Modern Chemistry – Holt Chapter 7 Flashcard

chemical formula
subscript of each element reveals number of atoms contained in a single molecule of a certain compound
monoatomic ions
ions formed from a single atom; remember to change nonmetals to -ide ending
polyatomic ions that contain oxygen
binary ionic compounds
compounds of 2 elements between metal (positive, s-block and p-block) and nonmetal (negative); metal is always listed first; change nonmetal to -ide ending
Stock system
specifically used for d-block elements, use Roman numeral to describe charge of metal, use periodic charge to find charge of nonmetal
Greek prefixes
used to name molecules w/covalent bonds
binary molecular compounds
nonmetal to nonmetal; covalent bonds; Greek prefixes
formula mass
sum of all atomic masses of elements present in formula of compounds
percentage composition
percentage by mass of each element in a compound
empirical formula
symbols for elements combined in a compound; subscripts show smallest whole-number mole ratio of different atoms in a compound
What is a mole?
SI unit used to measure the amount of a substance. 12 g carbon
how much mole is/molar mass
atomic weight or 6.022…
1 mole of h2o how many moles of hydrogen?
2 moles
diff between average atomic and molar mass and atomic mass units(protons and neutrons)
atomic mass is the mass of 1 atom of a particular element and molar mass is the mass of 1 mole of an atom or molecule
how many atoms in 1 mole of water?
6.022X10^23 X 3
polyatomic anion
multiple atoms with an overall negative charge
molar mass=
average atomic mass of magnesium.
50% 38 amu. 50% 20 amu. 50X38. 50X20Add them all together
find the number of molecules in 2.5 mol. of sulfur dioxide
2.5 mol SO2 X 6.022=
3.01 X 10 ^23 molecules of sulfur dioxide, SO2. Determine the amount in moles
3.01 X 10^23 molecules SO2 / 6.022=
Find mass in grams of 2.44 X 10^24 atoms of carbon, whose molecular mass is 12.01 g/mol
2.44 / 6.022 X 12.01gC=
Find number of molecules present in 47.5 g of glycerol, C3H8O3. The molar mass of glycerol is 92.11 g/mol
47.5g / 92.11 X 6.022=
Find the mass of barium nitrate
multiply molar mass by number of moles and add total
percent to empirical formula
% / molar mass. take smallest and / answers
the empirical formula for a compound is P2O5. its experimental molar mass is 284 g/mol. determine the molecular compound
molar mass of P X 2. molar mass of O X 5. = 141.94. 284 / 141.94 =
calculate the percentage composition of copper (I) sulfide, a copper ore called chalcocite
molar mass Cu X 2 + molar mass S X 1= 159.17. Cu/ 159.17= % Cu… etc.

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