?SWOT Analysis of Nestle Australia Ltd
?SWOT Analysis of Nestle Australia Ltd

?SWOT Analysis of Nestle Australia Ltd

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  • Published: October 20, 2017
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Executive Summary
This SWOT ( strength, failing, chance, menace ) study examines those four countries of a new Nestle merchandise in the market. This merchandise has a new and alone mixture that has ne’er been in the local market shelves of all time earlier. Although this study is chiefly about the new merchandise, it besides looks at the history of Nestle and goes into deepness about the SWOT of the company. Introduction and background: This country provides a brief overview of the company’s merchandises that has already been in the market, its current market, and relevant history of the breakfast merchandises of Nestle. SWOT tabular array: A one page tabular array that province the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of this merchandise. Findingss: A one page account of the points listed in the SWOT tabular array, and ranking it from the most of import to the least. Recommendations: A two page description of the new merchandise, and justification of the pick made by taking this merchandise utilizing at least one of the four analysis points.


Nestle is the world’s taking nutrient company. Nestle was found in 1866 by Henri Nestle and became one of the biggest nutrient and drink company. Nestle started at supplying babes nutrient with high quality. However, in recent old ages, Nestle has focused on nutrition, wellness and well-being. Since constitution until now, Nestle has been through 6 phases:

1866 – 1918: Food merchandises for babes and Powder milk ;
1918 – 1944: Cocoa, Coffee and Fresh milk ;
1944 – 1975: Fast nutrient Maggi ;
1975 – 1981: Fast nutrient merchandises ;
1981 – 1996: Yogurt and Butter ;
1966 – Presen


t: Ice pick.

Nestle develops its company by the manner of acquisition ; they get other international companies to spread out their market. However, it besides faces the hazard of commanding their concern with a big market from different locations. Many companies enter into the nutrient industry which has increased the figure of rivals in this market. Nestle has focused on happening and developing new merchandises that concentrate on wellness and how to keep customer’s wellness. The chief rivals of Nestle are Unilever, PepsiCo Inc. , Kraft Foods Group Inc. , and Groupe Danone S.A. Through five old ages, the net income of Nestle Australia was lessening because of the competition of other companies ; in 2012 it net income was 248,505 million.

Table 1: Financial of Nestle in the last 5 old ages

This study will acknowledge some strengths, failing, chance and menace for Nestle. The below subdivision has taken a brief overview of SWOT analysis. In the treatment subdivision, the key of strengths, failings, chances and failings are analyzed in more peculiar. Finally, the suggestion for the company is made.

SWOT Analysis

1. World’s largest drink and nutrient company ( $ 7 billion in gross ) .
2. Low-cost merchandise monetary value
3. Wide scope of merchandise catalogue
4. Research & A ; Development capablenesss ( nutrient and nutrition research )
5. Distribution channels and geographic presence
6. Competence in amalgamations and acquisitions

1. Inability to supply consistent quality in nutrient merchandises
2. Employees’ safety failure
3. Customer frights

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to seek the alone mixture merchandise of nestle
4. High Spending on advertisement
5. Weak execution of Corporate Social Responsibility
1. Brand image ( publicizing and advancing aiming kids )
2. Increasing demand for healthier nutrient merchandises
3. Establishing new joint ventures
4. Uses many type of selling to advance their merchandise
1. Competition
2. Substitute goods
3. Food taint
4. Rising of natural stuff monetary value
5. Swerve towards healthy feeding

As Nestle is a universe renowned trade name it has certain cardinal nucleus competences. One would be the odd merchandise and trade name portfolio. The concern offers one of the widest portfolios of nutrient and brewery merchandises in its sector. It besides operates 29 trade names that earn more than $ 1 billion in one-year grosss. With more than 8,000 merchandises it is difficult for any other corporate to vie against Nestle . Second would be the company’s ability to turn with research and development. Nestle invested more than $ 2 billion in research and development in 2011. It’s presenting new and redesigned merchandises every twelvemonth, beef uping firm’s competitory advantage.

Third would be the distribution channels and geographic presence. Nestle runs in more than 100 states and has extended distribution channel all over the universe, which supports its operations globally. Fourth is the nucleus competence in amalgamations and acquisitions. Over the old ages Nestle has been organizing successful partnerships and geting other companies in order to turn and keep its leading in the market. Last the trade name repute valued at $ 7 billion. Nestle is known about everyplace and has a reputable trade name for its merchandises that are used by 1000000s every twenty-four hours.


Nestle has its failings nevertheless it is really minimum in comparing to other companies. One would be its Inability to supply consistent quality in nutrient merchandises. Nestle has been remembering many merchandises from trade due to nutrient taint or hapless quality supplies. This does non merely ache firm’s gross revenues but its image every bit good as the concern is unable to command quality of the merchandises. Another would be its weak execution of corporate societal duty. The company has announced and is involved in many plans that aim to do company more eco-friendly and bettering the on the job conditions of its providers. Still, Nestle receives a batch unfavorable judgment over the effectivity of its plans.

Every single company is seeking to maximize their chances, However, when taken into consideration few cardinal countries can be taken into history. First is the increasing demand for healthier nutrient merchandises. The tendency of purchasing and devouring merely healthy nutrient merchandises is a major displacement in consumer gustatory sensations and opens up an huge market for companies. Presently, Nestle tries to present more healthy nutrient merchandises in response to the tendency. Another is geting start-ups specialising in bring forthing well-being merchandises. Many new start-ups are organizing and presenting new merchandises for wellbeing or revolutionising the ways those merchandises are made. Start-ups are inexpensive and can easy be acquired. Nestle is concentrating on supplying more well-being merchandises and this is a great chance to

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