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diff between average atomic and molar mass and atomic mass units(protons and neutrons)
atomic mass is the mass of 1 atom of a particular element and molar mass is the mass of 1 mole of an atom or molecule
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Comparing the mass of 1 molecule and 1 mol of H2O. Both masses have the same number but different units (atomic mass units and grams). Expressing both masses in grams indicates their huge difference: 1 molecule H2O has a mass of 2.99×10−23 g whereas 1 mol H2O has a mass of 18.0 g. How many H2O molecules are in a 9.00-g sample of water?
Use Avogadro’s number of molecules (6.02X10^23). 1 molecule of H2) is 18 amu and 1 mol is 18g. So since it is half the number of grams for 1 mol, just simply divide Avogadro’s number by 2 and the answer is 3.01*10^23
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The element bromine, Br (atomic number 35), has two major isotopes of similar abundance, both around 50 percent. The atomic mass of bromine is reported in the periodic table as 79.904 atomic mass units. Choose the most likely set of mass numbers for these two bromine isotopes.
Br-79, Br-81
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The isotope lithium-7 has a mass of 7.0160 atomic mass units, and the isotope lithium-6 has a mass of 6.0151 atomic mass units. Given the information that 92.58 percent of all lithium atoms found in nature are lithium-7 and 7.42 percent are lithium-6, calculate the atomic mass of lithium, Li (atomic number 3).
6.942 amu
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