30 terms
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30 terms
Nonmetals are good conductors of heat and electricity
Forever Quilting is a small company that makes quilting kits priced at $120 each. (There is no quantity discount.) The costs of the materials that go into each kit are $45. It costs $5 in labor to assemble a kit. The company has monthly expenses of $1,000 for rent and insurance, $200 for heat and electricity, $500 for advertising in quilting magazines, and $4,500 for the monthly salary of its owner. If Forever Quilting sells 150 kits in a given month, its monthly profit will be: A) $4,300. B) $10,500. C) $13,700. D) $11,800. E) $18,000.
A) $4,300. Profit = total revenue – total cost = (unit price x quantity sold) – (fixed cost + variable cost) = $18,000 – ($6200 + $7,500) = $4,300. The variable cost is the labor and materials for each kit ($5 + $45) times the number of kits sold (150 kits) or $50 x 150 = $7,500. The fixed costs are $1,000, $200, $500, and $4500=$6200. The profit is $4,300 for the month.
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