LEED GA practice

Which Rating Systems will award a project one or more points for already being LEED Certified
in another rating system? (Choose 3)

A. LEED for Schools
B. LEED for Homes
C. LEED for Commercial Interiors
D. LEED for Operations and Maintenance

Which of the following is not a required design consideration for the recycling collection and
storage area prerequisite?

A. Convenient location
B. Collection truck access
C. Appropriate signage
D. Protection from the elements

B Collection truck access
When a general contractor is collecting documentation for the construction waste management
credit, which two of the following pieces of information regarding measurement of materials
diverted would be most helpful? (Choose 2)

A. The number of assorted windows donated to Habitat for Humanity
B. The weight of concrete used as fill material
C. The volume of scrap metal sent to a recycler
D. The volume of land-clearing debris composted
E. The linear footage of wood waste burned (incinerated) on site

B,C goes by volume and mass, therefore # of windows would not count. land clearing debris is not considered
The Heat Island Effect may raise the temperature in an urban area by how many degrees
above the temperature in nearby rural areas?

A. 2 degrees
B. 4 degrees
C. 6 degrees
D. 8 degrees
E. 10 degrees

E. 10 degrees
If a contractor wishes to use source control as a component of a construction waste
management plan, which of the following strategies might he pursue for this portion of his plan?
(Choose 2)

A. Salvaging materials by donating them to Habitat for Humanity
B. Ordering pre-assembled products
C. Using modular construction techniques
D. Recycling product packaging materials
E. Reusing scrap materials on-site

B, C
Only pre assembly and modular construction address source reduction
Which of the following products would be considered to contain postconsumer recycled
content that would contribute to the LEED credit for recycled content? (Choose 3)

A. Steel Beams made from used railroad ties
B. Glass tiles made from glass broken during the window manufacturing process
C. Carpet made from recycled soda bottles
D. Plumbing pipe made from recycled plastic components
E. A countertop made from newspapers

A, C, E

glass tiles would be pre-consumer; content in plumbing pipe does not contribute to credit because this credit only involves materials in CSI divisions 2-10

What percentage of the solid waste stream each year is attributable to construction and
demolition waste?

A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 40%
E. 50%

D 40%
Which of the following people should not have access to LEED Online?

A. Architect
B. Building Owner
C. Building User
D. General Contractor
E. Landscape Architect

Building user should not access
Which type of refrigerant has an essentially zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) but still has
high global warming potential (GWP)?

A. Natural Refrigerants
B. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
C. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
D. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

Which Rating System requires a project team to establish a Preliminary Rating?

A. LEED for Schools
B. LEED for Core and Shell
C. LEED for Neighborhood Development
D. LEED for Operations and Maintenance
E. LEED for Homes

E. Homes
Which of the following materials may not contribute to construction waste management
strategies? (Choose 2)

A. Land clearing debris
B. Scrap Wood
C. Asbestos Floor Tiles
D. Concrete
E. Product Packaging

A, C
Which specific refrigerant has the highest global warming potential (GWP) of all the common

A. CFC-502
B. HCFC-123
C. HFC-404A
D. CFC-11
E. HFC-23

What project features are included in the “development footprint”? (choose 3)

A. The building itself
B. A natural pond
C. A wooded area
D. Landscaping
E. A parking lot
F. Sidewalks

A, E, F
A project team is using cotton insulation that is grown and manufactured 200 miles from the
project site. What credit(s) will the use of this material count toward?

A. Recycled Content
B. Rapidly Renewable Materials
C. Regional Materials
D. Recycled Content and Regional Materials
E. Rapidly Renewable Materials and Regional Materials

Cotton is grown and harvested in less than 10 years and grown within 500 miles
“Green Tags” is a common term for:

A. Any form of renewable energy
B. Sustainable products certifications
C. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
D. Incentives for purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles

If a project team working on a LEED BD+C project can obtain documentation of where a
product is manufactured but not where it is harvested or extracted, how can they count this
material toward compliance with the regional materials credit?

A. They may only count 50% of the value of the material
B. They may count the entire value of the material
C. They cannot count the material at all
D. They can count the material, but only if it was manufactured within 100 miles of the
project site

No partial credit
Which Rating System offers an Innovation and Design credit for holding a LEED charrette?

A. LEED for Building Design and Construction
B. LEED for Interior Design and Construction
C. LEED for Operations and Maintenance
D. LEED for Homes
E. LEED for Neighborhood Development

D Homes
Local codes and regulations may affect which of the following two strategies?

A. Construction waste management
B. Use of rainwater for toilet flushing
C. Minimizing parking capacity
D. Managing indoor air quality during construction
E. Purchasing green power

B, C
Which of the following is not required of an Innovation and Design strategy?

A. It must be comprehensive
B. It must be cost effective
C. It must be repeatable by other projects
D. It must be quantifiable
E. It must be a strategy not already covered in the LEED Rating System

B cost effective
If a LEED project that is providing preferred parking for fuel-efficient and low-emitting vehicles
has multiple parking lots, where should the preferred parking spaces be located?

A. Preferred parking spaces only need to be provided in one lot
B. Preferred parking spaces only need to be located in the lot designated for visitors
C. Preferred parking spaces only need to be provided in the lot designated for staff
D. Preferred parking spaces must be distributed among all lots

Which type of system or equipment would not be a consumer of process water?

A. Domestic hot water heater
B. Dishwasher
C. Clothes Washer
D. Cooling Tower
E. Food Steamer

What is the minimum amount of pervious area a paving system must have to be considered

A. 20%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 50%
E. 60%

What is required as documentation for each and every prerequisite and credit in the LEED for
Building Design and Construction Rating Systems?
A. A project narrative
B. A project drawings
C. Photos
D. A letter template
E. A required signatory
94. What does the construction activity pollution prevention plan aim to prevent? (Choose 3)
A. Erosion
B. Solid Waste Generation
C. Construction Worker Accidents
D. Carbon Emissions
E. Sedimentation
F. Airborne Dust Pollution
A, E, F
96. Use of a dry urinal would decrease the fixture’s water use from the Energy Policy Act baseline
urinal water usage by how much?

A. 1.6 GPF
B. 1.0 GPF
C. .5 GPF
D. 2.5 GPM

Which of the following is not a category in the LEED for Operations and Maintenance Rating

A. Water Efficiency
B. Materials and Resources
C. Indoor Air Quality
D. Innovation in Operations
E. Regional Priority

Which refrigerant is environmentally preferrable?
D) All of the above
SCAQMD is for what products?
Adhesives, Sealants, primers, wood finishes
Green Seal
Aerosols, adhesives, architectural paints, anti-rust/ corrosive coating
Green label
carpet cushions
Green label plus
vinyl, linoleum,laminate wood, rubber flooring
Furniture and seating
Ashrae 52.2
Air filter standards
Ashrae 55
thermal comfort. Air velocity, temperature, humidity,
What is a “Densely occupied space?”
25 people / 1,000 sq. ft.
How close must a building be to public transportation to receive credit?
1/2 mile to rail or subway, 1/4 mile to at least 2 bus stops
How close to basic services for credit?
1/2 mile
What is the required timeline for phasing out CFCs in all air conditioning equipment in major renovations?
Must be phased out prior to project completion. Exception is if phasing out cfc is not economically feasible, in which case it must be phased out within 5 years.
What pieces of info are required to complete FSC Certified wood? (Choose 3)
a) volume of wood and where it was harvested
b) Chain of custody (COC) certification number
c) Name of the product manufacturer
d) cost of each product
e) list of paints / coatings used on each FSC certified product
B, C, D

By cost not volume

Which two standards relate to low emitting materials, paints & coatings
Green Seal, SCAQMD
what does not qualify for the community connectivity credit?
a) Brownfield site
b) Greenfield site
c) Site located within 1/2 mile of basic services
d) site located within 1/2 mile of train and subway
Greenfield sites (raw, virgin land) do not apply to the Community Connectivity credit. In other words, projects that develop on untouched, virgin land located in an urban center will not be awarded points for site selection.
How far for regional materials?
500 miles harvested/extracted and manufactured
Which of the following sources must be contained and treated before it may be used to irrigate landscaping? (Choose 2)
a) greywater from sinks and showers
b) Blackwater from urinals
c) Rainwater collected on site
d) cooling tower water
e) non-potable municipally supplied water
B, D
Which organization provides certification for green power?
Center for Resource Solutions, Green-e
Used to determine minimum ventilation requirements in mechanically and naturally ventilated buildings and how to increase ventilation and improve air quality in a building
What is a Basic Service (community connectivity)
Bank, place of worship, convenience store, grocery, day care, cleaners, fire station, beauty, hardware, laundry, library, medical/dental, senior care, park, pharmacy, post office, restaurant, school, theater, community center, fitness, museum
What standard can be used to calculate a baseline for on-site renewable energy?
a) Green-e
b) Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey
c) The Advanced Building Benchmarking Tool
d) ASHRAE 62.1
b) Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey
Which reference standard sets limits on VOC for sealants?
a) South Coast Air Quality Management District
c) Green Seal
d) Green Label
a) SCAQMD is used as the reference standard for mac VOC concentration in sealants as well as finishes, stains, and sealers

Green label is the Carpet and rug institues’ program and the reference standard that sets maximum VOC concentration for carpets and carpet padding

CMACNA sets guidlines for buildings under construction to protect air quality

Green Seal is used by LEED as a reference for low-VOC aerosols and paints

roducts that meet ISO 14000 standards are:
environmentally preferable products
Which of the following is used to determine if a product is pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled content?

LEED Online Calculators
Local codes
ISO 14021

ISO 14021
Which of the following refrigerants has the least global warming potential?


Who can view CIRs posted to USGBC? (Choose2)
a) individuals with a USGBC account
b) registered employees of USGBC companies
d) registered project team members
B, D
LEED O&M references credits by function, which of the following are functional characteristic groups?
a) adminstration
b) materials in
c) sustainable sites
d) waste management
e) water efficiency
A, B
What is included in life-cycle cost calculations (choose 2)
a) equipment
b) facility alterations
c) maintenance
d) occupant transportation
e) utilities
c, e
For a credit uploaded to LEED online, what does a white check mark next to credit name indicate?
a) being pursued, no documentation uploaded
b) being pursued, some documentation uploaded,
c) complete and ready for submission
d) not being pursued
What is the role of the TAC (choose 2)
a) ensure technical soundness of LEED ref guide and training
b) maintain technical rigor and consistency in the development of LEED credits
c) resolve issues to maintain consistency across different LEED rating systems
d) respond to CIRs submitted by LEED project teams
A, C
A project teams choice of paint will not affect which of the following credits
a) Heat island
b) low-emitting materials
c) material reuse
d) rapidly renewable materials
Which of the following requires an explanation of the proposed credit requirements?
a) CIR submittal
b) Innovation in Design exemplary performance submittal
c) LEED credit equivalence submittal
D) LEED Online letter template submital
The international cost council (ICC) inclused which of the following codes? (Choose 3)
a) building automation (IBAC)
b) energy conservation (IECC)
c) Lighting (ILC)
d) Mechanical (IMC)
e) Plumbing (IPC)
B, D, E
hat is the minimum percentage of points a project team can earn to achieve LEED Platinum
a) 70%
b) 80%
c) 90%
d) 100%
According to the Sustainable Building Technical Manua, which of the following are steps of an environmentally responsive design process? (choose 3)
a) bid,
B) design
C) Post-design
D) pre-design
E) re-bid
F) vendor selection
A, B, D
The BOD must contain which of the following (choose 3)
A) building materials selection
B) indoor environmental quality criteria
C) mechanical systems description
D) process equipment energy consumption information
E) references to applicable codes
B, C, E

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