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Customer satisfaction is a cardinal issue for all organisations in both public and private sectors. This is a extremely of import challenge as service criterions today relies on first-class service quality bringing and high client satisfaction degrees. All employees have a function in finding the grade of satisfaction experienced by their clients. In the populace sector, due to increased degrees of information airing, authoritiess are expected to be more sensitive to the demands and demands of the peoples and societies they serve. Many public sector administrations are undergoing reforms in order to supply better, faster and even wider scope of services to the people. The client has a outstanding topographic point in these reforms.

In recent history, much has been written on the topic of client satisfaction, but relatively small sing client satisfaction in the populace sector. This is despite the issue of client satisfaction in public services has been turning in importance, peculiarly in Malaysia due to the perceptual experience of deteriorating degrees of satisfaction as perceived by most quarters of the populace. In the past 10 old ages with the explosive growing of broadband cyberspace incursion degrees in the state, public bureaus have been progressively placed in the limelight for their defects as larger sections of the populace are made cognizant of the deficiency of satisfaction encountered by others.

In most states including Malaysia, local authorities has the most direct impact on the resources in the economic system as they are most involved in the execution of national and province authorities policies. The scope of activities affecting the local authorities sector is chiefly labour intensifier.

There are hence a figure of grounds for the demand of this research peculiarly in the Malayan environment. First, local authorities has a monopoly on the proviso of most of their services, and do non hold forces of competition and net income drive efficiency and effectivity in run intoing clients ‘ demands ( Caruana, Ramaseshan, & A ; Ewing 1998 ) . Members of the populace who are unhappy with the local authorization administrating their premises or belongings are non able to alter to another local authorization or choose out of having services from that authorization ( and therefore non paying revenue enhancements due ) without traveling to another country administered by another local authorization. Second, demand for authorities services is on an increasing uptrend due to increased outlooks by the people. More and more people expect the authorities to help them in deciding assorted issues encountered. Such issues includes the proviso or care ( or deficiency of proviso or care ) of substructure and services. Third, due to increasing force per unit area on authoritiess as a service supplier for an increasing scope of services, local authorities has to put up and keep competency in many facets of public presentation. An case of this can be seen with the coming of information engineering ( IT ) . Many local governments responded by puting up an IT section which was put in charge of computerizing operations. Hence local authorities administrations will be perceived to be competent, knowing, gracious and dependable if and when their employees possess competences to let effectual executing of their prescribed responsibilities.

This survey will be undertaken with the aim of look intoing the impact of employee competences as perceived by client satisfaction in the services provided by Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar ( MBAS ) or Alor Setar City Council. Additionally, this survey will besides measure the relationship between employee competences and perceived client satisfaction. It is of import to set about this research at this clip peculiarly at MBAS because it is now in passage to travel towards a new phase of increased employee competences in the new epoch of internet-enabled services.

1.1 Local authorities in the Malayan Context

Local governments in Malaysia are governed chiefly by assorted national and province legislative commissariats. At the national degree, the Local Government Act of 1976 is the primary statute law that specifies the maps and duties of local authorities organic structures in Peninsular Malaysia. These maps and duties non merely include compulsory maps but besides discretional maps excessively. These maps include solid waste direction, street care and activities refering to public wellness. Examples of discretional maps include development and substructure maps like supplying comfortss, recreational Parkss, lodging and modulating certain facets of commercial activities such as licensing.

Harmonizing to a study by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific ( 2001 ) , commissariats of the Local Government Act 1976 grants local governments in Malaysia the undermentioned functions in their several legal powers or countries:

Local planning authorization

Licensing authorization

Manage to enforce certain sorts of revenue enhancements

Take in charge lodging, edifice and commercial building ( markets, peddler stables and many others )

Manage to execute urban planning, landscaping and direction maps

Manage public conveyance systems

Manage to program and supply public utilities.

Beginning: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific ( 2001 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //

As can be see above, local governments in Malaysia have a broad scope of maps and duties which has important impact in the environment which they operate in. It is extremely of import for available competences to be studied and further developed in order to better the bringing of services to the people ( their clients ) . The fact that the Malayan authorities is sharply prosecuting economic growing can be seen with the debut of the New Economic Model ( NEM ) enterprise and 10th Malaysia Plan by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak late. As portion of these enterprises, local governments will play of import functions in the farther development of the state.

As of July 2010, there are 147 local governments in Malaysia as summarized in Table.

Table Local Governments in Malaya

Local Governments


City Councils


Municipal Councils


District Councils




Beginning: Ministry of Housing and Local Government. hypertext transfer protocol: // Content=vertsections & A ; SubVertSectionID=59 & A ; VertSectionID=43 & A ; CurLocation=43 & A ; IID=

1.2 The Background of Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar ( MBAS )

MBAS is one of the local governments in Peninsular Malaysia. At its origin in 1735, MBAS was established as a sanitation board when the metropolis was founded by Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin Mu’azzam Shah. The metropolis of Alor Setar and the local authorization organic structure which oversaw it has grown in size and maps since so. MBAS is the local authorization entrusted with supplying services for the administration and development of Alor Setar. It is the lone local authorization in the province of Kedah with metropolis council position which was awarded by the federal authorities on 31 December 2003. This ascent of position came after Alor Setar officially became a metropolis on 22 August 2002. From the Population, Household & A ; Populating Living quarterss Malaysia 2009 publication by the Department of Statistics, we find that the territory of Kota Setar ( which includes Alor Setar ) has a population of 429,900 people.


1. Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. hypertext transfer protocol: //

2. Department of Statistic, Malaysia.

hypertext transfer protocol: // id=294

Harmonizing to the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, a metropolis council should run into the undermentioned standards:

Area under legal power includes the administrative Centre of the province

Population above 500,000

Fiscally sustainable with one-year grosss transcending RM100 million capable of prolonging a balanced budget

Provision of high degree of services

Sustainable development with an accent on undertaking urban issues like homesteaders, illegal mill operation, security, lodging for low-income groups and environmental preservation

Achieves stable metropolis categorization under Malaysia Urban Indicator Network System ( MURNInet )

Handiness of industrial Centres, fiscal establishments, cultural Centres, athleticss and recreational installations and educational establishments

Complete substructure proviso and public public-service corporations inclusive of public transit installations, traffic direction system, efficient route web and ICT services, public countries which are disabled-friendly ; and

Recognition as a metropolis either at national or international degree in certain countries

Beginning: Ministry of Housing and Local Government. hypertext transfer protocol: // Content=vertsections & A ; SubVertSectionID=65 & A ; VertSectionID=43 & A ; CurLocation=43 & A ; IID= & A ; Page=1

The current city manager of Alor Setar is Dato Khazali Din. He has been in office since 1 December 2008. Besides the city manager, there are besides 14 local council members who are appointed by the State Government under commissariats in the Local Government Act 1976 to administrate MBAS. It employs about 250 employees ranked from Head of Departments to laborers.

There are nine major sections and divisions in MBAS as follows:


Development planning


Assessment and Property direction

Management services

Municipal services and Health

Community development



Beginning: Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. hypertext transfer protocol: //

The chief aims of MBAS are as follows:

Supply a comfy life for the community of Alor Setar metropolis from the facets of services, be aftering and development ;

Transform the employees of MBAS to an efficient, clean, trusty and disciplined work force ;

Increase and diversify the beginnings of gross so that MBAS will go a financially strong establishment ;

Management system which is of quality, dynamic and advanced ; and

Develop a lovingness society environment among the work force through the proviso of public assistance, wellness and safety strategies

Beginning: Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Throughout its 275 old ages of being from a sanitation board up to the current embodiment as a metropolis council, MBAS has been lending a strategic function in the bringing of local authorities services in Alor Setar. It ‘s official mission statement is to supply the highest degree of services based on the latest engineering. The primary maps of MBAS as a local authorization includes development and operational maps such as solid waste direction, cleansing of public countries and comfortss, traffic system design and street care, landscaping and beautification plants, proviso of shared populace installations and comfortss like athleticss and diversion countries and substructure plants. The most of import secondary map of MBAS is to modulate concern and commercial activities by agencies of licencing commissariats. An illustration of the use of these regulative powers can be seen in the recent contention sing athleticss wagering. While the federal authorities had approved a athleticss wagering licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, the province authoritiess led by Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) had declined to publish licences for premises to be used for athleticss wagering activities. This was done by teaching the assorted local governments in PR-controlled provinces non to publish premiss and other concern licences for athleticss wagering activities to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd. This efficaciously ensured that Ascot Sports will non be able to run athleticss wagering activities in those provinces.

Beginning: The Star, June 2010 hypertext transfer protocol: // sec=nation & A ; file=/2010/6/7/nation/20100607155524

Other secondary maps of MBAS include the publicity of commercial and touristry activities and wellness and safety ordinances of the community. This is done through the proviso of substructure like roads and public installations like Parkss, recreational countries, museums and the similar. In footings of wellness and safety ordinances, a normally seen illustration would be the enforcement of Torahs against Aedess mosquito engendering countries and edifice reviews and redevelopment ordinances to guarantee that such work is done within acceptable bounds and meets minimal safety criterions.

1.3 Background of the survey

There are many sentiments with respects to the issue on how to pull off service quality and bringing. In footings of service-based concerns, while the footing is similar to that of manufacturing-based concerns, the challenges posed are rather different. This is chiefly due to the different properties of both concerns. In fabrication concerns, typically a merchandise is made to certain specifications. The result of the procedure to make and fabricate a peculiar merchandise should bring forth really small fluctuation. This contrasts with service concerns whereby the result of services provided by the concern can be significantly different due to the interaction between the concern and its clients in the procedure. There are fluctuations in outlook, expertness and stuff inputs from one client to the following. Because of this, the results of the procedure as perceived by clients can change significantly even when concerns try to command for every bit many variables as possible.

In footings of the populace sector and civil service in Malaysia, the authorities has set up a figure of bureaus and undertook assorted steps to better public presentation and service quality bringing. Some of these bureaus and steps along with a brief history are mentioned below.

One of the earliest efforts in post-independence Malaya to formalize and standardize preparation processs for Public Services Department ( PSD ) employees is the puting up of the National Institute of Public Administration ( INTAN ) . It was set up in September 1959 as the Staff Training Centre in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The Centre provided preparation in administrative countries such as fiscal, land, office direction and local authorities disposal. The Staff Training Centre became INTAN in June 1972 and now has a mission to develop human resources in the populace sector though the proviso of quality preparation programmes.

Beginning: National Institute of Public Administration, Malaysia. hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Malayan Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit ( MAMPU ) was ab initio created as the Development Administrative Unit ( DAU ) in 1966. The DAU was created based on a study by Prof. John D. Montgomery dan Milton J. Esma in Development Administrative in Malaysia which called for stairss to better professionalism in the public service by supplying preparation and carry oning educational programmes for all degrees of the civil service. DAU was responsible to spearhead betterments in the civil service. In 1972, DAU was merged with the Implementation, Coordination and Evaluation Unit ( ICEU ) to organize the Implementation, Coordination and Development Administration Unit ( ICDAU ) . MAMPU was set up in 1977 as a new bureau which took over the duties of modernising and human resources be aftering from the ICDAU.


1. Malayan Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit, Prime Minister ‘s Department. hypertext transfer protocol: //

2. Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister ‘s Department. hypertext transfer protocol: // pg=prof

The Public Complaints Bureau ( PCB ) under the Prime Minister ‘s Department was mooted by former Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak. It started operations on 2 August 1971 and is the taking administration in Malaysia for the direction and monitoring of public ailments sing authorities sections and bureaus ( Suddle, 2009 ) .

Beginning: Suddle, 2009. Report on Study Tour of PUBLIC COMPLAINTS BUREAU MALAYSIA. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Probably the most good known attempt by the authorities to better the civil service by cut downing cases of corruptness would be the Malayan Anti-Corruption Commission ( MACC ) which was mooted by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi which officially commenced operations on 1 January 2009. The history of MACC began as an bureau when the National Bureau of Investigation was set up in 1973 to consolidate corruptness and other particular instances which were being handled by different squads in the constabulary, Prime Minister ‘s Department and the Law Ministry. The name was so changed to the Anti-Corruption Agency in 1982 to reflect its function as the chief bureau in Malaysia in the battle against corruptness.

Beginning: Malayan Anti-Corruption Commission. hypertext transfer protocol: //

To better civil service public presentation, former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in January 2005 had suggested assorted agencies on reinventing the civil service in Malaysian. Harmonizing to him, to safeguard the image of civil service, public sector employees must be originative, imaginative, fluid, advisory and free of corrupt patterns. He addressed this issue to 3000 determination shapers in public sector, curates and main executive officers of government-linked companies in order to hold a free flow of thoughts between top-level officers and their subsidiaries for the improvement of the service. He said civil retainer must be able to “ believe out of the box ” and do strategic accommodations so that they could move quickly when faced with hardship. On free flow of thoughts within the service, section caputs must be willing to admit good suggestions which were given by their subsidiaries. Civil retainers should be encouraged to supply feedback on attacks undertaken and these responses must be taken earnestly by determination shapers who should besides establish alterations whenever necessary.

Beginning: The Star, January 2005

In February 2005, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded the civil service to increase accent on unity, answerability and high work moralss in its attempts to better efficiency in functioning the people and the concern community to safeguard the image of the populace sector in order to bask the support and assurance of the people.

Beginning: The Star, February 2005

The Particular Taskforce to Facilitate Business ( PEMUDAH ) was established on 7 February 2007 under the Prime Minister ‘s Department. Mooted by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the footings of mention for the aims and operations of PEMUDAH is as follows:

To reexamine the position of the public services bringing system in footings of procedures, processs, statute law and human resource towards presenting betterments ;

To analyze best patterns in the private sector that can be adopted by the public sector ;

To organize plans across public sector bureaus towards heightening Malaysia ‘s fight ;

To supervise the execution of policies, schemes and processs aimed towards bettering the efficiency and effectivity of the public bringing system ; and

To take appropriate action in turn toing issues raised during Cabinet meetings sing the public bringing system.

Beginning: PEMUDAH Secretariat Office, Ministry of International Trade and Industry. hypertext transfer protocol: //

On 13 April 2007, the authorities introduced the construct of One Stop Centre ( OSC ) for local authorities bureaus under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. Harmonizing to Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, the OSC was set up based on the construct of “ No Wrong Door ” whereby it will be a “ individual point of entry ” which allows clients to obtain assorted services from multiple bureaus utilizing an integrated method. OSC will organize all phases from certification entry until a determination is reached and provided to the client.

Beginning: The Office of Chief Secretary to the Government. About One Stop Centre. hypertext transfer protocol: // ? frontpage/speech/detail/1470

Within half a twelvemonth of presuming office, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had mooted and established the Performance Management & A ; Delivery Unit ( PEMANDU ) on 16 September 2009. A unit under the Prime Minister ‘s Department, its chief function and aim is to supervise the execution and measure the advancement of the authorities transmutation programme ( GTP ) and to ease and back up the bringing of both National Key Result Areas ( NKRAs ) and Ministry Key Result Areas ( MKRAs ) of the assorted ministries and authorities bureaus.

Beginning: Performance Management & A ; Delivery Unit, Prime Minister ‘s Department. hypertext transfer protocol: // option=com_content & A ; view=article & A ; id=205 & A ; Itemid=144 & A ; lang=en

On 1 January 2010, the MBAS Complaints Portal was launched as an on-line application to let the populace to lodge ailments to the local authorization. The portal accepts entries both online and though Short Message Service ( SMS ) . The populace can so follow up on ailments lodged though the portal. The portal besides provides a forum for the council to have feedback from the populace.

Beginning: MBAS Complaints Portal. About Complaints Portal.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

1.4 Research Problem

Many concern administrations these yearss would no uncertainty hold that the environments in which they do their concerns is going more and more complex and more ambitious to understand due to rapid gait of alteration. There have been many surveies which concluded that no concern can be successful without taking the demands of their clients into serious consideration.

There are several factors which have played important functions which has changed the impact clients have on concerns. One of them would be the rise of consumerism in the twentieth century. Rapid economic enlargement due to the agricultural and industrial revolutions along with explosive population growing has quickly increased the figure of consumers in the market. Prior to this, merely a little per centum of the population had sufficient disposable incomes to do an impact outside of their local societies. Due to rapid economic growing, more and more people earned plenty to get down holding important degrees of disposable income which could be used for discretional purchases. New innovations and betterments allowed concerns to transport goods faster and cheaper leting more people to hold increasing picks in the goods and services available to them. The services industry started being recognised as an arm of the economic system in its ain right and in more advanced economic systems, is more of import than fabrication and trading industries. Customers now have more picks and could demand more from concerns. Any concern which does non react adequately to the quickly altering concern environments may confront overpowering challenges and can even travel out of concern.

As a local authorization and a authorities organic structure, while it is really hard for MBAS to “ travel out of concern ” per se, it is still a service administration that provides multiple services to the people. MBAS can non deny the outlooks of its clients because their clients are taxpayers and electors. As a authorities organic structure, it receives all income from public beginnings ( i.e. taxpayers ) and if they are non happy, they will demo their displeasure during elections and consequence alterations through the authorities. We can therefore surmise that employees in service administrations play an of import function in guaranting that clients have a positive first feeling. If clients are non provided with a degree of service which they expect, this will take to dissatisfaction and as a effect, the figure of ailments will increase. Harmonizing to MBAS Public Relations Section, the authorization receives on mean 29 ailments per twenty-four hours sent by the populace through assorted channels viz. the MBAS Complains Portal, telephone, mail and facsimile.

In order to cut down dissatisfaction with its services and therefore the figure of ailments, it is necessary for MBAS to increase the quality of services it provides. It is extremely of import for them to be after, organize and so implement a comprehensive plan to advance and circulate the mentality of service quality excellence among employees in the administration. It is imperative for MBAS to better its services because its clients ( the populace ) expect to interact with competent employees who are able to expose high degrees of professionalism and supply every bit high degrees of service quality whether in footings of account or physical services provided.

Local governments play an of import function in the growing of both in the province they are located in and their ain legal power. You can travel to virtually any portion of Alor Setar and the name of the local authorization administering the metropolis can be clearly seen. This has an consequence of guaranting that services ( or in contrast, the deficiency of services ) provided by MBAS is ever in the public oculus. For illustration, a prosaic span along Jalan Alor Setar-Sungai Petani at Batu 3, Tandop which has been in a province of disrepair for some clip caused a panic when a big metal piece mensurating 3 ten 24 meters and a streamer observing the Sultan ‘s recent birthdaye route isrepair for some clip caused a panic when piecen of S is ever in the public oculus. t services or fell on the route underneath the span. While no vehicles or people were hurt in the incident, there has been several earlier incidents of smaller pieces of metal falling off the span. A route user claimed that he had informed MBAS about the earlier incidents but therefore far no action has been taken. A few inquiries had arose from the incident viz. why the local authorization did non take any action upon having complains about the span before? While there may be a deficiency of allotment at this clip to mend the span, possibly if MBAS had more competent staff, possibly any loose metal pieces could hold been removed and the span temporarily closed while expecting allotment to to the full mend the span. This would hold helped to guarantee no indecent incident happens.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Landscaping and beautification activities of public countries and comfortss are one of the local governments ‘ primary maps. It was reported late that the Taman PKNK football field has non been decently maintained for several months. This had made the field unserviceable due to the tall grass which has now became places to toxicant serpents and other animate beings. Harmonizing to the intelligence study, MBAS follows a agenda whereby grass will be cut on Fieldss located in residential countries every 21 yearss. The inquiries that are being asked is what had caused the inadvertence in keeping the field? The inadvertence was non noticed by the council despite multiple 21 yearss rhythms holding passed. Could it be due to incompetency of MBAS employees that lead to the inadvertence in supplying the needed service? Employees should be more advanced and originative in get the better ofing obstructions faced when supplying such services.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The attitudes and processs of MBAS one time once more came into inquiry when a struggle occurred between the council and Chinese associations over what was felt as a new demand to pay two different licence fees for mahjong activities. The council had issued a missive on 7 July 2010 bespeaking payment for licencing fee but the associations had already paid a licensing fee to the Kota Setar territory office for their mahjong activities. Harmonizing to them, that is the lone licence they have ever paid to carry on their activities. It was subsequently clarified by Alor Setar Mayor Datuk Khazali Din that the licence paid to the territory office was to carry on mahjong activities but a separate licence for the premises was besides required to be paid to the council but was non enforced earlier. The inquiries raised in this incident relates to why if there were so such regulations, it was non informed or explained to the Chinese associations earlier to forestall the misinterpretation from happening in the first topographic point.

hypertext transfer protocol: // file=/2010/7/18/nation/6689157 & A ; sec=nation

As the Mah-Jongg activities has been traveling on for some clip, the point now is that the attitude of the council and deficiency of tack in nearing the affair had caused the break of legitimate activities of other people. The attack used to near the Chinese associations sing the licensing issue reveals the inflexibleness of the council. MBAS could hold used more soft attacks when nearing the associations and forestall the misinterpretation from happening in the first topographic point like giving them a suited grace period instead than endangering immediate mulcts and legal action for non-compliance with its demands. MBAS will be categorised as a quality service supplier if its employees have inaugural, answerability, motive and work as a squad to carry through their undertakings or undertakings. Possibly if the council had employees with the right competences in topographic point, the assorted incidents mentioned supra would non hold happened?

MBAS has to supply sufficient accomplishments, ability, and the right cognition and resources to their employees and put them at the right places. At the same clip, the council should besides follow new signifiers of work administration such as work squads, direction delayering, occupation sharing, reengineering and downsizing excess employees. In this context, MBAS should non merely better concern public presentation but must besides concentrate itself on doing the necessary direction alterations related to combination of factors such as employee competences, new computer science and communications engineerings and step the productiveness of service staff and cognition workers. There is cherished small surveies in the yesteryear to mensurate sensed service quality in MBAS. As a service supplier, MBAS is expected to be more competent and advanced. Given the state of affairs that the council now finds itself in, service quality will be an undoubtedly interesting country to analyze.

1.5 Research Aims

The aim of this survey is to find if service quality at MBAS is driven by employee competences. To be more specific, we want to:

Identify employee competences which is of import for MBAS to better client satisfaction ;

Examine client satisfaction as perceived by the populace at MBAS ; and

Investigate the relationship of employee competences in relation to comprehend client satisfaction in MBAS.

1.6 Research Question

This survey was motivated by our finding to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

What are the competences that employees at MBAS should hold?

What is client satisfaction as perceived by the populace?

What are the relationships between employee competences and perceived client satisfaction?

1.7 Definition of Footings

Local Government Employee

A worker who is employed to supply services to a company on a regular BASIC in exchange for compensation and who does non supply these services as portion of an independent or freelance concern.


A bunch of related cognition, accomplishments and attitudes that affects a major portion of function or duty that correlates with public presentation on the occupation, that can be against good recognized criterions, and that can be improved via preparation ( Competencies Workgroup, September 2002 ) .


Service can be defined as “ any primary complementary activity that does non straight produce a physical merchandise that is the non-good portion of the dealing between purchaser ( client ) and marketer ( supplier ) ” . This categorization of service includes all fabrication organisations except industries such as agribusiness, excavation and building. It besides includes in the class existent estate, fiscal services, transit and public public-service corporations.

Public Sector

Harmonizing to The Macmillan Encyclopaedia, public sector is defined as parts of productive and non-productive sector of the economic system that are financed out of revenue enhancement, are under province or local authorities control or both. It includes all employees and activities of national and province authoritiess, public establishments and nationalised industries.

Local Government

A local authorities is the local authorization formed in population Centres to supply a scope of services as their nucleus concern such as refuse aggregation, traffic and roadways, parking, edifice and planning control, districting and others. A more elaborate definition particular to the Malayan context was provided above earlier.

1.8 Scope of the Study

This survey stands on the strength of bing surveies on client satisfaction in public services. It analyses client satisfaction as perceived by the populace in MBAS. Some remarks are made about employee competences and how these competences relates to client satisfaction. These remarks will supply ideas about countries which should be examined sing the relationship of these competences with the client satisfaction at MBAS.

1.9 Significance of the Study

The responses from the questionnaire study is used to supply some input on client satisfaction degrees perceived by the populace in MBAS. In position of the importance for MBAS to accomplish high degrees of competences in their administration, it is hoped that this survey will profit MBAS to better their service quality and increase client satisfaction. The consequences of this survey can function as a mention for MBAS on the degree of employee competences that relates to client satisfaction.

1.10 Organization of the survey

There are five chapters in this research. The debut is found in chapter 1 which besides contains the research background, research job, research aims and research inquiry. The research job is to turn to the importance of carry oning this research. Chapter 2 will cover the literature reappraisal of all variables found in the class of this survey. This chapter will foreground old research and findings made by assorted research workers. This chapter is of import to non merely bespeak that all variables is supported by old survey, it is besides used to beef up the research that will be carried out. Chapter 3 will lucubrate on how the survey will be conducted and the methodological analysis used in the research. This chapter will demo the population, sample, design, instrument and statistical analysis that will be conducted. Chapter 4 will cover the analysis of the consequences. We will reason in chapter 5 and present our treatment, decision and deductions of the research. We will besides suggest on future research to be conducted in order to follow up on this research.

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