Steve Jobs and the invention of the iPhone Essay Example
Steve Jobs and the invention of the iPhone Essay Example

Steve Jobs and the invention of the iPhone Essay Example

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  • Published: November 6, 2018
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Thesis Statement:

Steve Jobs is one of the prominent inventors and pioneers in the field of information technology. Some of his creations such as the iPhone speak highly of his vision in recognizing technologies of the future. By introducing products such as the iPhone, he took Apple Computers to new heights through its exceptional performance and features.


In order to grow any business innovation is a key element. Without innovation the business would stagnate and will soon be consumed by more competitive firms. At the beginning of Apple Computers’ corporate life, the Mac computers were a great product innovation. In more recent years, it is the iPhone. The quality and popularity of iPhone is such that it has even overtaken companies like Blackberry. At the beginning of the IT revolution in the 1990


s companies like Microsoft were taking huge strides in Graphic User Interface (GUI) operating systems. These systems were so user-friendly and intuitive to operate. Instead of competing with Mircosoft in making the interface more attractive, Steve Jobs focused on improving functionality and features, as is evident in iPhone. This bold step has paid off since. Those who like the iPhone, come back to the brand for its superior technology, rich feature-set and robust functioning. And Steve Jobs deserves a great deal of credit for this achievement. He created a unique space for Apple products through his imaginative inventions.


When iPhone was first introduced into the markets it offered many features that were not part of other mobile devices. Steve Jobs is behind this company culture of introducing one-of-its-kind pioneering products suc

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as the iPhone. Indeed, the Apple brand of products have come to attract a cult following. This fan following is as much for the feature rich and robust computers and gadgets as it is for its mastermind, namely, Steve Jobs. While most companies resort to the formula of gaining market share through increased operational efficiency of products, Steve Jobs sought a different method to improving market share. Instead of introducing a product in an already existing market, he would introduce a new idea and create a niche market for it. For example the new portable Internet connectivity revolution is enabled by products such as the iPhone. The device has set new technological standards. Hence Steve Jobs’ conception and introduction of iPhone was a truly pioneering effort.


The genius of Steve Jobs lay in his capacity for envisioning new devices and gadgets that nobody else thought of – the iPhone being a prime example of this. The device has changed the way we read books, listen to music, communicate through text and voice, or access the Internet on the go. But what is standard and commonplace today was once unimaginable. This is where Steve Jobs stands head and shoulders above other leaders in IT. He possessed a brilliant brain that was able to foresee technologies of the future and nurture and develop it. His sense of experimentation and calculated risk-taking has paid rich dividends for Apple Computers, which has now created a unique specialized market for its products. Hence Steve Jobs was a real visionary.

Performance and Features of iPhone:

The iPhone is marked by their robust

and smooth functioning. Moreover, the hardware is specifically built to align with the software. Hence it breaks down less frequently compared to peers from the same class. This is the reason why iPhones have a large customer base. Almost every format of music or audio could be played in it. It also offers high-speed Internet connectivity through wi-fi or telephone options. Steve Jobs deserves a great share of credit for this accomplishment.


Hence in sum the life and career of Steve Jobs satisfies all the criteria listed in the thesis statement. He was a pioneer, innovator and a visionary. Moreover he possessed a business savvy mind that was able to create new markets for the cutting-edge technologies he introduced. Apple products gained a reputation for their dependability and versatility, thanks in large to Steve Jobs. Sadly, Jobs died prematurely of cancer in 2011. But his legacy is assured and his impact on computing technology will be indelible.

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