The Blunt Truth Essay Example
The Blunt Truth Essay Example

The Blunt Truth Essay Example

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  • Published: February 3, 2018
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The topic of legalizing marijuana is a highly debated issue at both state and federal levels. While some citizens believe it can benefit patients with health issues and the government, others argue that it could have more drawbacks than benefits and should remain illegal in New York State. Nonetheless, there are several reasons why New York State should legalize marijuana. Firstly, it has the potential to help the government financially as well as being a medicinal substance. Secondly, perceived risks associated with this herb can be regulated to make it less accessible to young people thereby reducing concerns about its use as a "gateway drug" leading to harder substances. Opponents often lack knowledge on responsible use and safety measures that can reduce harm caused by marijuana consumption.

Despite negative views by some who consider marij


uana worse than tobacco or alcohol, due to its medicinal values, it shouldn't be seen as an extremely dangerous drug for society. Arguments against marijuana legalization include claims that it contributes greatly to gang violence and high school dropouts; however, these arguments stem from poor portrayal of the herb as "the Gateway Drug," which overlooks its numerous beneficial uses.

Prior to 1937, individuals possessing a permit were permitted to cultivate hemp, which refers to tall strains of marijuana. However, the "Marijuana Tax Act" in 1937 implemented a steep tax on anyone involved in dealing with hemp, cannabis or marijuana. The motive behind this act was to eliminate the hemp industry as it posed a threat to major players in the paper pulp sector who feared machines that extracted fibers from hemp plants.

Despite this legislation, many potential uses for marijuana are often

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disregarded when discussing legalization. In Wisconsin, for instance, hemp has been employed for various purposes such as making ropes and uniforms and played an important role in textiles and paper production during ancient Asian civilizations. Additionally, the plant can be utilized for fuel creation, building material production, jewelry fabrication and medication development.

Scientifically demonstrated benefits of marijuana usage include reducing anxiety levels and treating muscle pain while creating a relaxed mental state; minimizing nausea/vomiting among chemotherapy patients; aiding those suffering from HIV/AIDS; slowing down cancer cell spread according to recent studies. Although the medical efficacy of using marijuana in treating rapidly spreading cancer cells remains unclear beyond palliative care measures, it has been confirmed that it provides comfort for terminally ill patients throughout their final stages leading up until natural death occurs.Interviews indicate that the consumption of marijuana can have pain-relieving and relaxing effects. The financial gains from legalizing cannabis are significant, with a UN report stating that the illegal drug trade generated $322 billion in 2003. Legalization could produce at least $25 million in annual taxes and create job opportunities for Americans, which is often overlooked compared to tobacco's economic and societal benefits. The tobacco industry has provided 700,000 jobs, which will double with marijuana legalization. This solution offers advantages by increasing tax revenue and employment opportunities for all parties involved. Furthermore, legalizing marijuana could reduce costs associated with minor drug arrests and prevent children from ruining their future due to government inability to limit access to drugs. By selling cannabis in stores, teens may find it more challenging to obtain at a lower price than the regulated one from local drug dealers. Ultimately, life

is the true gateway drug rather than cannabis.

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