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If a contractor wishes to use source control as a component of a construction waste management plan, which of the following strategies might he pursue for this portion of his plan? (Choose 2) A. Salvaging materials by donating them to Habitat for Humanity B. Ordering pre-assembled products C. Using modular construction techniques D. Recycling product packaging materials E. Reusing scrap materials on-site
B, C Only pre assembly and modular construction address source reduction
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For every home built by Habitat for Humanity, whirlpool Corporation has given and continues to give free kitchen appliances. This is an example of
corporate social responsibility
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You and your friend volunteer at Habitat for Humanity building houses for low income earners.
When a general contractor is collecting documentation for the construction waste management credit, which two of the following pieces of information regarding measurement of materials diverted would be most helpful? (Choose 2) A. The number of assorted windows donated to Habitat for Humanity B. The weight of concrete used as fill material C. The volume of scrap metal sent to a recycler D. The volume of land-clearing debris composted E. The linear footage of wood waste burned (incinerated) on site
B,C goes by volume and mass, therefore # of windows would not count. land clearing debris is not considered
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