History of Rock n Roll WSU Exam 1

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In the late 1400s, Portuguese used Black people as slaves for
sugar cane in the new world
When was New Orleans founded?
How was Louisiana \”easy\” on slaves?
In 1817 they started allowing Sunday breaks for them to sing/hang out in a place called Congo Square
Slaves were human __________
currency/not seen as people
\”Jump Jim Crow\” degraded black men/made them look dumb & inhuman and was created in _____ and written by ______
1828, Daddy Rice
D.W. Griffin made a movie called _________ about black people getting their freedom after the Civil War
\”Birth of a Nation\”
_________ wrote music degrading black people, specifically a song called __________
Stephan Foster, \”Jenie with the Light Brown Hair\”
Reconstruction of the US which gave black culture a chance to be integrated into the US was in the time period of
The _______ ammendment abolished slavery during reconstruction (passed by republicans) and allowed black men to vote
Americas first experience with Rock n Roll was a song called ____________
\”Rock around the Clock\”
who never wrote their own songs, was not appreciated because he liked black culture, and played Rockabilly music
Elvis’s career ended because
he was drafted into the war
Parts of a drum set:
base drum, snare drum, hi hat, cymbals, mounted tom, floor tom
Guitars were not commercially successful until ____ because ______
The 1950s, the feedback
________ came up with the idea of solid body guitars and came out with the stratacaster
Gibson guitar company
Leo Fender was a
guitar builder
Knobs on guitar control _____ and _____
volume and tone
Who made the sound of Rock & roll possible?
Les Paul, because the pioneered the solid body electric guitar
When was Boogie Woogie created and when did it become popular?
1920s, became popular in late 1930s and early 1940s
Whose nick name was \”The Empress of the Blues\” and what was her style of singing known as?
Bessie Smith, Classic Blues
Where was Boogie Woogie created and how many bars were in a progression?
Texas, 12 bar blues
Who became a famous boogie-woogie pianist in the late 1930’s after Carnegie Hall?
Meade \”Lux\” Lewis
Jazz is slang for
sex or prostitution in New Orleans
What instrument was Louis Jordan famous for?
Saxophone and also singing (Jump Bands)
Frank Sinatra was the first teen _____ and the girls who followed him around were called ________
idol; \”Bobby soxers\”
Who grew up with black music and ran J&M Recording Studio, a black recording studio?
Cosimo Matassa
When and who coined the term for Rock n Roll (slang for sex)?
Alan Freed, 1951
Who was the first black musician to come across to white audiences by selling 30 million records in the 1950s alone?
Fats Domino
Why was Fats Domino so successful?
His music was non-threatening/didn’t reference sex, combined country with R&B
Who was influenced by gospel,boogie-woogie, and R&B and wrote the song \”Lucille\” in 1951?
Little Richard
Who gave rock n roll its sound and how?
Little Richard did with the train track drum beat sound
Rockabilly was first played by _____ musicians
12 bar blues was also known as
Delta blues
Delta blues came out of southern region of the US in the state of
Mississippi Delta region
Robert Johnson has music still being played today but
died at age 25 by poison
Blues progress….
4 bar phrase repeated 3 times
What is AAB?
a form of blues progress
Rag Time was in the time period of
Rag Time music was written for
Piano, sycipation
OG Piano=
piano (soft)
what are the three types of piano?
Grand, Baby Grand, Upright/Spinner
What are the two types of music?
good and bad
Three elements to western music:
melody, rythem, cords
who became the king of Rockabilly?
Charles Perkins
Little Richard became a
Buddy Holly died from
a plane crash
Chuck Berry charged for
taking women across state lines
Jerry Lee Lewis was black balled because
he married his 13 year old couzin and forgot to divorce his first wife
Jerry Lee Lewis was a
composer, singer, and piano player
Pat Boone
took songs from black musicians to get white air play
___________ recorded in Memphis (Sun Records)
Ike Turner
________ became Elvis’s manager
\”Tom\” Parker

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