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Music is incorporated in our everyday lives. It is a form of art that combines vocal or instrumental sounds creating harmonious melodies date many years ago. There are various genres of music produced in Australia, mainly modern and traditional. Music is part of Australian aboriginal???s culture and tradition which holds a lot of meaning and history.

These cultures are currently being integrated with the modern music scene. Aboriginal Australians use instruments categorized in the idiophone class where they are made of two parts attached together to produce a percussive sound.Contemporary Indigenous Australian music has covered numerous genres of the current music industry. With that, a SWOT analysis of the music industry in Australia follows suit.

Strengths The music industry in Australia has grown vastly over the years, with numerous local artists have penetrated the international scene. For example, Air Supply, Silverchair, ACDC, The Saints, Missy Higgins and many more. These artists have strong ties overseas and therefore are recognised worldwide, with several award wins and nominations.Kylie Minogue is a well known Australian artist who has made it big in the United States, United Kingdom and other various countries. She has won many awards, amongst which includes the Brit Awards in 2002, and the Grammy Awards in 2004. Another strength of the music industry in Australia would be the growing customer base and customer loyalty within a target group by the expansion of product lines and the geographical exposure of listeners.

Besides that, technology advancement will assist the music industry in cost advantages from the digital revolution. Improvement in technology may allow the industry to develop further in the years to come. Equipment and hardware in studios are not only cheaper, storage, shipping and duplication of CDs cost less to produce. Weaknesses However, among the improvement of technology comes the trend towards free access of music which is in the course of illegal downloading through digital channels.

This is seen as a weakness as the music sector will xperience decreasing sales of CDs where profit is earned and effort is put in whole heartedly to produce. Despite an explosion of new audio-visual and electronic resources, there is limited growth of music collections in Australia particularly in the local artists. It is said that Australia is going through challenges of having lack of young visionary managers in the music industry. Indigenous music by Aboriginal Australians is also a sore point in this industry as it is not considered world music.Opportunities??An opportunity for the music industry to thrive is to accept the changes technology wise and use it to the industry???s advantage.

By slowly turning its weakness into an opportunity through the digital channels such as the internet to expand the industry, which consists of art and business via e-commerce and legal releases of MP3s to be purchased. Besides subsequent advanced technology at hand, new technologies should further be developed to cope with the driving forces of the industry, which includes the demands of the public.Other than that, the music industry should take initiative to go green with their production; packaging, materials and promotion method in order to incorporate sustainability to create a positive impact and to achieve sustainable outcomes by committing to good commerce practices and standards. Other mediums for promoting local music should be explored to extend the existence of current and new artists.

Threats Threats of the industry in Australia may well include the uncontrollable amount of illegally downloaded music through internet downloads and MP3s.There is no sure ways to bring to an end to illegal downloading in the future despise the huge effort in trying to change this dilemma. Change in market trends are also a threat as the public???s behaviour will not halt. The public will always seek for new and all the rage artists and sounds to emerge. With that, there will be a high number of competitors in the music industry with similar ideas, sounds and appearancesReferenceshttp://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/02/09/1076175074918.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kylie_minogue_statue_at_waterfront_city.jpg

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