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We hear in the news all the time about a teenager committing suicide. We probably don’t even think twice about why the person did it. Thoughts in our brain come to conclusions like, maybe he or she had a depression disorder or maybe somebody he or she loved died. It probably never crosses our minds that this particular teenager could have been bullied to death. Fifteen year-old Phoebe Prince, a freshman at South Hadley High School was bullied to death.

According to New York Times, “The taunting started when she had a brief relationship with a popular senior boy; some students reportedly called her an “Irish slut,” knocked books out of her hands and sent her threatening text messages, day after day. “l This continued until one day, Phoebe had enough and hanged herself. She hanged herself because a group of teenagers had ridiculed her through Backbone, text messaging and writing demeaning words in her locker. Because Phoebe’s whole world was what people were saying about her on the computer and on their cell phones she lost her true inner self.

This undeserved incident relates to the three writers we have studied for they live that the rise of digital media foreshadows danger to our society. Neil Postman declares that the electronic media results in the disappearance of childhood. Gary Sweetheart connects social media to the end of the America. Sapphire connects illiteracy to the youths reliance in fantastical, or in other words, television. Certainly, I agree with their propositions because I believe being bullied to death is unnecessary and it can be stopped.

Internet bullying can lead to suicide, therefore we must end the rise of social media before it turns into external violence. Postman believes that technology and internet growth results in childhood disappearing. He points out the period of the Middle Ages where there was no separation between child and adult. He believes that, “The absence of literacy, the absence of the idea of education, the absence of the idea of shame-these are the reasons why the idea of childhood did not exist in the medieval world. “2 Everything was exposed.

There was no such thing as children and adults, everyone shared and did the same things. Then Postman explains how the printing press being invented ad a huge impact because it, “created a new symbolic world that required, in its turn, a new conception of adulthood. “3 He then further talks about how a machine being built can result in having the machine control us. “But once the machine is built, we discover-sometimes to our horror, usually to our discomfort, always to our surprise- that it has ideas of its own; that it is quite capable not only of changing our habits but… Of changing our habits of mind. 4 1 say this is very true because like Phoebe Prince, we start to embrace ourselves in the world of internet, TV, cell phones ND media that we forget how to think with Just our brains. Technology takes over and we are left with violence, self esteem issues and suicide. Postman continues to argue that “When man lives in an electronic environment, his nature is transformed and his private identity is merged with the corporate whole. “5 1 fully agree with this statement because as we see in Phoebe’s case, being surrounded with Just electronic media, we may end up losing ourselves to it.

Our whole being is earmarked with what is going on in our phones and our computer that we forget everything else and that is all we ever think about. The problem in losing ourselves to electronic media is that it can have a very negative impact in our lives. This is true in Phoebe’s case, she ended up killing herself because her whole world was what people were saying about her on Backbone. Moreover, Postman argues”When communication can be achieved by pointing with the finger, however, the mouth grows silent, the writing hand stops, and the mind shrinks. 6 1 definitely think Postman is right because those cruel teenagers that bullied Phoebe Prince probably said some things over the internet about her that they could not say right to her face. It gave them an easy chance to ridicule her. Bullying leading to suicide happens because the ongoing use of the internet results in people not communicating orally to each other. The other reason is that the internet is very exposed. Postman states, “The new media environment that is emerging provides everyone, simultaneously, with the same information.

Given the conditions I have described, electric media find it impossible to withhold any secrets… It does not segregate its audience. “7 1 say this perfectly links with the internet because any one of any age can Just go in it. Since you can say anything you ant online, there are no secrets. What we know about books is that they have to get published, meaning people have to proofread what the author wrote and make sure it is correct for public view. As opposed to that, Backbone and instant messaging writing has no rules.

The teenagers that caused Phoebe to kill herself figured they would bully her on Backbone because they can put whatever they want and no one can tell them otherwise. Phoebe’s life and death is a perfect example of showing how childhood and literacy are disappearing. Gary Sweetheart writes about how the illiteracy of social media can result in the ND of reading books and potentially the end of America. One of the main characters in Sweetheart’s book Super Sad True Love Story is 24 year-old Eunice. She is constantly on her apart. An apart described in Sweetheart’s book is why illiteracy occurs.

An apart is the future world’s phone. It is exposed, has no limitations and is uncontrollable. You can even look up someone’s credit score and everything about them in Just a click of a button. The problem is that Eunice only scans words and doesn’t read them. She ends up using abbreviations like, “LAP,” she said. “TOMATO. ARAPAHO. PRIG. Totally PRIG. 8 Sweetheart shows how abbreviations constantly gets us in the habit of not using proper language; therefore, illiteracy emerges. Sweetheart also illustrates how a machine can control people’s lives.

Ellen, Niece’s partner, writes “four young people committed suicide in our building complexes and two of them wrote suicide notes about how they couldn’t see a future without their partial”9 People killing themselves because of a device signals the end of America. I agree with Sweetheart. Eunice is a pure example of how people are in today’s world: chatting away on Global Teens about the latest gossip. She is not reading because she is always on her apart. She only scans words. People don’t read books anymore because they are too busy updating their status on Backbone.

We are on these devices that allow us to share all our thoughts with others and sometimes we have plenty of thoughts to share. To save time, we start to use abbreviations of words. Using abbreviations of words is an example of illiteracy. Sweetheart writing about how people would kill themselves because they don’t know how to live without their apart is a great example of how big of an impact technology is in our lives. These devices are so powerful that they start to control our minds and we lose the ability to think.

If we lose the ability to think with Just our minds, we start to think with these devices and we may end up dead. People killing themselves because of a device sounds really absurd, but it is happening as we speak. Likewise, Sapphire connects illiteracy with how Precious Jones is always thinking about TV. Sixteen year old Precious doesn’t even know how to read or write. In school she writes, “Little moony is mi ice. “10 What she really meant to write is, Little Mongo is my child. She knows how to watch TV though. That is all she is thinking about all day in school and at home.

When things happen to her like her father raping her, she goes into another world where she thinks about TV. At school and at home, she has behavior issues and she Just sits back and imagines things. In my inside world, I am so pretty, like a advertisement girl on commercial, ‘n someone ride up here in car, someone look like the son of that guy that got kilt when he was president a long time ago or Tom Cruise-or anybody like that pull up here in a car and I be riding like on TV Chile-Jesus! It’s 8 a. . “Al I agree with what Sapphire illustrates because if you are always day dreaming then you will never learn anything.

Her day dreaming results in her not paying attention in class. When she is not paying attention, she misses out on education. Sapphire also does a good Job illustrating that the reason she acts out in school is because of how she is treated at home. She is abused by her mother and father. Being abused and day dreaming about what she sees in TV plays a great role in why she is depressed. I believe being depressed lowers her self esteem which is why she acts out in class. Sapphire later shows that as Precious improves in school and she is able to start getting her GEED, her attitude also changes.

I think this is perfectly normal because when you start learning in school, not only do you become educated, but you become a more well-rounded and understanding person. Without literacy, you are left with fantastical. When we revisit Dry. Parks relationship with his daughters Eunice and Sally in Super Sad True Love Story, we see an underlying problem with social media and the end of America. Sweetheart demonstrates that the underlying problem starts within he family. Eunice and her sister Sally both have low self-esteem because of where they come from and how they are treated.

Their father Dry. Park is truculent, rude and cold. He does not know how to connect with his children in a peaceful manner. His attitude towards Eunice leads her to have low self esteem. It also leads her to suffer. Even Ellen notices this as he writes, “l had forgiven my own parent’s for not knowing how to care for a child, but that was the depth of my forgiveness. “12 Sweetheart shows that not only is Eunice emotionally disturbed by her father, but Ellen at some mint also had parent’s that treated him wrongly. This can also connect to Postman’s writing.

Postman uses Lloyd demise’s idea that “hundreds of mothers’ impassively watched their infants and children suffer from one source of discomfort or another because the mothers (and emphatically, the fathers) lacked the psychic mechanism necessary to empathic with children. “13 This quote connects with Eunice and her father because her father lacks empathy. His lack of compassion results in Eunice going through emotional and mental abuse. Sapphire is another writer that talks bout not only emotional and mental abuse, but physical abuse as well.

Precious’ mom in the book Push has trouble relating to her child in the right way. She consistently abuses her verbally, physically and mentally. “She kick me in my head when I’m pregnant. She takes my money. ” She then continues to say how badly she hurts, “Sometime I hurt so bad I want to not wake up, want breathing to stop in my sleep. “14 Since Precious is treated wrongly, she ends up having self esteem issues. Sweetheart, Postman, and Sapphire are right because I have seen it with my own eyes. Most parent’s treat their kids as they were treated growing up.

This is a problem because if you grew up with dysfunctional parenting like Eunice, Ellen and Precious then you are likely to pass down wrong conduct to the next generation. While these writers have strongly pointed out what the problem is, they did not explain ways of possibly preventing these personal and political disaster. Low self esteem is a huge factor in why teenagers commit suicide. Not only are they being ridiculed at school, but they are also being tormented at home. It is an ongoing battle, and no wonder they want out.

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