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What effect did the end of the Atlantic slave trade have in Africa
Slavery increased within Africa to provide labor for commercial crops such as palm oil and cloves
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How was Africa affected by the Atlantic slave trade?
it lost 9.5 million people of the African population Families were torn apart….. Lost generations…
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The forced transport of Africans to the Americas as part of the Atlantic slave trade was an example of which factor affecting population?
international migration
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What became critical factors with the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade in the 1500s?
From 1638 to the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in 1807, the marriages of enslaved Africans were not legally recognized and children were the property of the slave owner. In this context,
most slaves married and most children lived with both parents.
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How did the Atlantic slave trade begin?
The Atlantic slave trade was forged in the crucible of Europe’s Commercial Revolution. The main motivator was the wealth that could be made from such an endeavor, which all European countries–from small to large–wanted to take part in.
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This nation, the first to abolish the Atlantic slave trade, enforced abolition on other nations through a naval patrol off the coast of Africa.
trans-Atlantic slave trade
– Existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans It is important to WG because there was trading before the Europeans came.
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During 1859-1860, southern extremists supported the 1.release of John Brown after his raid on Harpers Ferry. 2.reopening of the Atlantic slave trade. 3.election of John Sherman as Speaker of the House. 4.All of the answers are correct. 5.election of Abraham Lincoln as president.
2.reopening of the Atlantic slave trade
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Atlantic Slave Trade Beginnings
Spanish and Portuguese traders reached West Africa and partnered with some African groups to exploit local resources and recruit slave labor for the Americas.
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