The Infant Formula Controversy Essay

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After Nestle’s experience, how do you suggest it, or any other company can protect itself in the future? Nestle and other companies that produce market and sell infant formula should be more aggressive in terms of their research about the places where their product will be distributed and marketed. Most third-world countries have much different culture and lifestyle as in U. S. and Western Europe.

Before entering any of these markets they need to understand how people live there, what their traditions are, economic status and heath care issues. Nestle and other companies of its sort could do more to study the social and medical effects of their products and services. Companies that provide these types of food products can have a psychological effect on cultures, with the assumption that products replace certain vital nutrients.

A smarter marketing approach could be use, one that would include information written in the language of the places where the product is being distributed, also, doctors could have been more educated in educating their patients. These companies should be active advocates in promoting healthy eating habits starting with the mother, during her pregnancy and then the baby. Gerber is a very good example in how they have approach this issue. Start Healthy, Stay Healthy TM is Gerber’s commitment to nourish a healthier generation, one baby at a time.

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy TM is a unique, integrated nutrition system that provides products, resources and services, backed by rigorous science and research, to help parents and caregivers make the right nutrition choices. Gerber’s approach is through nutritional education, of course, while promoting and selling their products, still ensures that parents are educated about what their babies need at every stage of their lives, including breastfeeding.


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