Surfers Against Sewage Essay Example
Surfers Against Sewage Essay Example

Surfers Against Sewage Essay Example

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  • Published: September 20, 2017
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My focus is on Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) and my participation in their activism and protests. SAS advocates for clean and healthy recreational waters, devoid of toxic chemicals, nuclear waste, and sewage effluents.

SAS, founded by water users for water users, aims to tackle the environmental issues of water use through advocating for viable and sustainable alternatives and challenging industry, politicians and legislators to end their 'pump and dump' practices. With the mission to ensure safe and enjoyable water environments for all, SAS has made great strides in the sewage debate in the UK, leading to some of the cleanest beaches and bathing waters in Europe. However, there is more work to be done as not only sewage but also chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive waste, and oil can degrade the quality of water environments and harm both humans and wildli


fe. These contaminants come from various sources, including factories, domestic products, inappropriate disposal methods, light industry, runoff from agriculture and urban land, and shipping. The result is a cocktail of contaminants in UK's waters.

The health impacts of various contaminants are already known and include causing cancer, genetic defects, decreased sperm counts, and neurological disorders. Exposure to these substances may result in burns and sores or effects that may not be seen for generations. After reading about these issues in detail and witnessing raw sewage being pumped into the water while surfing, I joined SAS last year. I participated in the SAS tour of the British Isles, including their stop in Brighton in July 2003, where we demonstrated and made our voices heard.

By noon on Saturday, a group of more than 80 surfers and about 20

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organisers and spectators had gathered on Brighton seafront. When I arrived later that day, I found the beach crowded, making it challenging to locate the organisers. Feeling anxious as we were expected to paddle around the pier, I followed other surfers who seemed to be heading in the same direction. There were only a few female surfers present, but luckily my friend Andy was already getting ready for the paddle. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my wetsuit and had no choice but to wear board shorts and a SAS rashie. As soon as I got into the lineup, there was no time to worry. Waiting for my turn to go, when the whistle blew, adrenaline rushed through me as I launched myself onto my board and paddled with all my might. Seeing all fellow surfers behind me and at each side created unity among us against one thing. Before long, having reached around the pier back towards shore; everyone on the beach cheered while we all wore big smiles despite feeling exhausted from it all. Reflecting now on this surreal experience which seemed so fast-paced is incredible!After a significant amount of effort spent hanging leaflets, gathering donations from loved ones and acquaintances, organizing transportation to and from Brighton, and making certain that I had the necessary surfing supplies such as board wax and leash - in an instant it was finished.

The Surfers Against Sewage campaign gained significant media attention with the Paddle Round the Pier event. The campaign has brought us one step closer to improving Brighton's sewage treatments. The impact of pollution in the sea and its associated health problems are not just mere facts.

Many surfers present at the event shared first-hand experiences of illnesses caused by surfing in the sea, such as the case of James, who suffered from severe skin blisters and continuous vomiting for a week, resulting in hospitalization after exposure to polluted water on two separate occasions. I admire James for standing up against the negative impacts of pollution while still pursuing what he loves. The experience with SAS has spurred me to direct my energy towards this cause instead of other environmental issues. Despite my positive experience, I plan on collecting more sponsorship money and ensuring that I bring my wetsuit before participating in the next Paddle Round the Pier event. Overall, I believe that the event was beneficial for me and other young surfers in the water.

We discovered the significance of standing together to tackle problems, rather than adopting a passive attitude. I gained further knowledge about the impacts of pollution in Brighton and along the English channel. Notably, I made valuable connections with an outstanding group of individuals whom I have maintained contact with, and eagerly anticipate participating in next year's Paddle Round the Pier.

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